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Guide to PPC Bid Management: From the Basics to the Advanced


Guide to Bid Management From the Basics to the Advanced 1

This is for this year’s series of Heroes of pay-per-click (PPC) thought about using the basics, but it comes with a modification. We will be undertaking every single typical best way of bidding and advertising, and keywords will always be on the list. Of course, we will also give most of our best individual insights regarding everything that actually works and what does not and the things that you may use on your own business accounts.

The most important thing you should know about the word PPC is about the management of bidding. It is built on the foundation of every PPC and some of the stuff that you have to change to get a direct and obvious impression on your company’s review and ranking results. There are so many ways to analyze and manage your bids that it can get overwhelming. We are going to tackle some of these different ways, suggest what you should try based on your PPC goals, and suggest some advanced techniques for stepping up your bid management strategy.

The Basics

We will quickly give the basics for not everyone has been PPC superstars (yet!). PPC bidding is the moment when a business owner set the maximum price that he is going to give for the people who are clicking your advertisements. The said method of bidding needs you to compensate only if when a clicker is into your advertisement and wants to learn more.

The cost per impressions (CPM) is the moment you compensate for every group of hundreds of your advertisements instead of disbursing for the amount of clicks you receive. You should know that bidding usingCPM is good for products awareness instead of a direct reply or going traffic towards your company site.

The cost per acquisition (CPA) bidding is also obtainable through the use of Conversion Optimizer AdWords. This PPC bidding software will allow its user to set the total amount the user would like to compensate in every conversion by requiring either a max CPA or your goal CPA for every advertisement group. This will allow the Conversion Optimizer to give you the best possible translations for your company budget in your maximum or your goal CPA. It is the best option if your target is on conversions.

The enhanced pay-per-click (EPPC) is a kind of bidding management software that increases your company bid for every click that may direct you to an exchange. This is the “bastard” of CPC and CPA bidding. You must still set your bids in CPC, but then, the AdWords will increase your business bids by 30% if and only if it sees that the clicks may direct you towards conversion.

Bidding Strategies

We would like to give you the reasons why every kind of management for PPC bidding software will be very helpful in the said section above, but first, let us give you more details with the strategies behind every PPC management bidding for a direct reply goals for this is one of the most usual kind of PPC that every owner has to deal with.

You have to deal with PPC even just for a moment until you reach the time that you have enough data for conversion. Before you think about going to another kind of PPC bidding, Google released a list of the best practices you could ever use for the translation optimizer. All you need is at least 15 legit conversions for a month to be qualified, but Google recommends collecting conversions before enabling PPC or CPA bidding. So you are going to need a good PPC management until the time you are at the point where you have a lot of data.

One good blog post is trying to instruct you the process of examining the PPC bids of your business. It is stated here that PPC bids are simply based on the uses of tables for pivot. This is the best way to examine your business PPC bids indeed. The PPC bidding will give you a bird’s eye view of the whole progress to see the position that will lead your business to the maximum conversion capacity within ROAS or even the limits of your business CPA.

You see, the software is so flexible that it will enable you to adjust your PPC bids consequently. If you will find an average location of 2.5–3.0, then, this is the best gross revenue and conversion volume, and you have to examine your PPC data to know what your average PPC is for the position and regulate the data until you see that you are in the position range you desire. Do not forget to bookend the changes you proposed. Now, this will give you the motive to look for the possible changes you made since the beginning. You must know every change you make because it will be added to your business account.

Some people may hate to experience that they are copping out, so there is a great post on PPC bidding too. Generally, if a client wants to know more about controlling their CPA bidding but they also want that Google should be a hero and get their chances to have more data conversions that could be narrowed down by your business PPC, then, you should try using the EPPC. This is the guide on EPPC of Google that now includes the step-by-step directions for starting it up.

There may be a lot of strategies in bidding that you may use in order to be successful, but you must always remember that you could only use some of these strategies because not everything in it is applicable in your current situation. You must be wise in picking what strategy you will use because a lot of entrepreneurs still commit a mistake by simply choosing what strategy they are going to choose.

Bidding Management Ways

1. Rules of Automation

This is an article on how to use the rules of automation to mark the optimal advertisement positions, so check that thing out. In other words, you may set up everything from the simple to the most complicated PPC rules of bidding just to regulate your company’s PPC bids. Increase the bids by 5% once per keywords with a label of “finest at an average position of 2–2.5” (you will need to screen the label then just pick out the best keywords you may use). Get a position below 2.5. Increase your PPC bids about keywords that should get your CPA conversions under your business position goal and go to the position below 3.

Decrease your bids about keywords when they double the expenses on your PPC/CPA goals deprived of a conversion. There are so many things that you can do! In exploring and setting up the rules, you must click on the button that says “automate” and is located on your business keyword tab. There are a lot of ways you may use to automate your rules for PPC bidding management. We could clatter off all the possible samples all day. However, you must remember that when you have all the possible samples, check the business logs and set up possible solutions you could use. You may go and use the “wholesale operations” tab located on the left side of your navigation in order for you to see all your business logs. You may also set that thing up to get an automatic email that contains the changes you have made.

2. API Scripts

A post aboutAdWords using the automated changes in scripts just came out recently. AdWords scripts will let you make things automatically using JavaScript code. This will enable you to create, delete, or even edit stuff. It is much totally adjustable, and you are only restricted by your imagination and also the knowledge of the JavaScript.

Scripts do really work especially in a way that is very similar to rules that are automated. Instead of finding your way through setting up thousands of rules that are automated, you may also write some codes for you to do this. Sam created a good video blog guide that will now show you a direction on using scripts, and it will also show you how to use some of the cool ones too.

3. Software for Bid Management

There is a lot of software for bid management that are available out there. Mr. Sam also created a post that will give you ideas on how software for bid management is the next level of PPC. He said that generally, if you can see that you are saving more money than usual, then, this is the general effect of bid management. You should completely try and look for the top PPC bid management tools.

To get more information about reviews of PPC bid management tools, visit We have a collection of good and helpful tools and software on PPC bid management that you may use in your business.

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