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How Auto Dealer Software Helps Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

How Auto Dealer Software Helps Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Obtaining the best auto dealer software also requires knowing the top-rated products which are reviewed by both experts and consumers. Before you consider other people’s list as your own auto dealer software list, make sure that you have applied your preferences in ranking the products. Be reminded that your need may be different to that of another.

There are car dealer management software download options that are ideal for small business/Prior to your search for the best auto dealer system, you should learn a few points so you could perk up your business returns.

Top Tips to Successfully Sell Your Cars Online

It is not enough to serve the locality you are in and ask people to travel far just to reach your showroom. With the advancing technology, why not try the internet? The web is vast enough for you to obtain a better market. In just one platform, which could be your website, you could get multinational customers across nations you did not expect to cover.

According to IBISWorld’s Online Car Dealers market research, despite the wear and tear of the online car dealers industry during the Great Recession, the sector still recovered. Positive growth was still achieved from 2008 up to 2013. On the average, the annual growth of the business is 13.2 percent. This is attributed to higher consumer demand and increased disposable income and profit to businesses.

From the given facts, you could see that it is worth the try. If you want to have a fair share of the new vehicle demand, then you should also try being dominant in online selling. Given below are a few success tips that could guide you to higher online revenue:

  1. Research first. It is best that you gain valuable knowledge on how online car selling is done. Nonetheless, a strong background in online dealership would definitely help you in the web venture. Particularly, in selling your automobile, every specification must be present in its description. Moreover, in online selling, you would have to answer questions prior to people asking about it.

You should know the outstanding recalls of the vehicle. In addition, you have to identify the car’s common issues, the scope of its engine’s displacement, as well as its average selling price for its condition.

It is also ideal to add the history of the car. It pays off especially for buyers who are interested to purchase an engaging car. Learning your products’ accounts will enhance your credibility as a seller.

  1. Provide as many pictures as possible. Since you will be selling online, you have to provide the readers a more comprehensive eyeshot of the car through pictures. Take image in every possible angle of the car, highlighting its prominent features. In addition, make sure that the picture has high resolution, which could be achieved through the use of modern point-and-shoot cameras. If you have a supplier of new vehicles, you could obtain the images of the cars from them.
  1. Be reachable. If you will set up a website for car selling, make sure that the company information is complete. Give your clients your address, phone numbers, as well as e-mail address, among others. By giving them complete data of how to reach you, you will have more chances of selling.
  1. Use SEO. If you could optimize your site to be searched frequently, the better for your business. The competition online is the search engine ranking, which also means more people will be able to see your site in top results. There are various providers of search engine optimization (SEO) to fill your site with elements that would drive its traffic, such as keywords, meta tags, and links.
  1. Be responsive. You have to be patient with the inquiries of interested buyers. Assure them that you will communicate with them for this could also avoid issues after the car has been acquired.

Great Features of Industry-Leading Auto Dealer Information System

There is an array of features found in a top-rated auto dealer software. Nonetheless, as much as possible, you should find the core capabilities in your choice of product. Before you hand over the cash to an auto dealer software provider, consider the presence of these modules first:

Inventory Management. You need to keep track of your vehicles for sale. There must be categories that would help you search for a car quickly, especially when clients inquire about it. Apart from manually putting in the information, the module must also work with barcode scanner, such as in recording the factory information of the car.

Aside from the cars you could sell, the inventory feature must also cover floor plans, contracts, vehicle costing, purchasing, and stock control or alerts.

Photo-Taking Application. There are systems that remind you to always put relevant pictures for your cars, which are also useful in expediting the search. The module must at least sync your mobile or camera to the system for image uploading.

In-House Financing. The system must have a financing module, which would assist you in preparing invoices and processing payments for customers. From this application, you should at least have the capability to print late notices, generate payment history, and draft invoices, among others. This feature must not only accept cash, but credit or debit cards as well. If there are loans related to the acquirement, the system must automatically generate the amount and balance for customers to be reminded.

Lease Management. This separate entity is helpful in customizing your contracts, printing lease forms, and creating letters to third party lenders or customers. The module also allows users to determine profit margins, payments, and adjustments for every deal. If you would like to achieve utmost convenience, maximize the application’s usage by utilizing its feature of monitoring late fees, payments, and history.

Unlimited Users. The system must accommodate numerous accounts, especially if you are planning to extend your branches nationwide or even worldwide. You will never know if your system will have to accommodate a global workflow. Along with the lack of restriction on the quantity of users, there must be security enforced, particularly in the access of each account.

You need reports so you could evaluate if your business is doing well. The documentation generated must not only pertain to sold vehicles, but also to the performance of your company in a certain period. There must be a summary of profit and loss, maintenance requests, as well leases.

You should look for an auto dealership solution that is accessible from any platform as long as there is internet access. Most systems that could be deployed in the cloud have the said advantage. Even if you are not in your office, you would be able to process payments and modify vehicle records. If you prefer, you may even conduct an auction online.

Free Trial or Demo. You should find a system provider that would allow you to experience using the system without paying first. This gives you the edge to determine if it is the right system for your business. Trial also gives you the advantage of determining whether the product is easy-to-use or comprehensible for most of your staff.

Start Evaluating High-Performing and Reliable Auto Dealer Systems

Your auto dealer software comparison is more effective if you will weigh highly efficient systems. Given below are three applications you could begin with, which may live up to your standards:

Flynax Classifieds Software. This application is set for small to mid-sized businesses. The feature-rich solution could give you the advantage of setting a classifieds site with marketing power. If you want to advertise your cars and sell more vehicles in a short period of time, Flynax will give you a flexible solution.

The software provider can optimize your websites and mobile applications with powerful functionality. Among its key features are tabbed quick search, body style search, and monetization. Flynax can also enable your selling platform to integrate with over a dozen of payment gateways. In just a few clicks, you could monetize your website.

AutoDealer Plus. This software is also ideal for small and mid-scale dealerships. It could be deployed both in your local server or cloud. The top features of the product are centered on better sales. Its primary modules cover sales tax calculator, credit reports, NADA integration, laser sales contracts, and zip code lookup. The application will also allow you to schedule appointments, get website leads, and keep customers engaged with SMS and e-mail marketing.

BitBeater. This automobile solution is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses dealing with used cars. Its top features include customer management, inventory monitoring, and payment gateways. BitBeater can also generate contracts and forms in hard copies. It is a web-based solution that can be set up in as short as three minutes.

Apart from the best auto dealer software reviews given above, you are free to check out other applications ideal for small to mid-sized firms. has diverse set of reviews of auto dealer software, which you could compare and contrast based on your criteria.

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