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How Content Management Software Reviews Help to Select the Best CMS

How Content Management Software Reviews Help to Select the Best CMS

The Internet has become the primary source of information for consumers. Every product you want to buy on the internet, every service you want to have, and even any software you want to work with, online reviews has become the number one source of business referrals. That is because people trust the opinions of the customers who have tried the products or service themselves. Of course, the opinion of many matters more than the opinion of a friend. If your friend would tell you that you should use a particular Content Management System, of course, you would still check the Web for some online reviews about CMS just to be sure.

What Is CMS?

Content management system is set of related programs or software applications that are used to manage and create digital content. Basically, these systems are designed to manage, modify, and support the content of Web pages. These are where users put their contents such as blogs, advertisements, news, portfolios, and even a fully functional online store on the internet. It allows them to put texts, embed graphics, codes, maps, audio, video, and URLs that are displayed on the web.

There are two components of content management system. One is the CMA or the content management application. It is the front user interface where users are allowed to edit, add, or remove contents on your Web site even with limited expertise or without the intervention of a webmaster. The second one is the CDA or the content delivery application. It is the one to comply the information or documents that you made and updates the Web site for that new data.

There is another type of CMS which is the digital asset management system. This allows the user to manage certain information such pictures, movies, documents, scientific data, etc. It could also be used for controlling, revising, storing, and publishing documents.

What Are the CMS Leaders Today?

There are obviously three leaders in the CMS industry today. Surely, if you are a blogger or anyone who publishes content on the Web, you might have already met WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. These are the giants when it comes to open source CMS which means that their source code is open to the public. If you are looking for a CMS for your site, there is nothing that can rival these three. So, it would be best if we will just focus on them. Now let’s talk about why they are so popular and how they might fit your preferences when it comes to your CMS needs.


Half of the world is using this application. It is simply one of the best when it comes to content management systems. Since its inception in the year 2013, WordPress has continually impressed the public because it is getting more intuitive, comprehensive, and popular through the years. It has improved drastically giving the users several free extensions and it is the easiest one to use.

The system is perfectly simple. You just need to create your own page, add it in the menu, publish your documents or anything in it, and then you will see what you have published in the front-end of your site. This is what made it super popular over the world with over 60 million sites and counting.

Why is it so popular? This might be because of its customization possibilities. While there are a lot of CMS out there, they are way complicated than WordPress. If you are a user of CMS who easily gets confused with multiple functionalities, then you would just give up on many CMS software. On the other hand, there is no one who will say that WordPress is really hard to operate with.


If you would like a simple and a user-friendly CMS, Joomla is the best that you could come up with. On the other hand, it is not that easy to use as compared to WordPress. You would need some time to familiarize with its functions and how to customize it before you can finally use it successfully. Basically, this engine is really not for beginners. There are just too much to handle if you don’t know what you are doing. There are those assigning plugins to modules, configuring layouts, positioning the module on different pages, and other complicated modifications.

On the good side of using Joomla, it has the features that can solve the common web design problems which would be hard if you are using WordPress. Joomla extension developers and community had made this possible. If we are going to use the slider extension of Joomla as an example, this would let you easily set a location for the page, manipulate the duration when each slide will appear, the effects that you want in the slide, the type of page numbering, and a lot more.

In conclusion, Joomla is for the ones that are eager to learn and can commit their time in effort in operating this engine. It may have hard features that an ordinary user could find difficult, but if you just have that passion and curiosity, you are more likely to fall in love with Joomla.


This engine is perfect for big projects that involve a lot of contributors. It could also be considered as the most powerful if you compare it with Joomla and WordPress. This is simply because it has more functions and more capable than other CMS. You can do almost anything you want with your site if you are using this engine. It contains a lot of out of the box options which in both WordPress and Joomla would demand a custom coding. Plus, you can further improve your site by using third-party extensions.

Now, while it is fit for huge projects, it will also require you to have a lot of work and patience before you can learn how to operate it. This is why most users are big organizations that can manage to have full-time operations of an administration. If you are just a beginner, it not recommended that you use this one.

How Did These Simple Reviews Help You?

Using these simple reviews, you might have already some ideas on what CMS are you going to use. Reading reviews is good practice for the consumers to be able to have insights into the products and services first before they actually put their money to them. There are a lot of concerned consumers out there who want to help others by just giving simple reviews about the product. Putting a five star on a product wouldn’t be a bother for consumers who have enjoyed the product. Then ranting in the review site and letting some steam off would be a great help for others to know that a certain product sucks.

Online reviews come from real people who have tried the product or service themselves. Positive reviews can be helpful as it may boost your confidence in getting that service and product. But if you have spotted some negative reviews, it will be easy to say that that review is an honest one. No one would make negative reviews for their product and services. If you have seen those kinds of reviews with some negative feedbacks, it is more likely that they are the honest ones.

Indeed, online reviews such as the content management system software reviews can be helpful to consumers to make better decisions. Besides, how else can you have an idea about the quality of that product or software if you don’t read or ask other consumers of that service or product?

Why Read Online Reviews?

It is obvious that online reviews are the best way to have knowledge about a certain product or service posted on the internet. Online reviews are actually more trusted, 12 times to be exact, than the manufacturers or service provider’s reviews about their product. There is 63% that customers are more likely to make the purchase when talking to actual consumers. This is because they can interact with each other and answer the ones with inquiries about the product.

Online reviews can help product selection and eliminate doubts that the customers might have. There is no shortage of the people who want to make reviews about the product they buy. Because it is a good way of conversation, with the same topic and goal, people are more inspired to talk about a certain product and service. Therefore, it is much easier to answer your doubts about the product or in this case, some CMS software, in order to decide what best fits your skills and preference.

Where Can You Find the Best CMS Reviews?

As a consumer in this generation, you might have already known that online reviews play a very important role in every business like in content management systems. They provide a collective opinion of all their consumers in one site so that others will just read and decide whether to do the purchase or not. The problem though is that there are a lot of sites that provides “honest” reviews about many products. It would be bewildering if you would find contrasting opinions on one site and another.

While online customer reviews could be helpful in deciding about your purchase or what services are you going to use, fake reviews are plaguing the internet today. So, if you want a safe site that gives reviews about the best content management system reviews, it is very much recommended that you should go to Here, you can read some of the best reviews and rankings of products and services straight from the consumers themselves.

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