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Growing your Business Through Social Media!

Growing your business through Social Media!

Social Media?


Are you having a great time over these social networking sites?

Yes, of course, we are all enjoying and spending most of our time networking, and we consider this as serious business.


The word business reminds of something, yeah, the whole world is busy networking and let us check out who is not there?

Probably, today there is hardly anyone who has not got a Facebook page signed up.

What does that mean?

It is evident that we all live in a world that is dominated by Social Media networks. Moreover, these form the backbones of our online business marketing.

Business Aim: To reach customers

Where do you think a business picks up its customers?

A sneak peek into history:

In those traditional old days, when there was a minimal or null usage of internet, the newspapers or TV commercials played an important role in creating an impact on the people.

But, as time passed, technology progressed, and we know the story.

Internet became a common thing in every household. And, now online shopping is the trend.

So, we need not say anything more.

Social media networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. are ruling the people’s hearts, and the fascinating part is that even sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are widely popular.

A common thing that can be observed is that people create accounts over these social media networking sites and then, don’t bother to check what’s happening or engage in with their customers, which is where you are failing.

But, there is a knack to connect with your customers on the social media networking sites.

You need to handle them with care. They are your most priced possession and remember you do not exist if your people take no interest in you.

So, what could we do to help our people and let them know that we are here?


Dedicate your eyes, ears, and mouth to Social Media.

Let them know you are here.

A simple tip before we explore the various parameters of social media for growing your businesses:

Start with a few blog posts

Make it a daily practice.

Focus on updating your status, but on a random basis.

The result would be a significantly impressive number of followers and fans falling in love with your business which will help your business to grow and conquer the skies.

Let’s not limit ourselves to the skies…think of setting footprints beyond that.

“Content” is the king and no Social media can help your business grow unless you have content that interests and engages your people.

There is no effective social media marketing unless there is content.

Follow the 3 step rule and you have the key to your customer’s heart:

  1. Keep your senses open. Hear.
  2. Talk. Answer their queries. Convey your message.
  3. Coax them to share your message.

If you have some interesting content, your audience will engage with you, and they will share it with the world which will take you to a new level of audience and from this point, there is no looking back.

So, now let’s get started with what works and what does not over the social media networking sites that will help your business to grow exponentially:

1. Dedication, identifying your goals and planning:

As we already discussed dedication is one of the most important things that works out in the social media world.

So, in any process or task, it is necessary that you draw a perfect picture of what you need to do and what your goals are.

Create a clear picture of what your needs are and what you are going to do to fulfill these.

Before you post or before you sit up and create a post, think of what good will it do. Examine across all possible parameters.

Think of whether it is going to convey your message to the right audience.

The next thing is to identify who your target audience is and the social media platform where they are active.

Yes, it’s a fact! Not all people are equally active on these social media platforms alike.

Your food lies in identifying where they are active most of the time. For instance, there are those people who are active on Facebook but never use Instagram or Twitter. So, if you try connecting with this category over Twitter or Insta, the response will be feeble.

So, identify where your people are active the most and then, target them!

2. Understanding and researching:

Now, you know who your audience is and which those platforms are where they are active most of the time.

The next step is to identify their needs.

Analyze and research where they are active most of the time. The kind of content that is capable of engaging them and here is an opportunity that you should not miss.

Grab the opportunity and provide your customers with answers to what they are searching for.

Create content that they want and once they find that you have got what they are looking for then, they will automatically reach your site for more.

3. Content is King:

We have already discussed the vital role that content plays in attracting customers. Of course, blog posts are one of the best ways of promoting content that matters to people.

But, when it comes to Social Media, the posts that you are sharing play an important role.

What is the importance of great content?

It will bring in more customers to your website and blog.

4. Humanizing:

Did you know humans had more impact on people over these robots? We all love talking to humans rather than imagining there is a face behind the screen.

And how do the people get to know that they are interacting with a human being and not a machine?

Social Media!!!

Interact with your people through the social media.

By interaction it doesn’t mean that you are going to post some article or provide a link to your article and wait there expecting your people to share or comment.

Then, that is not interaction.

