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How to Find Reliable Reviews of Video Conferencing Software

How to Find Reliable Reviews of Video Conferencing Software

People who are after software that could facilitate live conferences often wonder how does video conferencing software work. It has been around for quite some time, but as technological developments continue, changes in the features of the top video conferencing software also happened. Many products are out there, but how do you know which one is the best for you? Fortunately, there are reviews available to guide you regarding this concern.

Reading reviews, however, could not be enough. How would you know if the reviews are factual or not? Is it enough to believe what some random stranger is saying about a product? For this reason, this article will help you learn the basic understanding about video conferencing software so that you will be equipped with the knowledge to scrutinize whether a review that you read is reliable or not. In addition to that, you will also learn where to find trustworthy reviews that show not only the highlights but the drawbacks as well of each product.

Basic Facts About Video Conferencing Software

What does video conferencing software do involves facilitation of a live and visual connection between two or more people who are living in different locations. Considered as the most sophisticated way of communication, video conferencing software is capable of transmitting full-motion video images, high-quality audio, and text data between multiple areas. People use this kind of software to stay connected with their loved ones who are far from them. Aside from that, businesses also employ this software for means of communication with their global partners and employees. At the present time, a software like this has proven to be effective in cost cutting while still being able to collaborate and share files with other people.

Benefits of Using Video Conferencing Software

As mentioned above, this software could benefit both individuals and the businesses for different reasons. Tangible benefits of using video conferencing software for business include the following:

  1. Lower Travel Costs

People could definitely save some bucks by using this software because you do not have to travel just so you could attend a meeting. A live conference could be conducted, and anyone that should be involved in that conference may join to express their ideas and concerns regarding the agenda. The same could be said for employees who need to undergo training. You do not have to travel anymore for some coaching sessions when it can be effectively done virtually.

  1. Shortened Time Needed

Gone are the days of schedule adjustments just to fit in your travel and appointment with your colleagues. Instead of spending hours and even day on travel, a meeting could push through as long all the involved parties have a video conferencing software at their disposal.

  1. Improved Productivity

How video conferencing software works may also lead to an increase performance of everyone involved in the business. How is this possible? Let us face it. Sending emails and messages on the phone or computer may not suffice because words are bound to be misinterpreted by others especially when dealing with sensitive matters. On the other hand, a video conference where anyone could raise their concerns right away and see the gestures of their co-workers could bring the interaction to another level. Issues could be settled immediately and coaching is easier.

  1. Solve On-site Concern Remotely

Are you on the field and needs some information from your co-workers at the office? Forget about the hassle of going back and the possibility of missing your once-in-a-lifetime chance meeting with a big client. Technological advancements made it possible for the video conferencing software to be available on mobile phones. As such, a fast consultation with your supervisor is possible that allows you to focus on your meeting rather than being worried at some data sitting at the office.

Top Video Conferencing Software Features That You Must Consider

Due to the boom of technology, tons of video conferencing software is available in the market. You may not have a problem if you only intend it for personal use, as there are many free versions. However, using it for business transactions may mean otherwise. According to New Survey on Global Video Conferencing Trends and Etiquette, businesses prefer to use video conferencing as the communication tool. What is the best video conferencing software for your business? Only you could answer this question, but here are some tips to help you choose the best video conferencing software.

  1. Choose a Software That Can Work Using an Internet Browser

Work-related video conferences might happen with someone who is not a part of your business. For example, you want to initiate a video conference with a client to explain further the advantages of your offer. What if the customer has no installed software of the video conferencing tool that you are using? Are you going to force him to install one just to talk to you? This would sound unprofessional, and there is a possibility that you might lose a client because of this kind of situation. As such, it is crucial for businesses to find a video conferencing software that works from an internet browser.

  1. Plenty of In-call features

Why use a video conferencing software that could not help your business to the fullest? The use of video conference during a business meeting means that you need some must-have features to ensure the smooth flow especially if it is a webinar. Some products may offer unique features for their program. Below are the common video conferencing capabilities essential in conducting a meeting.

Ability to record meetings

As the meeting is done through a virtual platform, a recording of everything that transpired during that meeting is important. What are the agreements reached, who said what, and when would be the schedule of the main event are examples of essential details that you need to take note. Having a recording of the meeting will make it easy when making the minutes.

Easy start of a meeting

People use video conferencing software due to its effectiveness, and it is only logical to choose the software that will not give you any difficulty in starting a meeting. Opt for the program that allows to you to start a video conference in as easy as one click. It could be an invitation through email or a notification that they received a passcode to join the meeting. What are video conferencing software capable of must include this to say that it is good enough for your business.

Screen sharing feature

Aside from sharing data, instances happen wherein you need to share your screen with other participants in the video conference. You may need to present a powerpoint presentation or a spreadsheet. Although these files could be sent and shared beforehand, an actual consultation and highlighting of some entries may be needed during the meeting itself. Look for a video program that allows you to do this to make your live conference experience more meaningful. Other software integrates the keyboard and mouse control feature with this. It will prove to be useful during the actual conduct of the meeting where another participant needs to show the important details that need to be highlighted.

Different meeting controls

The feature that allows you to mute or dismiss participants in a video conference will prove to be handy. In addition to that, it will also be of great use if a software is able to grant you a one-on-one meeting with a specific participant during the live broadcast. Like in real life conferences, there are instances where these things happen, and it will be to your benefit if the video conferencing software that you have also have this feature.

Chat feature

Many things can happen while a video conference is ongoing. Cases happen where you need to ask or confirm something from another participant and you can do it discreetly by sending a private message to that person even if the video conference is still going on.

Where to Find the Reviews That Could Help You

Finding the reviews of the best video conferencing software is easy because the internet is teeming with such information. However, the problem comes in the reliability of such reviews. Fortunately, unbiased review websites like exist to help you. Paid reviews are common these days as different companies aim to put their product on top of the competition. While some of the paid reviews are factual, it is only natural for some owners to publish only the good reviews about them. If this is the case, you could be mistaken into thinking that a product is suited for you without knowing what its drawbacks are.

How will you know if a review is helpful or not? This article is structured in such a way that it will teach you the basics that you need to know about video conferencing software. The information you have read above will help you scrutinize every review you have come across. You will not easily be fooled by a review saying that it is best just because it is the cheapest video conferencing tool.

The continuous development in the field of technology paved way to the development in the field of communication as well. As video conferencing becomes the preferred means of communication for businesses, choosing the best software becomes challenging due to tons of available products out there. However, do not lose hope because reviews are here to help you. Try to visit because they publish reliable reviews of the best video conferencing software that is based on the experience of real-life clients.

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