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How Auto Dealer Software Contributes to the Success of Your Business

How Auto Dealer Software Contributes to the Success of Your Business

To make your auto dealership business successful, you need to be able to manage all aspects of running such business. That means you can take care of the back-office process like accounting, sales, marketing, parts, services, inventory and a lot more. All these procedures take so much time and use a lot of man-hours doing it.  And not only that, this actually slows down the growth of your business and takes money out of your profit leaving you most of the time only breaking even or broke. But there is a solution to this problem, and what you need to do is to streamline the method of how you process tasks by automating your organization and management system.

The key to efficiently perform these rather complex tasks is through the help of a tool that a business like an auto dealership can use to help solve management problems and decisions making and customer relations by modernizing and simplifying the way you manage all of your business operations. With the adaptation of such kind of solution, you will now be able to cut down the cost of operations and turn it into profit, which will enable you to further grow your business. And the solution, to be specific, is a software package designed to handle the management requirements of a business. And since you are running an auto dealership, then what you need to do is acquire the best auto dealer software that is designed according to the specific needs of your business.

What is Auto Dealer Software?

Auto dealer software (ADS) is a part and parcel of the most commonly known dealership management software (DMS).  DMS is a software bundle that is packed with management solution built to automate and assist the operation of dealerships of motorcycles, boats, specialized vehicles, recreational vehicles (RVs), trucks, heavy equipment as well as automotive.

ADS meanwhile, is nothing different than that, except that this software package has been developed in close partnership with auto dealers and software providers to give much focus and to be specifically designed to fully optimize the handling of all automotive dealership.

Auto dealer software is an all-in-one technology that applies a comprehensive set of tools designed to help you automate the way you manage your auto dealerships’ back-office processes by combining staff skills, product knowledge and the day-to-day management processes and contain it in a single software package that can be accessed by your management team through your business’ network of computers or the currently popular mobile devices giving you access anytime and anywhere.

How is This Software Going to Help Grow Your Business?

To further help you to understand how ADS will help in growing your business, you must take into consideration all the processes that are taking place in running the management of a business, and these are, accounting management, sales and marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), human resource and inventory management. The management of these different processes and functions that take place in the back-office of your business are more than important than just having a fancy showroom.

Streamlining all these processes can be done with the help of ADS because this software centralizes the collection of all necessary data, making it easier to sort, analyze and process all data entry. In this way, it will also improve efficiency, productivity and cut costs that are not needed in the process, as having an ADS in your system will automate and modernize the traditional management processes that are once done manually. These processes could all be done in your company’s network of computers. In these days, with the advancement of technology, you can also incorporate mobile devices as your management and communication tool. This collaboration of all factors, integrated into a single package allows you to be on top of the overall management of your business.

Further, the implementation of this software in your dealership business will bring other benefits and advantages that are useful and will bring significant improvements in all aspects of your business. ADS is ultimately a software that will modernize product ordering, invetory management, sales and customer tracking, dealer networking and communication among other car dealers within your network.   A lot of the more popular ADS providers provide comapanies the opportunity to correspond all over their dealer networks while at the same time preventing inconsistencies and inaccuracies that could severely affect their capacity to provide high-standard services.

Aside from these things, most ADS provides functions that allow you to buy, sell and trade units; monitor detailed unit history; track units through all of its interactions; book in-workhop jobs; log time for engineers and report productivity and efficiency as well as import price files.  When using an effective one, you will experience these benefits that will essentially help you further grow your autodealership business.

What are the Important Features of ADS?

It is relatively important that you know what the software’s key features are and its importance so that you will able to fully exploit and use all of its functions.  Below are some of the major features that most of the ADS software in the market provide:

  1. Inventory Management. This enables you to quickly and efficiently focus and control ordering and reordering products.  It is likewise the practice of overseeing and controlling quantities of units for sale that gives you more flexibility to market and manage your vehicles.  The convenience and workflow that this feature provides, helps eliminate stress and allows you the time to focus on other operation needs
  1. Deal Management. This allows you to negotiate consistent and profitable prices and deals without deviating from your current pricing policies.  Using ADS reduces the possibility of profit margin loss and it increases transparency of profitability and the approval process of required sales quotations.
  1. Payment Processing. With this feature you are provided with the capacity to automate payment transactions between you and your customers by verifying, accepting or declining credit card transactions through a secure internet connection.
  1. Using ADS you will be able to automatically produce statements that disclose your company’s financial status to your investors and the government.
  1. Customer Relations Management. This feature is vital for your business as this lets you handle your company’s relationship with your customers. In the auto sales industry, maintaining customer relationship, satisfaction and loyalty is a significant factor for dealers as this provides dealerships a viable advantage within the market.

Most ADS that have a CRM feature maintains a database where all the information about dealership’s customers is stored.  With this, you will be able to analyze these data to find out the current trend of sales and how business is doing in general. These information aids the dealer to get a grasp of what your customer needs.

With this function you will be able to improve the management of all your sales opportunities; adapt to the customers’ preferred communication media; increase sales through more efficient lead follow up; identify cross sell opportunities by mining your data; have higher service department absorption rate; create targeted marketing campaigns to get a greater marketing return of investment; and have the ability to track and schedule customer appointments.

  1. Dealer Website. With mobile devices like smartphones and tablets being the latest trend nowadays, it is important that your website has the ability to efficiently perform using these platforms. Your website should offer the perfect level of functionality so as to prevent having an overcrowded website that essentially makes it difficult to browse.  Unnecessary features like outdated information should immediately be taken down as this can pose significant problems in the long run.  Your website ideally should have stock alerts, save and compare feature, advanced search option, service quotation tool, custom sashes and information on similar vehicles functionality.
  1. Online Marketing. This is an essential aspect of automotive marketing as the online world is continuously changing.  This suggests that you need to be kept informed of latest trends in the market.  It is likewise important that you connect with your customers through a number of various methods of communication in order to deliver outstanding customer service.

With the help of this you will be able to effectively connect with online leads, who are your potential sales contact and clients who are conveying their interest in availing of your products and services.

Also, this highlight allows you to keep your social media pages up to date, provide useful auto dealership marketing resources, use automated marketing to personalize marketing campaigns, respond to online feedback promptly, gather feedback easily

Having defined what auto dealer software is and its importance in driving the success of your business, you will be able to decide what things you are going to look out for when picking a solution for you.

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