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How to Find the Right Email Marketing Software Provider

Email is one of the commonly used communication tools. Though there are numerous social networking sites on the Internet, nothing beats email services. It’s because email servers provide privacy. Meaning, nobody will see your message except the recipient. Moreover, it allows you to send contracts and even projects to your employees. Hence, it helps you finish the task easier.

How to Find the Right Email Marketing Software Provider

But there’s another thing that you can do, which you think is quite impossible – marketing. Nowadays, entrepreneurs and marketers take advantage of this platform to send advertisements.

There are many reasons why they use this strategy. First, it’s relatively cheap compared to other forms of advertising. You don’t need to buy piles of paper or hire an ad agency. You just need to create an ad and then send it to your recipients.

Second, it makes the marketing process easier. Most apps offer ready-to-use templates. You just need to add some text and images to make it look like an ad.

Lastly, it provides rapid results. The moment you send the ad, you can identify who clicks on the link and opens the message.

However, you can only get such benefits if you get the best email marketing software. It’s an application that lets you create, manage, and monitor your email campaigns.

There are many email marketing software providers out there. They all claim that they offer the best tools and services. Don’t believe in these words, unless you do your homework! Here are the things that you must do when finding the right email campaign services.

Know the Goals of Your Business

Lora Downie, Catalyst‘s email marketing specialist and digital analyst, offers strategic guidelines to users in choosing an email marketer. According to her, there are several reasons why entrepreneurs look for an email advertising program. However, the main reason is business growth.

Service plays a significant role in the success of one’s business. Hence, they need to improve what they offer if they want to expand the firm. However, they can only do that if they can communicate well with their customers.

Email marketing tools do not only help you market your business. It also helps bridge the gap between the consumer and the supplier. For example, you can send an email ad that has a feedback section on it. This feature lets the recipients speak up their minds. They can leave a comment on the bottom part of the campaign.

When the marketer has read your feedback, he will try his best to make the recipients’ wishes come true.

However, you should never hire a marketing firm just because you want to connect with your clients. You need to consider your other goals before hiring their services. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to get an email marketing campaign software or service?” If you already know your answer, that’s the only time you can start your search.

You may start with the reviews of email marketing software. Some write-ups give a list of industries that provide such services. Take your time to read them. They will give you a hint regarding the service quality of a particular company.

Choose the Right Type of Email Marketing Software

There are three types of email marketing practices. These are the first-party, third-party, and permission marketing services. To help you understand each strategy; let’s identify how each method works.

First-Party Email Advertising: This type of email strategy involves your firm. In this tactic, the marketer doesn’t use any service to get more customers. They only use the software they are using and the email service.

First-party advertising comes in three types:

  1. The transactional email. These are messages, which contain present and past business sales.
  2. The newsletter. This type of campaign provides the latest development of the firm. It’s like an actual news report. The only difference is its purpose. News reports aim their readers to be aware of the latest events in the country and abroad.

Newsletters – on the other hand – promotes the business.

  1. The promotional email. As the name suggests, this method advertises a particular product or service. It includes special offers, coupon codes, and other marketing tactics that will encourage the readers to get their deals.

Third-Party Email Advertising: The primary purpose of this technique is to promote a business. But unlike the prior method, it doesn’t build a contact list on its own. This solution uses an email list management feature to increase their customer base.

Permission: This type is also known as an opt-in email. Unlike other email advertising techniques, this one asks the receiver to receive bulk emails. Marketers add an opt-in feature on the website or in the advertisement. It will help the reader decide whether or not they should subscribe.

When finding the best email marketing software, choose an app that lets you do all of these tactics. That way, you don’t need to get different platforms for your campaign.

Know the Features Offered by the Service Provider

Not all email marketing software provides the same features. Some provide the fundamental functions. Others have full features. Most of the marketers would say that you should get a platform that has extensive uses. These programs will help you achieve success.

But if you ask other people, they would recommend you to get an app that has the essential innovations. They believe that not all features provided by the email marketing provider are necessary. It’s just a waste of money if you select a program that has sophisticated features.

So the question is, who should you believe? The answer lies in your skills and your needs. If it’s your first time to use this technique, it’s best to start with the basics. You need to know how the fundamental features work before you choose a high-end application.

When you’re already an expert in using this software, you need to weigh your needs. You need to think about, not only your present demands, but your future requirements too. If you think the application you’re using is enough, then there’s no need to upgrade.

But if you want to do more than just creating and monitoring your campaign, then it’s time for an update. However, you must brace yourself for the additional expenses. Since you’re upgrading the program; you’ll get more features out of it. Hence, you have to pay more to enjoy these innovations.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to pay a lot of money. You only need to spend a few bucks to enjoy these features.

Know the Reputation of the Service Provider

It’s the most critical thing that you must do. Yes, there are hundreds of email ad services out there. Unfortunately, they all claim that they offer the best software and service. Thus, they make everybody confused.

But since you are a marketer, you know that it’s just part of the campaign. Think about it, how would they get customers if they didn’t claim that they are the best? Obviously, they wouldn’t be able to reach their target sales.

If you don’t want to fall for these claims, you need to know the reputation of the company. Know how long they have been in the industry. The older the business is; the better. That way, it will be easier to do a background check.

You can also check their portfolio. Ask for some documents and check their past projects. If you could, you can also ask for the contact details of their past clients. Contact them and ask them about the service quality that the company has.

However, if you can’t get such information, the best thing that you can do is to read reviews of email marketing software. These articles will tell you the experiences of their past clients. Moreover, it can provide information that you can’t find on the website.

When choosing the right service, take a time to read at least three reviews. It will be enough to know how they provide their service to their customers.

However, you need to make sure that the reviews come from a reliable source. Otherwise, you wouldn’t get the information that you need.

These are the things that you must do when choosing the right marketing service provider. You have to follow these steps if you want to have an effective marketing campaign. Always remember that the success of one’s business lies in the efficiency of one’s marketing scheme. Hence, if the tactic is not productive, the company won’t reach its target sales. Conversely, if the campaign is prolific, the firm will thrive.

There are other things that you can do to find the right company for your marketing strategy. If you want to learn more tips for getting the right advertising agency, then you should visit the’s website. The site does not only provide customer reviews and lists of products and services. It also gives tips for selecting the best email service.

Get the right marketing software for your business today! Go to and check out the lists of companies and reviews of email marketing services.

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