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How To Get More App Development Contracts Than Others

Due to its numerous benefits, mobile apps are in high demand. Hence, there are so many app developers. It has made the profession highly competitive. Getting a contract might be a little difficult but with the few tips below, you can outwit other mobile app developers and get several contracts.

Competitive Charges

It is quite important to conduct a research to find out how much other developers are charging. Find out the average charges and make yours slightly lower. This will attract clients more. This market research should be a regular exercise. This is because your other competitors may be doing the same thing. So, some of them may also drop their charges below yours.

However, you should not reduce your prices much below average. It may become counter-productive. Instead of attracting clients, it will scare them away as they will see it as a sign of inexperience and that you may end up delivering low quality jobs.

Work for an App Developing Company

As a new individual app developer, nobody will allow you to practice with their job. Once they find out that you are fresh and new, they will move on to another developer. Generally, clients appreciate experience. They are ready to pay for it but they won’t allow you to start with their jobs. So, it is better to work for a developing company where you can gain some experience before either becoming a partner or pulling out completely.

Another way out of the catch22 situation is to negotiate with your clients to allow you to finish their job and they pay you only if they like it. With that condition, a lot of clients might decide to give you a chance. If it works, you can continue like that until you are well established.

Get a Physical Office

A lot of clients are skeptical about giving contracts to developers without confirming their physical office. So, it will be a big minus for you if you don’t have a physical office. If you can’t afford to rent an apartment for an office, why not use part of your residential apartment as your office? This will assure clients that you can’t disappear with their money.

Get Registered

While a lot of developers operate without a license, it is more advisable to get registered and listed. This will help to reinforce your brand and boost your credibility. Besides, big clients will not patronize a non-registered app developer no matter how good he is.

Better Turnaround Time

It is better to find out how long it takes to develop an app on the average. You might try to develop yours a little faster. For instance, if it takes an average of 20 days to develop a particular kind of app, you might strive to deliver yours in 15 days or less. This is another way to attract clients. The quicker the turnaround time you offer the better for you.

Join Several Online Communities About App Development

To establish yourself as an authority, you need to participate in as many app development forums as possible. You should participate regularly. The more you contribute in the discussion the more you establish yourself as an authority especially if you proffer a lot of solutions to app development problems there. Other participants will ask for your contact.

Offer Free Consultation

It is also a good idea to offer free consultation to prospective clients. This will provide an opportunity for you to dazzle your clients with your knowledge and expertise in the field.

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