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How Marketing Automation Software Transforms the Healthcare Industry

How Marketing Automation Software Transforms the Healthcare Industry

How can marketing automation software benefit the medical field?

Health is Wealth is an adage that all of us are familiar with. No wonder, the healthcare industry is a booming business that never runs out of clients. In relation to that, health-related enterprises are also growing in number. For that reason, hospitals, and medical centers must look for strategies to remain competitive and shift tactics if needed to stay on top of the market. Since patients are the number one client of healthcare, it is very vital that their needs are met in a timely manner.

It is no secret that traditional marketing is no longer as effective as before in the success of a business and the healthcare industry is not excused to this. For one, patients are mostly online to search for treatment and management of their diseases. Those who are of good health are also utilizing the internet to find ways on how to maintain fitness and health. High-quality websites might be a good start-up, however, for businesses to thrive on a long-term basis, they need patient involvement.

One effective solution to boost the number of paying customers is through the use of marketing automation. Hospital marketing automation is a marketing method that has been shown to attract more clients. Moreover, it converts prospective customers into patients which result in an improvement in the hospital’s revenue. Other than that, patients will also experience health benefits from the system.

Here are the ways on how marketing automation software transforms the healthcare business.

Patient Engagement

In healthcare, creating a culture of engagement is very vital in the provision of care and improvement of health outcome. Those days when patients were considered as passive recipients of care had long been gone. Now, patients are viewed as partners in healthcare. They are encouraged to exercise control and make decisions about their health. As a result, those who actively participate tend to be healthier and happier.

According to a research study published in think with Google, digital content matters in the decision-making process of booking an appointment. One in five patients schedules an appointment utilizing a computer, mobile app or browser. Moreover, it was found that after their appointments, patients tend to share the word about their experience with around 50% recommending the same facility to family, friends, and colleagues. This only shows that marketers can take advantage of the internet to engage more customers and sell products and services.

Even though health websites are producing high-quality contents, it would be such a waste if only a few number of website visitors are reading it. Moreover, if discounts are offered, it may increase sales of products and services but only in a short while. Also, high traffic is close to useless if the visitors will not engage with your promotions.

With the use of marketing automation software, marketers can attract more customers which, in time, will become patients who regularly engage in the hospital’s products and services. For one, marketing automation tools have the ability to provide personalized messages to costumers. Instead of receiving general topics about health, patients will receive information that is relevant to their cases. For instance, stem-cell treatments and support group articles and webinars can be provided specifically for cancer patients.

Because relevant topics are a match based on the patient’s condition, it shows that the hospitals value each and every client. This increases satisfaction and engagement. Furthermore, marketing automation software has the ability to measure social engagement. Knowing which information is popular to the multitude gives an idea of what type of topic should be posted frequently on social media in the next days to come. Take note that most patients are using social media, therefore, consistent presence boosts patient engagement as well.

Patient Education

The utilization of the best marketing automation software has the ability to provide emails to costumers in a consistent manner. Not only does personalized communication improve patient engagement, it also provides information and up-to-date researches specific to the patient’s condition. Hospitals can educate their existing clients and prospects about the latest technology, statistics, discovery, and news regarding health-related topics.

Moreover, eBooks and fact sheets can now be downloaded in healthcare websites. Even webinars are used by some hospitals as a solution so that patients who are not capable of going to attend seminars can still participate. Those who live in far flung areas or those who are physically and financially burdened have the access to information. With this, the dissemination of healthcare information is now limitless and that is the goal of World health Organization: Health for All.

In a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, 72% of internet users stated that they search for health information online within the past year (2013). In addition to that, the three most commonly researched topic include diseases and conditions, doctors and other health care providers, and treatment and procedures.

Saves Time

It is no secret that a lot of health care workers are rendering overtime just to complete the needed tasks in a shift. However, this has a negative effect not only to the employee but to the patients’ safety as well. In a study conducted by Daniel Olds and Sean Clarke, they examined the effect of extended work duration and they confirmed that overtime periods raise the possibility of medical errors and adverse events in the healthcare field.

Undeniably, in any business, time is crucial. Time matters most in the healthcare field because health care providers are dealing with lives. When a life is lost, it can never be retrieved unlike any data in the computer. That is why the healthcare industry is looking for ways to provide quality care to its customers in a timely manner.

One perfect solution to the time management problem is the use of marketing automation tools. It does not only save time because it also improves the efficiency of healthcare workers by reducing their workload. For instance, important health care tasks can now be automated just like reminding patients about their follow-up checkup. There is no need to call them one-by-one because personalized emails can be sent to a specific patient at the appropriate time.

Furthermore, if a hospital wants to invite patients to attend a symposium about seasonal illness warnings or other healthcare events, there is no need to visit various places to advertise. With just a click of the mouse, advertisements can now be promoted online and be visible to a multitude of internet users. It saves time and effort.

Customer Service

Patient engagement goes hand-in-hand with customer’s experience which depends on how good or bad is the service that has been rendered.  Over the years, technology had been developed to satisfy the needs of the customers. Before, patients need to travel for long hours just to receive medical advice but today, healthcare services are now accessible and available to the majority. The presence of websites, video conferencing tools and other innovations are transforming the delivery of healthcare.

Aside from the tools mentioned, marketing automation software also delivers numerous benefits to improve customer service. First and foremost, instead of annoying unwanted emails, patients receive messages that are specific or personalized. Customers can be classified based on their interests thus reducing the chance that your emails are sent to the trash. Furthermore, it can quickly identify if a client is in need so companies can take necessary action on how to help them. This will result to satisfied clienteles for they will no longer feel neglected and the possibility of them going to a competitor will also be reduced.

Improve Revenue

All of the transformation stated above will definitely lead to one thing and that is, increase sales and profit. With the best marketing automation software, healthcare businesses can improve their return of investment. Not only will they attract more customers, more patients will become long-term partners which will lead to a more successful and sustainable industry.

Based on a research done by Marketo, those companies which top lead nurturing are producing 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower price. However, just like any other businesses, in conjunction with the top marketing automation software, an excellent marketing plan should be developed to avoid wasting time, effort, resources, and money. Reviews of marketing automation software should be explored first before purchasing the system so as to prevent company losses.


To sum up, marketing automation, when done right, offers numerous benefits to its users. Healthcare enterprises are not excluded. It is an exceptional strategy in sales and marketing which has the ability to cover a multitude of customers all over the world. Such technique will result to a more successful healthcare industry which is not only advantageous to hospitals but of its clients as well.

For one, with the use of marketing automation platforms, the members of the healthcare industry will be able to provide high quality of care to patients. Health for all will become attainable and the world will be sustained by healthy people through medical and technological innovations.

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