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How to Find the Right Digital Signage Software for Your Business

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If you are someone who is looking for a specific design to significantly amp up the marketing aspect of your business and have no idea where to begin, one of the best things to consider is utilizing digital signage software.

You may have already noticed that digital advertising using digital signs are already a buzz and very visible in almost all of the public places around the world.  Many industries like retailer companies and transit systems have already been using this tool and every day a lot more are innovating and enhancing the ways on how they can benefit from this piece of technology.

However, while there are numerous businesses using digital signage software, there are still quite a few who are somewhat out of the loop and do not exactly know what a digital signage software is, how it works and what is the right digital signage software for their respective businesses.

According to Ryan Gushue of, “digital signage software allows the display of content such as images, video, social media, and other data on a display like a TV, or projector – as well as the management of these displays, like scheduling and monitoring.”

How does a Digital Software Work?

With this software, you will use a Content Management System (CMS).  This software interface is where you can interact and manage all functions of your signage network.  You will be creating and scheduling the contents like advertisements on the software dashboard and determine when and which screen items will be displayed on your digital billboard.  All of these information will be saved in the cloud and will be sent off to your digital signage player and shown for your clients and everyone to see.

What are the Benefits and Why You Need Digital Signage?

One of the coolest things about communication is that you are capable of getting someone’s attention.  People have been watching TV and using smartphones, tablets and computers, which has made us used to looking at our screens for information.  This makes digital advertising and digital signage the best ways in reaching very large audiences.

There are many benefits and reasons why you would want to streamline the traditional signage you are using to digital signage:

  1. Cost-effective.  Using traditional static signage would cost printing and processing fees every time that there is a need for new contents and information.  However, by using digital signage, changing contents of messages on your screen would not incur any other costs.
  2. Efficient.  With this, you are able to update the messages and contents that you want to project in an easy and time-saving way.
  3. Informative.  It is a very effective tool in informing people through internal communications and in businesses for advertisements and any information that are catered towards their clients and customers.
  4. Branding.  This is an valuable brand strategy in providing needed information to your target audience, which then provides you a major advantage in the very competitive world of business.

Is your Business Ready for the Digital Signage Solution?

 Here are some major factors that you need to consider to know exactly if your business is ready to implement the use of digital signage solution:

  1. Objectives.  Why do you want to use digital signage and what are you going to use it for? You should also need to determine the kind of information that you wish to deliver to a specific audience.  It is also imperative to know if you will send live feeds of vital reports to your target audience.  With these considerations, you will be able to make significant decisions towards the implementation of this solution.
  2. Content – You should decide on what kind of content, where you will generate and how frequent you wish to change the content. These factors will determine which solution you will require.
  3. Screens – The type of screens that you will use to display your content plays a big part in your decision-making. You will have the option to use a single content stream or split it into different zones which will display different other information.  Also, you will need to determine if you want an LCD or plasma screen and how you will control these screens.

 What to Look for in Digital Signage Software

 Finding the right digital signage software for your business is a rather tedious process, especially that there are numerous amount of low to medium-priced digital signage software available in the market and lack of information on what is the ideal modern digital signage. The following are the important elements that you need to consider in selecting the right digital signage software for your business, employees and clients:

  1. On-premise software or cloud-based solution – When using on-premises software you will be responsible for the management, security and availability of the digital signage software.  This is more expensive than a cloud-based solution as it needs in-house server hardware, capital investment in software licenses, in-house IT support staff and longer integration periods.  However, it is important to know that on-premise software is more secure because the entire software is within your businesses’ premises, thus its name.
  2. Budget and Pricing Options– After being assured on the contents and screens that you would want to use, you need to be certain that the solution you require would fit in your budget.  If you are going to select on-premise software, you need to know that this requires one-time payment for its license and to for you to own it forever while the cloud-based solution is subscription-based which you need to pay on a monthly basis.
  3. Integration with Solutions which are Currently Used and Ease of Use. When you select digital signage software for your business, you have to consider not only its features and other potentials but also the kind of implementation that you obliged and your employees.  While a lot of digital signage software that available in the market are capable of being integrated with other applications and solutions that you are already using such as scheduling systems, queue management, and marketing software, you need to take into account if your employees are going to have a hard time learning and getting used to this new technology.
  4. Compatibility with mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.  Using mobile apps will prolong the performance of your digital signage software beyond the desktop.  This also allows you to customize the content you want to display through the internet remotely.
  5. Flexibility.  One of the advantages of using digital signage over traditional static signs is its absolute flexibility.  With all of the available features in the software, it is highly possible that a lot of fresh ideas will arise from your in communications, advertising and marketing team, but with this kind of solution will allow you to implement data management without any issue.

Essential Features

 Given all of these important factors, you are now to start thinking about its essential features.  Below are the key features that you will usually find in digital signage software:

  1. Campaign Scheduling.  You have the liberty to schedule and reschedule your messages and information according to your desired time and location.
  2. Audit Log.  You can create access rights of different users and track their respective performances with this feature.
  3. Real-time Monitoring.  With this, you are able to formulate reviews, evaluation and modification on the data or information that you want on your display.
  4. Template Management.  This allows you to efficiently manage and organize screen layouts in your library.

Examples of Digital Signage Software

According to, these are the top 5 Best Digital Signage Software based on Client Reviews:

  1. RoninCast – It is an example of enterprise-level software which features scheduler, monitoring, content creation and network management in a single distributed server. Its CMS offers an outstanding performance when it comes to performance.
  2. Manager – This digital signage software is suitable for small and mid-sized businesses which provide hassle-free accessing of features because of the absence of confusing structure.
  3. Navori – This is a light version that is stable and reliable.
  4. Navori QL Professional – This is an on-premise and cloud-based software that enables users to create, organize, manage, and publish content to networks of displays. It also supports all popular media formats and provides real-time feedback about the player’s status.
  5. Enplug – This is a digital box that allows you to show the largest variety of content. You can unlock real-time social media, news feeds, local weather conditions, dashboards, and much more on any display.  It also comes with automatic updates and security monitoring.

Given these factors, it is important that you find the right solution for your business as acquiring the wrong one would cost a big chunk of your company’s money and other resources.  However, the right digital signage will greatly bring significant effects in your internal communications as well as in advertising and marketing side of your business.

For a list of the best digital signage software check out to further give you better insight in choosing the right solution for your business.

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