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How to Choose the Right Applicant Tracking Software for Recruiters

How to Choose the Right Applicant Tracking Software for Recruiters

Recruiters have a lot of tasks to do before they can reach the stage of getting the best fit applicant for the vacant position in their company. They have to scan thousands of resumes and look for relevant skills, experiences, and achievements. These three important aspects are the main reference of most recruiters before they can proceed with the call for an interview. Once the applicant’s resume passed the scanning stage, it means that they survived the first stage of the application process. The first stage of the recruitment process is so critical that every recruiter needs to take time reviewing the overall qualification of the applicant. But do you know that the tedious process of scanning the applicant’s resume can be done by the system within just a second or two?

What Is Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

According to the Jobscan website, the applicant tracking software was defined as a type of system application that handles the first stage of recruitment process. Out of thousand resumes, the applicant tracking software will scan the qualifications of every applicant’s resume and the system will rank it from most qualified to least qualified. Applicant tracking software eliminates the manual process of scanning the resumes by the recruiters. It saves time and it becomes easier to get the best candidate for the position. Usually, recruiters are looking for human grounds such as spelling error, wrong punctuation, incomplete skills, and irrelevant experiences. These grounds are processed by the system within a second or two without committing human error.

Benefits in Using Applicant Tracking Software

The major benefits brought by the applicant tracking software will give you a full knowledge of how the system can help your organization. Here are the top benefits that you will enjoy when you use applicant tracking software:

  1. Save time and Money for Paper Production

This helps every recruiter to save time. Time is important and every second counts because time means money. The more time that you have not replaced the vacant position in your organization, the more money you are losing because of the decrease in production. The system was created to eliminate the scanning process of every resume and to rapidly track the qualified candidates for the position.

Imagine, if you receive one thousand applicants for the position, and you only need ten candidates to hire. This is a lot of work to do because you have to go through each resume to check for the possible candidate. Of course, you don’t want to miss any single resume because you might need them for future reference.

The applicant tracking system will save you from those hundreds and thousands of applicants. You can receive applicants as much as you want and the system will rank the resumes for you through the help of search engine. The system is using search engine feature to optimize the relevant skills and experiences of the applicant.  It also reduces paper production because you don’t have to print all those resumes because the storage capacity of the ATS is dynamic.

  1. Save Other Relevant Resumes for Future Reference

This is another benefit that will make the life of every recruiter happy. Posting job advertisement online will be their second option because they have a collection of relevant resumes from previous applicants. It saves your time from finding the right employee for your company, plus it saves you money from job advertisement. It is important to save those important files because you will be needing that in a case of the unexpected resignation of your staff or sudden need of manpower.

  1. Direct Communication and Easy Use of Tabs

Another benefit that every employer will enjoy is the direct communication feature of the system. This helps the employer to immediately and effectively communicate with the candidates for the position. It does not only establish rapport but it also builds trust and confident to applicant’s perspective. They know that the company they are applying for has a good system support and they are really interested in getting to know more of them. In addition, the employers can also use several tabs to process the application of each applicant. They have the power to simultaneously process an application and they can have more time to focus on other things. It is necessary for every large company to have this kind of system, especially when processing a high volume of applications to maintain their manpower.

  1. Social Media Background Check

ATS allows every employer to check the social media accounts of all applicants. They have the power to quickly check the basic details of every applicant including the status, emotional and intelligent quotient, character, and hobbies. They will know the standard preference and character of every applicant. It is important for every applicant to make sure that all information they have provided in their resume is valid and correct. Sometimes, there are details posted on social media account that does not match with the details provided on the resume. This serves as integrity background check and the employer could already have an idea if they will still proceed to hire the applicant.

  1. Easily Search and Filter the Resumes to Getting Prospective Candidates

The last major benefit that every employer should not miss is the easy way of searching and filtering of resumes. For instance, if you have received a thousand application and you don’t know where to start or how you will find the right applicant, the search engine feature will do it for you. The system will help you find the right candidate for the vacant post, all you need to do is to type the keyword. A keyword can be recognized by the system and it is usually found on the skills and experiences’ portion of the resume. The system will filter all the resumes that contain the keyword you are looking for. It saves your time in managing every resume of the applicants and you can easily identify who are qualified to go in the next round.

Tips for Choosing the Top Applicant Tracking Software

Top means the best and it is composed of above average characteristics. As an employer, you are after the best. To determine the best applicant tracking software, there must be guidelines to follow. This rule same goes with life, you can never find the right decision if you will not consult, search, seek or find the right answer. There are major things to take note before jumping into a decision of getting a certain brand of applicant tracking software. Here are the three things to consider when choosing top applicant tracking software:

  1. Consider the Needs of Your Organization

This is the main question you need to ask yourself. What are the needs of the organization in getting an applicant tracking system? Most of the time, many companies are implementing applicant tracking software because they cannot handle the high volume of the recruitment process in their companies. If you are encountering issues with sourcing applicants, you might consider picking software with a directory of job sheets that you can utilize. On the contrary, if you are lacking staff in your HR team, then, you might want to choose the software that can help you tie job openings available to the applicants.

  1. Check the Reviews From Other Users

A system that has a lot of features to offer is attractive in the eyes of many recruiters. The main reasons why you are getting a system for tracking applicants are to have a faster recruitment process and to save money. Not all the features included in the system can be utilized by your company, because there are some features that you do not need but you are actually paying it. In order to come up with a wise decision, it is vital to read relevant reviews from existing users of the system. This will give way to having a better weight of comparing the different applicant tracking systems. Moreover, it also helps you to move forward to the next stage, which is decision making.

  1. Read the Case Studies on the Provider’s Website

There are many case studies posted on the provider’s website to help every prospective buyer to manage their expectations. It will give them a clearer view of what to expect when they implement this tool into their organization. Thus, the case study shows the list of problems of a certain company and how does the applicant tracking software help them. This area will clearly show a conclusion to the prospective buyer to buy the product if they are encountering the same issues as shown in the case study. The case study contains the problems of the company and the solutions brought by the system.

These three important steps will assist you in getting the top applicant tracking software for your organization. You might also want to check if the provider you are eyeing to subscribe has a free trial. The free trial will give you an idea on how the organization will change once they system is implemented. This will avoid future regrets and you can learn ahead of time if there are defects or issues that need to be addressed. Check and read the reviews of existing users of top applicant tracking software at to help you choose the best system for your business.

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