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Globally Trusted IoT App Development Companies To Consider

Here you can go with the Seasoned IoT players you can count on for your IoT app development

The term IoT – Internet of Thing was far fetching a few years back but definitely not now. The IoT technology is being adopted by brands which have common people as end-users which has made it a bit familiar and set the mood for consumers to embrace it.

IoT Internet of Things

Apart from manufacturing, energy, IoT app development has found its purpose and use in industries which interact with people on a day to day basis like automobile, healthcare, finance, home appliances and much more.

“Cisco estimates that by 2020 at least 4.9 Billion devices will become connected.”

This scenario has spread the market wide open for IoT based apps. Technology companies have started gearing up in all angles to render IoT app development for a diversified range of purposes. The recent past has seen many players probing into Iot development market.

To find a reliable player in such a growing domain of mobile connected-devices technology is certainly hard and here is where the relevance of this blog prevails. Continue reading to find out the globally trusted IoT app development companies who have the expertise to deliver your IoT app project with sheer quality.

1. Softeq – IoT App Development Firm


Softeq Iot App Development

Equipped by 200+ employees and headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, Softeq is a information technology company that that extends its IT services to IoT app development in Hardware, M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT integration with existing web and mobile infrastructure.

Softeq provides an integrated and comprehensive connected solutions combining its ideas in wearables and Big Data. Social integration, Big Data Analytics and integrations in ERP and CRM makes Softeq IoT solution one of the one-stop solution for IoT needs of any scale.

2. Contus – IoT Strategy Consulting


Contus Iot App Development Company

Contus is a digital transformation company driven by a SMAC approach which is headquartered in India with operational wings in California, Georgia and UAE.

The company’s expertise in IoT dates back to 2012 with automobile being the first industry it has served. Since then, Contus is into building IoT applications for brands from healthcare, human safety, medicine, energy, manufacturing and construction.

With expertise in connectivity technologies like BLE 4.0, Wi-Fi, geo-fencing, micro-fencing (using Beacons) and wearable devices, Contus has overcome connectivity barriers that ensures seamless connectivity between devices used and accuracy in data transfers.

Contus’ IoT consulting includes the strategic advice needed for a brand or business to leverage on the technology to build feasible and practically user-friendly apps on native iOS, Android and cross-platform apps.

3. MTOAG – IoT App Development Company


MTOAG Iot App Development Services

MTOAG is one of the IoT app development companies into the IT space for more than 7 years since its inception. Present at India, UK and Canada, MTOAG holds a skillset of 140+ seasoned developers in various programming languages and evolving technologies like wearables, IoT, BLE etc.,

MTOAG takes care of has exclusive expertise in bringing in cloud solutions and analytics system that any IoT based app or business model would require for hosting, scalability, data retrieval and user analysis in IoT app development.

4. HQSoftwarelab – IoT Development


HQSoftwarelab Iot App Development Services

HQSoftwarelab renders IoT in android & Ios smart mobiles and services for B2B and B2C purposes. HQSoftwarelab Iot App development provides enterprise adopters their technical expertise to develop IoT iOS apps, IoT Android apps and multiple other platforms for different purposes like increasing functional capabilities and improving the quality of their technologies like scalability, and security.

Located at New York City and Tallinn, Estonia, HQSoftwarelab makes use of ready-made, pre-built platforms that reduces the investment capital and time to market. Their IoT integration services offered through a team of 47 professionals, covers data availability across the entire enterprise connecting the ERP, CRM with IoT.

5. Techahead – IoT App Solutions


Techahead Iot App Development Firm

Techahead is an established company in mobile app development which is rapidly expanding its portfolio of services in building IoT applications on iOS, Android and smart devices like home appliances and wearables.

Techahead, since 2014, has started its IoT service rendering using connectivity technologies like s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Near Field Communication (NFC), ZigBee and more for 30+ IoT projects hailing from industries like smart cities, home automation and healthcare.

6. Nextbrain – IoT Development Services


Nextbrain Iot App Development Solution

Nextbrain is a Bangalore, India based IoT solution provider that solves challenges in empowering resources for business efficiency and lowering operational cost. Nextbrain focuses on POS based IoT apps that helps retailers combine and analyze data from different resources.

Nextbrain extends its IoT development services to 24/7 support that focuses on ensuring that your systems are up and running all the time or whenever needed. Security systems for monitoring purposes, fleet management, asset management and home automation are the other areas which the company renders IoT solutions for.

7. Stanfy – IoT Devices Development


Stanfy Iot Mobile App Development

A 10-year-old software engineering firm in the market, Stanfy has immense experience developing disruptive IoT ios apps and is also into IoT android app development which has earned it a place in esteemed online journals and tech magazines like TechCrunch, ABC News, Forbes and more.

Stanfy focuses on providing IoT development services on connected wearable, smart devices via Bluetooth connectivity and other smart appliances connected through Wi-Fi. The cloud part which acts as data storage and secured information repository is also taken care by engineers at Stanfy.

8. Folio3 – IoT Development Company


Folio3 Iot Mobile App Development

Folio3 has been building IoT experiences for the mobile app industry and the rapidly growing wearable devices. Adding to this, Folio3 is probing into the space of IoT in home automation. The company’s IoT expertise includes app prototyping, maintenance and support.

The company guarantees a bug-free development solutions that covers application designing, UI and UX for wearable apps, testing and development. Custom IoT apps, enterprise wearable apps and social media apps are the domains in which Folio3 has rendered deliverables so far.

9. Appinventiv – Iot App Developers


Appinventiv Iot Mobile App Development

Appinventiv, with a global presence spread across USA, France, Germany and India sub continent, develops IoT apps for various industries through a home-conceptualized approach of communication, control and automation and cost savings.

The company makes use of WiFi, Bluetooth and 2G/3G/4G as the communication technologies depending on factors like range, data exchange requirements, power and security levels. Appinventiv is also into home automation applications and wide area IoT-based services.

10. Polidea – Iot Mobile App Development


Appinventiv Iot Mobile App Development

Polidea has a vast pool of coding talent which is seasoned in providing IoT technology solutions that are connected to the daily lives of people. Be it a standard wearable device, a new innovation, or any other hardware, Polidea has the expertise to create connectivity with its coding and connectivity skills.

From sports tracking devices, health monitoring to home automation products, Polidea renders Firmware development, connectivity and integration services to make your ideas happen.

Knowing what’s in the plate before having it would delight for sure and this is what we have done. These IoT solution providers are handpicked based on their niche-expertise, projects delivered, customer reviews and testimonials. Hope this could help a great deal.

Well, that concludes our list of IoT app development companies who are trusted by businesses of all sizes on a global scale. Guess this could help your search in finding the right IoT technology companies for your connected technology based innovation.

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