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How to Choose the Right Legal Document Software

How to Choose the Right Legal Document Software

Law businesses and firms are known for the extensive volume of paperworks that has to be managed and organized very well. This can be very challenging and exhausting at times, piles of paper documents can only be managed efficiently at a certain level.

However, there are already a lot of legal document management software solutions available that helps address these issues. It helps create an automated and streamlined database where once paper documents are stored as digital documents. This creates an easy access and flexible searching for files, task and resource tracking, mobile access and other device and software integrations.

What is a Legal Document Software?

A legal document software system is a tool specifically made for lawyers, law firms or any businesses and organizations working in the field of law. It is designed with a broad set of functions and features including systems to keep the business’ processes, both internal and external, finished on time and done on track.

Using a legal document software, you can increase your business’ productivity by making and storing business documents in a system that is easier to find for you and your employees, search, access and share to all of your team. This will also improve your security and confidentiality towards your important documents by creating restrictions to certain documents to prevent unauthorized access.

A legal document software added to your business system will also add consistency to both your external and internal data and documents. This is made possible by organizing and managing them in a common and central platform.

Why You Should Start Using Legal Document Software

There are a lot of good things, benefits, and advantages incorporating an ideal legal document software in your business can give you. This can help you work through achieving and improving your business work effectiveness. These are some benefits of a document management software can give you to help you choose to start using one.

Having a legal document software system, you can manage and organize all your client’s files, business, and other legal documents to manage your deadlines that can be part of any lawsuit. This will help you avoid any delays and missed appointments and important dates for each and every case you are working on.

With a legal documents management software, you can automate all your billing and work time entries. There are some software systems that features a calendared event so you can easily view all your schedules. This will also help you record the time you spend working on a specific area to help you accurately bill your clients. This automated system will help you save time and effort in manually doing these tasks and avoid possible human errors.

Legal document management systems help coordinate an effective communication between teams and parties. Since you can store all contacts and information of a specific party in a central system, you can then easily initiate business interactions whenever it is needed. Quick access to communication between you and your team and your clients will help you quickly and efficiently resolve any issues that will arise through time.

Whenever you need to organize a case or any legal interaction, you need to efficiently organize all the necessary documents and information. This may include briefings and pleadings, transcripts, emails and text messages. Having a paper-based system in storing all these documents can be a hassle whenever you need to find and organize them. However, with a legal document software, all these data are already present and ready in a certain folder in your system.

Through the innovations in technology, there are also legal document management trends that are happening. This creates a wider range of function to help more in organizing all your business’ data and gives you various software options. Many software systems are now available online. These can serve simply as an app where you can access through different types of devices such as laptops, tablets and even mobile phones by using the internet.

Having this type of software will give you a wider option on how to access your system in a way that is most convenient and effective to you and your business. Having it on your mobile phone or tablet will help you continue working with the available resources in your system anytime and anywhere you are. This can be very helpful for people who spend time working outside their office at times.

Having a legal document software can surely lighten your workload and save you time and effort in doing repetitive tasks. This can promote a more efficient work database and system to improve task management for an increase in work effectiveness.

Features and Functions to Look for in a Legal Document Software

To make the most out of your legal document software and achieve all the benefits and advantages it entails, there are certain features and functions that should be included in your software program. All the basic and common functions of a legal document software should be covered and present, these includes:

  1. Advanced Search. One of the problems in manual document management systems such as paper-based systems and storing them in piles in a cabinet, there is a greater possibility of losing, damaging or misplacing data and documents. However, in a legal document software, with its advanced search function, you can easily browse and find documents by looking for certain text strings within the documents and filtering it with metadata.
  2. Capture Tools. For easy and a more secured storage for existing paper documents, a legal document management software should be able to scan these and convert them into various types of digital files such as text file, image files or PDFs.
  3. Access Control. In any type of businesses, it can’t be avoided that there are documents that are very important and confidential. These can be safeguarded through the legal document software’s access control feature. This will help you create and put restrictions on who can access, view and edit certain documents. This will also help you track who views and edits documents and can summarize them in a report.
  4. PDF tools. PDF format has been the most preferred file format choice for most people and in legal document software programs. This software function will allow you to make, edit, manage, and organize your files. This will also allow you a certain customization on your files and documents such as adding a signature to them.
  5. Organizational Features. In using a legal document software system, you can get an automatized and streamlined organization on all your business documents in a folder system. This includes all your case documents, approvals, role permissions, and other necessary processes.
  6. Integration Tools. In a legal documents software, it is more specific in creating and storing all your business data and documents. Having some integration function will be very helpful to make the most out of its full potential. This comprises integrating into other software systems to make your workload easier such as email system for your clients, CRM system, and other court filing systems.

Having all these basis functions and features in a legal document software solution will help you utilized its designed capacity. However, in buying this kind of software, you might also want to keep in mind some key considerations to achieve a greater work efficiency in using this software system. These key considerations in a legal document software system includes:

  1. Data security. In every type of business, data protection is always essential. It should always be a primary concern for all, especially on law firms. Having this will increase and improve your data protection in a lot of ways.

Some use a centralized database which you can control all the access that can be made in the system. Others also use a two-step authentication method which regulates and track to make sure that every new login isvalidated .

  1. On-premise Software Solutions. This type of solution is mostly sold by license. This is a good choice especially for huge businesses that has a certain budget for a software upgrade. On-premise type of software system requires an upfront fee and this can be purchased as a standalone software program.
  2. Cloud-based Software System. For businesses that have limited access to funds for a new management software, having a cloud-bases system is a great option since it can be purchased either by monthly or yearly basis. This subscription fee already includes the maintenance costs, customer support and annual updates of the system.

Having a cloud-based system, you can also make sure that all your data are safe and secure from any unnecessary events since all your documents are stored in the cloud that can always be accessed via the internet and it offers data backups. This also means that you can get a much wider access to your system through various devices, anytime and anywhere use an internet connection.

Looking for the right legal document software can be tricky at first but once you know all the things you have to consider in finding an ideal one that can help you achieve your business’ goals, it can be a lot easier. You can also read best legal document management software reviews to help you gain some ideas on how current software users think.

To know more about legal document management software programs and document management best practices, you can visit and read our reviews for more software choices.

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