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How to Determine If the Construction Management Software Is for You

How to Determine If the Construction Management Software Is for You 1The construction management tools are capable of performing theusual construction responsibilities that used to be done only by the construction professionals. You might have heard about the construction toolsthat are used by other construction firms, but do you really need one? Well, there are some factors that you need to consider before you decide to change your construction method. This includes the cost of the software, the training that your staffneeds to undergo, how you can integrate the software into your current processes, how it can help meet the demands of your business and the Return on Investment (ROI).

Things You Need to Know

The project management tools for the construction industry enables the construction managers to improve the way they manage the budget, time and the overall project plan. It increases the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of the business. The software helps manage the project plan from the start to the end of the project. It is very useful as it allows you to see the development as well as the difficulties of each project. It logs all the project activities accordingly with its corresponding target days of completion. It also allows the construction managers to easily monitor if the project is on track or if it is behind the schedule.

It can trace any activities that may cause a delay to the project even if the project has not yet started. This allows the construction managers to correctly predict when the project will be completed. They will be able to determine the things that may hinder the success of the project and they can establish a contingency plan.

It also accurately records all the details needed in a project such as the bill of materials, the workforce, and even the legal documents that need an approval. One of the essential capability of the software is its ability to control the budget of a project.

The tasks that are normally managed by the construction manager, construction engineer, project manager, project architect and design engineer can now be done using the construction project management tools and the tasks are done faster and more accurately.

Features and Functionalities

You need to consider the features and functions of the software to determine if it can really benefit your construction firm. Most construction software has business accounting included to easily track the cost and expenditures of a project. It can be used on a small single project or to multiple simultaneous complex projects. The accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and the entry of a work order can also be automated with the use of the software which increases the efficiency of the business.

It clearly defines the standard rates of the construction services as well as the cost of every employee, supervisor and construction manager. It tracks the time expenses and manages the timeline of each project. It can create the schedules, manage the contractors, dispatches the work orders, book jobs and even administer the manpower. At present, the top construction management software already includes the GPS technology wherein it can quickly send the job orders to the technicians which improve their productivity.

A construction software can also come with the equipment management software to ensure that there will be a constant activity on the construction site. It records the equipment that needs maintenance as well as those that are fully functional. If there are any equipment that requires maintenance, it will send an alert. You can then replace it with the functional equipment, and this is very helpful to ensure that you can always meet the deadline of the projects and at the same time meet the safety standards of the company. It makes the equipment safe for both the environment and the operator.

The workload automation feature of the software organizes the scheduled task. It balances the workload by assigning the right equipment and worker to different projects. It cuts the cost and improves the efficiency of the business systems.

According to Construction World, the best construction management tools should support not only the desktop computers but also the mobile devices.  This provides the construction manager access to the project specifications, schedules of the workers, the development the project, the necessary resources, and the deadlines. If there is a need for an urgent decision, they no longer need to go back to the office to check the details of the project since they can already view all information needed online.


The cost of the construction management software depends on the features and functions it can offer. Big companies with complex projects may need to pay more compared to a small business that has simple projects. The payment method can be done through a one-time charge or a subscription based wherein you need to pay monthly or annually. The online construction management tool reviews can also provide further information on how each software manufacturer charges the construction companies. This can also give you an idea on which payment method is more convenient for both small and big companies.

Consider how the existing project plan can be converted to the new process and how long it will take to train your staff. This will give you a hint on the amount you need to spend and how much you can save. Do you really have to pay for training? Some software manufacturers offer a free training, but most will charge you extra. You need to invest in training the staff because only then you can maximize the benefits of the software. They will also learn the best practices to improve its security performance, keeping the data more secured. Training improves the skills of the employees which in return increases the productivity, efficiency and the ROI of the construction firm. Also, this will provide the staff a better understanding of the construction project management tools and techniques.


One of the questions that you need to ask yourself if you are planning to get the project management software for construction is if it will help reduce the present cost of your construction management and how much you can save if you will use it. You need to consider the factors such as the size of the business, the complexity of the project, how fast your company grows and if it can meet the future needs of the company. These factors can be used to determine how much you can save from using the software.

Aside from its cost saving, make sure that the software can help increase the revenue of the company. The maintenance cost should be cheaper compared to the previous construction method used by your company. Even though you won’t be able to get the exact amount of your savings, at least you will have a rough estimate that can help make your decision more justifiable. In the process of computing your savings, you can identify the reasons why you need the software, the benefits that you can get from it and the company problems that it can resolve.

Is It Worth it?

Does getting the software worth it? Well, the best way to determine that is by comparing how much you will spend for the software and the benefits that you can get from it. Make sure that you won’t be paying for the feature that you won’t use.

One of the challenges that you may encounter in implementing the software is how the staff will accept the change. If possible, gather the ideas from your staff before you buy the software because most likely they will handle the data entry. So aside from providing the required training, the software should be user-friendly and doesn’t need any extensive technical knowledge. The staff should be comfortable in using the software, because if not, they might just go back to using the old construction method that they are used to.

If you are working on a current project, it’s best to consult the software manufacturer on how they plan to go through theintegrationprocess of the construction software to your existing system. It is important to know how long it will take to deploy the software so it will not interrupt your current operation.

The data security is crucial in any business. If your main concern is the security of your files, don’t worry because according to FASTTAC, the construction software was designed to prevent any cyber-attacks. The project details can only be opened if the user is authenticated using a username as well as a password.

Managing a construction business is not easy that is why the construction management tools have been developed to help the construction firms. It makes the work of the construction professionals quicker and easier. Selecting the right construction software that will fit your business can be difficult, especially that there are many software to choose from. As much as possible, gather and study the reviews on construction management software so you can have an idea of its strong and weak points. The construction management software review in CrowdReviews is one way to gather more details of the software.


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