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Hotel Management Software: How to Use it With a Remarkable Output

Hotel Management Software: How to Use it With a Remarkable Output

Roles of Hotel Management Software

Hotel management software is built to optimize hotel operations. It makes hotel management easier to help increase the number visitors in the hotel and manage the business effectively. It also allows every hotel to deliver a great hotel experience to every customer. Every traveler wants to have a convenient and hassle-free experience, starting from the process of hotel reservations up to the actual stay in the hotel. The traditional process of reserving a room through phone calls has been transformed to an online platform. Every customer can now reserve a room with the use of the internet because the online platform of completing reservations is under the umbrella of hotel management roles.

There are a lot of advantages in using hotel management software aside from the leverage in the hotel’s profit; it also contributes to the optimization of the hotel’s operation such as check-in and check-out, assignment of rooms, billing, inventories, and check-in and check-out. All these details are stored in the hotel management software for future uses. The software can show these details in real-time to give a clear picture of what’s the current standing of the hotel’s operation. In this way, the management can immediately identify the problems and implement an immediate solution to resolve those issues.

According to the article written by Leonard Worthy, a hotel management software has core functions. He mentioned that hotel management has four core functions: property management system, capacity for global distribution, online booking engine or portal, and hotel audit and accounting manager. Property management is the key foundation of a hotel’s operation as it focuses on the management of every hotel transaction. Capacity for global distribution is also a major function of hotel management software. This core function allows every traveler across the world to know about the existence of your hotel. There are travelers abroad who might want to stay in your hotel and it is a big help to achieve immediate expansion for your business.

Furthermore, the online booking engine portal helps both customers and hotel management to save time and complete every reservation transaction with less hassle. This makes it possible for the hotel management to avoid missing out on prospective clients because this engine completes the reservation process within 24 hours. You will never miss even a single customer unlike in the traditional way of reservation through phone calls. There are always possibilities of missing phone calls that are prompting in your desk, but with this function, you don’t have to worry because the reservation process will be hosted by this engine.

Lastly are the hotel audit and accounting manager which allows every hotel to maintain competitive prices in the hotel industry. This core function also allows hotel management to set exclusive rates which are loved by every traveler. You can read the complete article about the tips on maximizing the features of hotel management software at

Common Misconception About Hotel Management Software

There are many concerns that are commonly being raised by hotel owners. According to Deborah Crawford, General Manager of Boarders Inn & Suites at Traverse City in Michigan, the top five problems of every hotel owner are labor, revenue, cost control, customer satisfaction, and cleanliness. These five problems are all common concerns of most hotel owners and no doubt affect the level of productivity and service of their business. Out of these five problems, three can be resolved by hotel management software. These are revenue, cost control, and customer satisfaction. The common misconception about hotel management software is that most of the hotel owners think that if they use this system, all the problems they are encountering will be covered.

One of the advantages in using hotel management software is the ability to increase your usual revenue. You no longer have to use expensive media platforms just to market your hotel because with the right hotel management software, it will be advertised to the right people. The system will deliver the details of your hotel to those people who are looking to stay near your area. The hotel management software has this feature of connecting every customer to the details of your hotel. Hotel management software also allows you to control the rates of your room within your hotel. The competition in the hotel industry is becoming tighter and many hotels are offering promos and exclusive rates to particular travelers to attract more customers. The system can easily generate a report and compare the current ratings of competitors that will help every hotel owner to keep healthy competition. The cost of every room can be controlled by the management without sacrificing the company’s revenue. There are times that management does not know that they are already losing money because their rates are no longer up to date. It is important to keep an eye on the latest trend in the hotel industry to keep your business in the loop of the competition.

The last problem that can be resolved by the system is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction begins with the booking process. If they encounter issues and inconveniences with the hotel’s service of booking rooms, this impression might last. The moment that the customer tries to reserve a room for his or her vacation trip, it is necessary to assure that the process will flow conveniently and accurately.

There are some hotel management systems that allows customers to complete a room reservation transaction online. Customers no longer have to call and reserve a room but they can accomplish their request by visiting a certain hotel reservation website. There are several websites and applications online for hotel and room reservations. This host promotes equality as it is available to every small hotel owner and even large hotel companies. The hotel management software connects the details of every available room inside your hotel to the application or website so customers can easily find your hotel and what it has to offer.

How to Turn the Features of Hotel Management Software into Benefits

Hotel management software is also known as hotel enterprise resource planning. The increasing number of data to manage in the hotel industry made a way for the development of hotel enterprise resource planning. Hotel ERP has a host of useful features such as automation for repetitive tasks which enables the management to reduce staffing costs. It promotes smooth workflow as it reduces human errors when completing hotel transactions. Some of the repetitive functions that do not need human labors are operations such as reservation and booking, HR, banquet finance, housekeeping details, quality, security, energy, material, inventory management, and much more.

A good hotel management software must also be concerned with the wants and the needs of every customer. The software can help in lessening the number of unnecessary things inside the room by providing the details about the least and the top priorities of customers. The management can then generate a conclusion of which items inside the room need to be prioritized and which items need to be disposed. This results to savings on expenses in the part of the hotel owners. This will also result to a better hotel experience for every customer because they will enjoy all the things that they have inside the hotel.

Another feature of the hotel ERP is the integration of advertisements through social media. Social media is the biggest platform when it comes to connecting every person across the world. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Viber, Snapchat, and other social media platforms have invaded every nation. Who else does not have an account on Facebook? I bet the majority of the population in the world has a Facebook account. It simply shows that advertising a certain service or product within the social media is a big hit. It is now easier to turn independent hotels to becoming phenomenal through the use of hotel ERP software. Small business owners can take advantage of social media to promote their hotels and rooms for travelers. But it can be easier to market your hotel when you use ERP because it automatically brings your advertisement to the right people.

There are many ways to compare hotel management software from one another. There are several systems who are claiming that they are the best hotel management software in the market but it can be deceiving. The truth about being the best hotel management software is to know the benefits that it offers. You must first determine the benefits that the software can bring to your business. Purchasing hotel management software is costly and it is a big investment but it is worth it when you maximize the features of this software into your business. To help you decide which will be the best hotel management software for your hotel, you can check the reviews of existing customers about the best hotel management software at

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