When someone comments on your posts, respond back or give a reply whenever there is an inquiry. This will make them feel connected to you. It will create an urge in them to find out more about you.

Let them see who you are and they will connect with you.

5. Plan and strategize your Social Media activities:

To err is human and so is to forget.”

So, what do you do if you forget to inform your dear people of any upcoming events with regard to your business?

You cannot do anything because that is a failure on your part.

We are not here to fail. Our only objective is to succeed and make money.

It is important to notify your people about the upcoming events and all that are connected to your business. But, we are all humans and we have the tendency to commit blunders. It is not necessary that all these activities stay live in your mind when you are handling other tasks simultaneously.

Integrate your social media activities into a marketing calendar. You can strategize your blog posts, upcoming events and everything related to your business here, so that you can notify your people on time as and whenever these activities are scheduled.

It helps businesses to manage and deal their activities with ease. This is the secret ingredient that drives the success of many businesses.

6. Adding value:

You need to allure your people. It is impossible to attract their attention unless you offer them something valuable.

The question that they have in their mind is why should I trust you? Why should I do business with you?

Treat them with delight and offer them with something free.

Let them know why they should choose you.

You could offer them with a free book, short trial, discount code, or something as a gratitude for liking or following your page.

The result:

You will acquire a group of loyal customers who will stay in touch with you forever.

7. What’s the reason?

As we have already discussed your people need a reason for following you or for liking your page!

So, what are you going to tell them?

Provide them with interesting updates that will automatically create an urge in them to stay connected with you.

8. Each social media networks are different:

It is observed that when it comes to Social Media, businesses think that it can be ignored but, the truth is you cannot ignore them when your competitors are making it big through these social media sites.

You can share them individually by giving them whatever they are searching for.

9. Share with all:

They say that don’t share it with everyone unless they matter to your business. But, that is nonsense!

Everyone needs to know that you exist regardless of whether your business matters to them or not.

If they know about you, they will share and spread a word. This will take you to everyone and others will also fall in love with you.

10. Where are your icons?

How do you think your people know about your activity over these networking sites?

Share your icons on your website, and let your people know what you are doing.

Let them follow and like you and get notified whenever you make an update.

11. Listen and talk:

As we already discussed your people need to know you have a face and a voice. You are a human and capable of communicating.

So, whenever they post a comment in response to your posts, thank them or respond to them.

They will be happy.

It gives them a feel that you are reading their comments and keep them engaged.

12. Include social media icons in your Emails:

As we know Email Marketing plays an important role in digital marketing.

So, when you send them Emails, ensure to include your social media icons in these.

It will increase their curiosity and they will want to know more about you.

13. Always maintain a decent consistency:

It is necessary that you keep a consistent flow while posting and sharing your articles.

Do not post less or too much.

Maintain a decent consistency when you are posting blogs.

14. How do you plan to handle the customer complaints?

It might happen at times that you will get a customer complaint on your website. How do you deal with it?


Always stay alert and respond immediately. Never make it late.

It will satisfy your customers and they will be happy for choosing you.

15. Hashtagging:

Hashtags are a trend these days.

And, you can observe that there are hardly any posts without these.

So, put up hash tags whenever you are posting.

But, do not overcrowd your posts with these.

16. Social Media sites and websites! Are they connected?

It is necessary that you connect your website with your social media profiles where your people are active.

Let them know you have a face over the social media sites.

Include the social media icons on your website.

17. There are no limitations:

You have no limitations when it comes to social media networking.

You might think that having an account over Facebook or Twitter or maybe LinkedIn is sufficient.

Explore all possibilities and find out where your people and your customers are networking and target it.

Do not set your goals to just one or two but beyond all that. Take a step ahead and help your people. It helps in building relationships and taking your business far and wide.

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Vipin Nayar

Vipin Nayar

Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at Acodez IT Solutions
Vipin Nayar is the Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at Acodez IT Solutions. A social media, SEO and SEM expert with over 5 years' experience in online marketing, helps clients enhance their online presence and open up new business avenues. Keeping in step with social media trends, he uses his keen insight into customer behaviour to formulate innovative strategies that succeed.
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