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How to Choose the Right Enterprise Resource Planning Software

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Owning a business isn’t just about managing and operating the firm. There are other things you need to do aside from ensuring that everything works well. One of those things is making a decision.

Believe it or not, it is one of the toughest jobs of a business owner. You need to make sure that your choice is correct or the business will suffer. Sure, you can ask for someone’s advice, but it is you who know the current situation of the company. Thus, the future of the business lies in your hands.

Nonetheless, when the digital era arrived, making a business decision was taken to a whole new level. Nowadays, you don’t need to decide on what’s good for your business based on your guts. With the use of enterprise resource planning software, you can make a decision based on the facts.

There are many providers that offer this system not only to large corporations but also to small and mid-scale businesses. With these options, it’s quite difficult to select the best software that fits your needs. Don’t fret! In this post, you will learn some tips to follow when choosing the right ERP program.

But before you make a choice, there are a few things you need to know about this tool. First, you need to know what enterprise resource planning is. Furthermore, we will discuss the pros and cons of using this software. All this information and more will help you decide on whether this program fits the needs of your firm.

What Is Enterprise Resource Planning?

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to the set of activities that helps the owner to manage the business. The primary goal of this software is to ensure that there’s a continuous flow of information between business units. In that way, all decisions will be based on facts and data. Premium ERP applications are specifically designed for collecting and organizing data from different departments of the company. This function provides key performance indicators in real time.

ERP modules help the user to manage and track inventory, procurement, finance, supply chain, human resources and other components. However, you need to integrate this with your other business programs to use it to your advantage. In that way, the deployment of this system will be easier. Furthermore, it will be easier to track the progress of the business and to give training to employees.

The old system of the ERP tool was large and complex, making it difficult to integrate it with other programs. However, when the cloud-based services came in, ERP programmers made it more accessible. Nowadays, you can manage your firm while you’re on-the-go. You simply need to download an ERP mobile app and sync it with your ERP platform to get real-time data.

Pros and Cons of Using Enterprise Resource Planning Software

There are several benefits that you can get if you implement an enterprise resource planning system in your business. Nonetheless, many companies are still not using this program. According to a 2015 survey conducted by the Software Advice, 2 out of 3 buyers didn’t use this program. There are a few reasons for this.

First, this system is expensive. You need to invest a hefty amount of cash if you want to take advantage of this program. Furthermore, the migration process is a bit costly because you can’t deploy the system on your own. You need to get the service of an IT specialist to integrate the program to multiple departments.

The second reason is that this program has limited customization options. Fortunately, you can resolve this issue quickly. You simply need to buy the entire program and use it.

Lastly, this tool has restrictions. Apart from the limited personalized features, sharing data is restricted as well. You can’t share confidential information unless you get the premium software.

Nonetheless, this software is not all about the price. As mentioned earlier, there are several benefits that you can get from this tool. First, it provides multiple functions that will help you predict data, which you cannot do with other systems.

Most business management programs let you distribute tasks and instructions to designated units. However, none of them provide the history of the productivity of the firm. This feature makes the enterprise planning software beneficial. It records past activities of the company, making it easier to make a wise decision.

The second benefit is it improves communication. As mentioned earlier, this tool can be integrated with other programs. Hence, it is much easier to communicate with your employees. You simply need to chat with them or send out emails if you have something to tell.

Third, it improves the overall design of the product. When you’re selling or manufacturing merchandise, obviously, you want to make it look appealing. This one can help you shape up the design of the item. Again, you can use the data provided by the software to create a new look of the brand.

Lastly, it lets you track the delivery of the orders made by your customers. Back in the days, it was quite difficult to know whether the buyer had received his order. You would only know if they got the package once they gave you a call.

Nowadays, it is easier to know if the package is on its way. Once the item is ready for delivery, the software will tell you if the customer received the order. If not, you can give the punter an update via email by telling them where the package is.

These are just some of the advantages that you can get from the resource planning tool. You can enjoy these perks and more if you buy the best enterprise planner.

Tips for Choosing the Right ERP Software

There are several ERP tool brands to choose from, but according to Gartner, 75% of ERP programs fail. What could be the reason? It could be the lack of management control or miscommunication. Nevertheless, the primary reason would be the wrong choice of program.

If you’re looking for the right resource planning tool for your business, you need to do the following steps.

  1. Review and Analyze the Needs of Your Business.

Indeed, the enterprise resource planning is a business initiative. Thus, you need to study and review the needs of your company. You can start by recalling the hiccups and mishaps during the past few months or years. Then, have a vision of the future state of the firm. If the condition is not that good, then you need to get this program. This tool will not only improve your management but also the productivity of the company.

  1. Evaluate if the Software Fits Your Needs.

There are different types of business resource planning software. Each has unique features that will help you manage your firm. Before you select a platform, you need to determine the products that you offer. For instance, if you’re running a Microsoft store, you need to get an ERP app that has a .NET platform.

  1. Know the Overall Cost of the Ownership.

As mentioned earlier, one of the flaws of this is the price. Without a doubt, business resource planning software is costly. Nonetheless, it is a good investment because it improves the productivity of the firm.

When buying this program, you need to ask the provider about their hidden charges. In that way, you can decide on whether or not you should get the tool.

  1. Create a Comprehensive Implementation Plan.

Because you will use it for managing your company, it is essential to create an implementation strategy. This plan does not only include the installation process but also its functionality. Thus, before purchasing it, ask the vendor if he offers a free trial package. In that way, you can test the tool before you buy the program.

  1. Know the Benefits Provided by the System.

As mentioned in the second tip, there are different types of resource planning software. Each offers potential benefits to your firm. Before selecting any platform, you need to know the features and functions of the program. You may look for some of the best enterprise resource planning software reviews to know their functions and perks.

  1. Create a List of ERP Products.

There are hundreds of ERP sellers on the market. However, only a few programs are popular. When choosing the right ERP platform for your business, you need to keep your options open. Don’t stick to the well-known brands.

Generally speaking, most of the ERP companies are the most expensive. Hence, if you want to cut the cost, you need to widen your options and consider other brands.

  1. Read ERP Software Reviews.

Despite the obvious reason, many people ask why enterprise resource planning software reviews are important. First, these write-ups provide information that you can’t find from their websites. For instance, you can’t find negative critiques from their pages. Lastly, these blogs give you pieces of advices on finding the right software. However, you must make sure that the reviews are from a reliable source, or you might get the wrong program.

Do you want to know which enterprise resource planning software reviews to read? Go to and read our enterprise resource planning software reviews.

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