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How Mobile Sales Force Automation Software Can Double the Sales of Businesses

How Mobile Sales Force Automation Software Can Double the Sales of Businesses

You may have seen tons of sales force automation software reviews and yet, you are still not sure which one you should believe in. To start, it is possible that you are looking for information about SFA in the hope of increasing your business sales. This article will help you in this regard by providing facts and figures about the latest in this field. You will discover here the trends that lead to the creation of consumers on mobile and how it can affect the marketing strategy of your business. The information you will learn here will make you understand why sales force automation is important and how it serves as a tool for the increase of your revenue.

Situation That Gave Rise to Mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA) Software

A quick look around will let you know that many consumers are on mobile now. Many kids, teens, and adults own or at least have access to some kind of mobile device that they use to keep them updated with everyday happenings. Do you notice what people are holding when they are having coffee or having dinner with family and friends? Yes, most of them have their mobile devices by their side and it seems that their smartphones are inseparable gadget to themselves. The emails and widely-used Social Networking Sites (SNS) like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more are accessed through a mobile device.

As a result, businesses are updating their web-based platforms to be compatible with mobile devices. The number of consumers on mobile is too big to neglect and it would be a great loss for any business not to give attention to them. After all, the more people you reach on your marketing campaign means a bigger possibility for additional revenue. Situations like this gave rise to the availability of mobile version of the systems used by businesses like the sales force automation software solutions.

Obstacles Faced by Traditional Top Sales Force Automation Software

Since its inception more than ten years ago, the SFA is gaining fame in the field of sales management due to the probability of increase in sales that it could bring. Depending on the openness of the sales team on the use of SFA, this system is able to help them automate their mundane yet necessary everyday task in selling their products and services. However, the sales force automation software companies have designed the software years before the boom of the mobile technology industry according to Report Linker. Today, this system is faced with challenges on how to keep in phase with the quickly developing technology.

No Access to the Information Needed by the Sales Team

Business meetings outside the office are part of a sales agent’s job. Doing out of the office transactions however, have robbed them of the opportunity of easy access to the information at the database sitting comfortably in the office computer.

A responsible part of the sales team is expected to conduct his research so that he has the necessary data at hand when he is finally sitting face to face with the client. No matter how good the sales agent is, there are chances that he cannot remember all the interactions that take place concerning that client and the research that he prepared might be lacking. This does not mean that the sales agent is incompetent, but he is limited by the lack of data and might lose a possible closing of a deal. What sales force automation can do at this point is significant for the sales team.

At times like this, access to all the information concerning the consumer – his transaction history, the interests, the subscriptions, and everything that might help in convincing him to make a purchase must be at hand for the sales team.

Outdated Focus to Make a Sale

As mentioned earlier, the design of the traditional SFA has been born years ago and the developers are not quite sure yet on how to redesign it for the mobile compatibility. According to Robert DeSisto of Gartner Research, simply transforming or the traditional version of the SFA into a mobile version will not do the trick. The available information at the database may not be what your sales team needs anymore to make sure that they can strike a deal. The good news is that there is sales force automation software free trial that you can use.

The SFA was born as a part of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that was developed later because of the need to have a sales focused tool that would help the sales force. It is not uncommon for businesses to have someone from the Information Technology (IT) department to maintain the database. The problem comes in when your sales force does not have enough access to the system and updating of the relevant information regarding their daily transaction with consumers becomes a challenge.

It is a must for the sales team to have direct access to the data base, but it would mean additional job for them. If the sales agent could only access the database at the office, it is only natural to expect that the data you have in the system is not updated. The sales force automation software download will enable your team to focus on their sales strategies. In addition, are known for publishing buyer’s guide that can help you get more insight about the reviews on sales force automation software.

Unsure Pricing of the Traditional SFA vs Mobile Sales Force Automation Software

Many developers for mobile SFA are on the rise and they could offer the software at a lesser price compared to their rivals who have been in the industry years before them. The early developers are still on the phase where they are not sure yet on how to price their software once they improved it to have a mobile compatibility.

Essential Features of Mobile Top Sales Force Automation Software

Look at the following features that the mobile SFA must have to make sure that it has what it takes to help your business reach another level. If you find this lacking, you can check out the sales force automation reviews at for more insights from the real-life users of the software.

  1. Synchronization Capability

The software must offer this feature so that offline users could update the information that will be sent to the backend server. Once that user came online, the mobile server will update the data. This process makes sure that the database is always updated.

  1. Strong Security

The internet is teeming with malicious activities and you would not want the sensitive information about your clients to fall in the hand of the scammers. Check if it has enough encryption capability to ensure the safety of your data.

  1. Access is Possible Always

Time is essential is dealing with clients and no sales agent have the leisure of letting the former wait until they got hold of the necessary data they need. A good mobile SFA must allow the sales team to access it anytime of the day wherever they are.

  1. Power to Shorten Sales Cycle

Have you ever experienced calling an agent for some queries only to wait while the agent is pulling up your account? Effective sales force automation for small business must be able to shorten the sales cycle and give you the data you need to relay immediately to the client.

Top Reasons Why You Should Go for Mobile SFA

Given the knowledge that you have learned from above, why would you believe that mobile SFA is a boon for your business?

  1. It can enhance the performance of you sales force

By offering easy and real time access to the information, the sales team is more motivated to perform better with the help of the software. It helps in the automation of their tasks thus, giving them more time to fulfill other requirements that could result to increase in their sales. The sales agent does not need to memorize all the incentives, promotions, discounts, contact details, and other important information that are essential in making a deal.

  1. Easy access to reports for your market analysis

Doing the market analysis could be your dreaded task before, because you need to gather all the reports from the sales force so you could generate the metrics on each based on the indicators. This is not the case anymore with mobile SFA. It is possible for the top management to get even the complex analytical reports from the dashboard at the comfort of a click.

  1. A significant time of your sales team is spent outside of the office

Your sales team needs the data when they meet with clients. What more could be convincing than this to go for mobile SFA?

  1. People are on mobile

Based on Accenture’s report, 69% use their mobile device to access the internet and 85% use it at least once a day for internet access.

The fast developments in the field of IT are overwhelming the market and businesses must learn to adapt to it to stay on the loop. Taking into consideration the ease of access and mobility of your sales team means that your business might also need its sales system to be mobile as well. Sales force automation software are here to help but it can only be of use to your business if you know how to choose and use the suited product for you. Is it still hard for you decide which one is the best? Check now to see what the users think about a specific product.

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