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How to Buy the Right Video Conferencing Software for Your Company


Video conferencing tool is made to improve personal and business relationships. Use a software to make your communication diverse, especially if you are dealing with employees situated around the world. Video conferencing as a business tool provides a lot of advantages, which in turn results to business proceeds or increased revenue. Even video conferencing tools for small business exist, giving startup companies leeway for growth through enhanced communications and improved productivity of staff.

The perks of having a video conference software are obtainable with the right software. Video conferencing tools comparison is available for further evaluation, giving you a bigger picture of how the software works in unifying workforce and amending operations without physical barriers.

Video Conferencing Software and How It Reinforces Business Relationships

Business relationships are vital for the operations of a company. Without constant and good communications between employees, suppliers and potential investors, the business will not be open for growth in services scope and sales.

With diverse advancements in business operations, it is not a surprise that soon, companies will be composed of staff situated in different countries around the world. Additionally, better opportunities of fishing talents in varying areas worldwide will emerge.

According to a Stanford University study on employees working from home, statistics defined the trend as highly profitable for a company. A China-based company proved this and had 50% decrease in employee turnover and attrition. This implies that offering employees with an option to work from home makes them feel secured and motivated with their jobs. Moreover, making staff work from their place even reduces your employment costs.

In addition to this, Global Leadership Summit in London survey showed that by 2020, more than half of global companies will have their workforce in remote areas. Executives claimed that this is driven by fundamental shifts in business brought by technology.

Regardless of having talents across countries, you can still meet up anywhere with top video conferencing tools. Scheduling a meeting will not take much time. With just few clicks, your employees would get their invitations for discussion. Once everyone is in, starting a discussion is only a touch or click away through desktop or phone.

Training your team will be easier. You no longer have to prepare too many materials since virtual presentations will do with video conferencing. Trainings can be interactive as well. You can share your screen and let others do so when exchanging ideas. You can even invite other speakers to join the training. Without the need for your team to travel, regular training can still be conducted.

With improved communications and trainings for your staff, work efficiency will definitely boost in no time. Since your employees are well informed on what to do, they will be able to focus on finishing tasks minus delays and mistakes. In addition to this, support from their team leaders is easily obtainable, giving them assurance of having solutions over their mistakes in real-time.

Saving costs is highly possible with video conferencing tool. Travel time and cost can be reduced if you use video conferencing for meetings, especially for your sales team. Within a few minutes, your teammates can conveniently join meetings through their hand phones. Moreover, costs in setting up a function area for trainings and materials for participants can be eliminated. Documents, presentations, and web-based sources can be shared easily through video conferencing.

Tips on Buying the Right Software for Effective Video Conferencing

Buying video conferencing collaboration tools is not as easy as finding the best video conferencing software and choosing one. If you want the best for your business, you should take the selection more seriously. Primarily, you have to understand the video conferencing technology.

Video conferencing speeds up business operations. Installing the technology in your workplace eliminates almost all disadvantages of using e-mails, fax and calls to relay information.  Through the tool, you will be able to maintain connection with your staff.

You simply do not need video conferencing for the benefit of speeding up operations. Take note that it also revs you up for competition. More and more companies are adapting the technology to provide better customer service and develop projects quickly. Even clients are preferring companies with video-based customer service.

WebRTC Ecosystem analysis showed that more businesses would maintain the application of video conferencing software in keeping work, retail and social communication lines open.

Video conference solutions open up greater opportunities for your company since your players will have better work and life balance. No more issues with absences during meetings and information exchange. Productivity in your workplace will improve, leading to higher sales.

Mobility and access are top essentials you can achieve with video conference solutions. If you have a team spread out across countries, you can still enquire on their work progress in a click.

The aforementioned features of video conference software options are what you have to find. In picking the right software, the standards must be there. Extra features are just pluses, but with the core features of video conferencing, your business will benefit a lot already.

Other than understanding the technology of video conference software, you also have to identify what you really need. If your company needs regular training in the form of webinars, live presentations and documents sharing, you must ensure the tool supports these.

Video conferencing as a communication tool should not be limited to desktop deployment. As much as possible, find one that is accessible through an app for mobiles or tablets. This is convenient for employees frequently stationed outside.

Installation of video conferencing may be through your current server or via web. You have to make sure that the platform you will choose benefits the organization most. There are differences between the two, but it you want a fast yet cost saving setup, you may opt for web-based or cloud video conferencing solution.

The best video conferencing solutions are commonly reviewed and recommended online. Make sure to shop around and weigh the pros and cons of each product.

Take note that it is not about the price itself. There are conferencing tools priced higher than other software options due to extra features. In contrary, not all cheap software options are ineffective to use.

The Perks of Selecting the Right Software for Convenient Video Conference

The perks of selecting the right software for video conferencing is divided into three: better business communication, edge in the tough market competition, and higher sales.

Better business communication can be attained since you no longer have to schedule meet-ups ending with excuses and absences from your staff. In just a matter of clicks, you can already discuss with your team, exchange ideas and address problems.

Your edge in the tough market competition will step up as well. Customer service will be more interactive, project completions will be easier, and communication with potential investors worldwide will be opened.

Higher sales will also be in your grasp since mistakes, delays and repeated work will now be avoided along with their corresponding costs. With open communication within your workplace, support in finishing projects is distributed. Since the team will also feel more secure with the advantage of sharing their ideas, they could be motivated to contribute more to the company.

The advantages you will obtain from a video conference solution depend on the features it offers. For instance, InterC all Unified Meeting offers video conferencing worldwide with easy scheduling tool. Other than that, it also enables staff access discussions across platforms. Schedules may also be avoided since meetings can call participants whenever necessary. Most importantly, meeting security is assured by InterCall irrespective of host location. It is perfected for small and mid-sized businesses looking for cost reduction in setting up meetings.

Skype, on the other hand, can help you call employees or clients around the world. Introducing your team to potential partners can be done not necessarily in a coffee shop. In just a click, you can group up to 25 people, which may be more than necessary for a small business. Screen sharing for better presentations is also available with Skype. Getting your employees on a same page during brainstorming will be much easier. Fast access to Skype is available with its browser extension feature.

RingCentral Office offers interesting benefits as well. Through the application, you can let your employees and clients from all over the world to join.  You can set up a cloud-based conference room, where anyone can access for high quality conferencing. RingCentral can be set up as a Microsoft Outlook integration as well. Lastly, multiple groups across 50 locations worldwide can be created for more engaging meetings and trainings.

From the mentioned software options, you can see that the advantages you can obtain vary depending on the features. Not all can give the same set of features. Others surpass another, whereas some may appear inferior. will help you gather reviews of video conferencing tools from real-life users with unbiased feedbacks. By having the reviews of video conferencing software, you can choose which one will suit your current business needs and possible future growth requirements.

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