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How to Open a Restaurant With Project Management Software

How to Open a Restaurant With Project Management Software

Opening a restaurant requires more than just a top chef and mouth-watering cuisine. There are dozens of tasks that need to complete before it opens doors and start serving. With so much investment into this business endeavor, you certainly need to make sure that everything is done properly. Important projects like this will benefit from the use of project management software.

What is Project Management Software?

According to Tenrox, a software developer and solutions provider, project management software is used for various applications, which include project planning, cost accounting and time tracking. Some of its functions include the following:

  1. Create a project plan that allows you to use different methods of assigning tasks, managing the completion of tasks and monitor the overall progress of the project. Methods include graphical resources, such as Gantt charts or grid-type views making analysis and monitoring easier.
  2. Provide a visual on the costs associated with the project to ensure that you and your team are working within the budget specified. Most simple project management software that are integrated can link to your business’ other tools such as ones used for expense and finance reports.
  3. Manage labor hours more efficiently by allowing users to track the time spent on their segments of the project. The project manager can then make real time changes to adjust timelines or reassign members to where there is a need for more labor resources.

With these main benefits offered by project management tools, it is obvious how the software can be an asset when planning to open a new restaurant. With all the necessary legwork involved in a project, using a system such as software for project management can reduce the risk of delays and errors.

Challenges in Opening a Restaurant

While opening and running a restaurant may be a dream come true for many in the industry, you need to go through a phase of sheer nightmare to get this done. Here are some challenges you encounter before start operating your restaurant.

  1. Health Inspections

According to Houston Chronicles, one of the most important things needs to take care of before starting operations is passing health inspections. Since you will be dealing with food, which has a huge impact on the consumers’ health and safety, you need to pass county health codes and inspections even before you open your doors.

To pass these inspections, you need to make sure that you have a kitchen that is not only clean, but is furnished with the right equipment. From maintaining the proper temperature to ensuring food safety, everything will be under scrutiny. Therefore, whether a new restaurant or just launched, you certainly need to make sure you pay close attention to these details.

  1. Finding a Successful Concept

Chefs Blade, an online culinary resource, listed concept as an important part in opening a restaurant. However, choosing one that will be successful depends on more than just what type of cuisine you will be serving. It involves researching what diners are looking for and more likely to eat at. In order to do this successfully, you need to do research on what work and what not and this certainly involve pricing.

  1. Sourcing for Vendors

Whether you will be serving Americans or Italians or whatever other cuisine you choose, you certainly need to find suppliers who can provide you the ingredients at the most cost efficient price.  You also need to look for equipment suppliers who offer everything you need, to provide a memorable dining experience for your customers. Another thing is to shop for furniture and fixtures that will go with the concept for your gastronomic business endeavor.

Setting a workable and plausible timetable to get these accomplished in time for your targeted opening date can be a challenge and one that has often caused delays for other restaurant entrepreneurs like yourself.

  1. Staying Within Budget

According to Catering Mentor, a guidebook on opening a restaurant, the most common start up costs in opening a restaurant involve the following,

  1. Kitchen equipment, such as ovens, refrigerator, etc.
  2. Furniture, tablecloths, flowers, crockery, decorations
  3. Signage
  4. Cost of marketing for launch
  5. Contractor fees
  6. Professional fees
  7. Real estate fees
  8. Initial stock

While the costs involved varies on the type of restaurant to open, it is important to stay within your budget. Spending too much for building and launching your business may not leave you enough for working capital.

  1. Getting Insurance

Being covered is, perhaps, one of the most important, but often overlooked aspects of opening up a restaurant. The law requires you to get liability insurance if you will be employing people to work at your establishment. It may not seem like a necessity, but it does protect your business in case of any incidents resulting to employees being injured. In addition, since it is a legal requirement, getting one ensures you do not get the daily fine of not having covered.

Other insurances that you need to look into when planning to open a restaurant, include public liability, building and business interruption. With all the other tasks involved in opening your restaurant, you want to make sure that you do not forget about getting the much-needed coverage.

Opening a Restaurant with Project Management Software

With all the excitement involved in finally opening your own restaurant, it would be prudent to remember to pay attention to every minute detail that will be involved. From deciding on your target market to the date you open the doors for your first diners, you need to make sure that everything is taken cared of to avoid any problems in the future. The best project management software can certainly be a handy tool that you can use. Below is a guide on how to pen your restaurant and how an online project management tool can help you in each stage.

  1. Mapping out Tasks – While restaurant business is a lucrative industry, there is a lot of competition in the market. To ensure that you can keep your doors open, you need to make sure you are sufficiently prepared. According to Restaurant Owner, an online resource for tools in setting up your own restaurant, the preparation involves decisions such as looking for real estate, deciding on a concept, getting coverage and arranging for all the necessary permits. With so many things that need to be arranged even before you can start building, you want to make sure that none of these is forgotten. Working on free project management software or one that needs to be purchased, will help you stay on top. You can create a list of these tasks and plot out when each needs to be done.
  2. Monitor Progress –With so many things going on virtually simultaneously, it may be a challenge to stay on top of everything. This becomes an extra challenging when you have different groups of people handling different elements needed in setting up. To ensure you get an update on the progress of your construction, you can use a project management tool to keep everything organized. Updates can be made real time on the tool so that everybody involved in the project would know what has been done and what needs to be followed-up on.
    Efficient tracking and monitoring is integral for the success of the project as it helps you stay within the timeline you set when you start with the planning. It also allows you to make adjustments in case of any delays. These adjustments can be made real time so succeeding processes are not negatively affected. For example, if there are any issues in terms of building the kitchen, then having the equipment delivered before these can be installed will be a major roadblock. With the software, you can arrange to change delivery dates so you won’t have to worry about getting the equipment damaged or having to pay extra for storage at a different facility.
  3. Stay Within Budget – As an old saying goes, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”, describes what possibly happen while opening your own restaurant. It says, despite careful planning, something may still go wrong. To reduce the risks of things not going according to plan and result in extra costs, you can use tools such as project management software. With features, such as graphical data and dashboards, you can easily see whether all the preparations are sticking to the budget.

Realizing your dream of owning and operating a successful restaurant begins with careful planning and execution. Project management software reviews from other restaurateurs show how much of an asset the tool is. Check out how you too can streamline the processes involved in opening your own restaurant with the list of project management software vendors on

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