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The Future Trends of Loyalty Programs

Nowadays, customers are really smart and often tend to choose wisely while looking for services that offer quick solutions. All they want is personalized brand experiences that cater all their needs efficiently and effectively. For any business to keep going, having a bunch of loyal and satisfied customers is enough. One of the most significant ways that help in maintaining customers is the use of loyalty programs. In order to move along with the constant changes in users’ demands, most of the marketing executives are struggling to come up with loyalty programs that will retain the customers.

Why Are Loyalty Solutions Needed?

In a survey conducted recently, 65% of the CMO Council agreed that using Loyalty Programs for Customers is necessary for successful marketing. Customers use loyalty programs for reasons like for saving money, receiving rewards, earning rewards and other purposes. The main motive of the loyalty rewards is to help in retaining the old customers and attracting new ones towards their business. Some of the benefits that loyalty solutions can help are:

  • Helps in boosting the reputation of the company
  • Provides benefits to both existing loyal customers & new ones
  • Increases sales as customers gets what they want through rewards
  • Maintains a healthy relationship between customers & company
  • 5% investment on loyalty programs leads to 30-100% profit/customer

Future Scope of Loyalty Programs

Customers no longer like the traditional loyalty solutions that reward them after the completion of purchase. They are looking for instant benefits offering rewarding shopping experiences. However, the untold strategy of using loyalty rewards is that users are getting rewarded only for spending money on their products. The future of loyalty programs is now more inclined to make life easier for customers by offering what they are looking for based on their past behaviors, rather than focusing on push marketing.

Here are some of the top future trends of Loyalty Programs that should be kept in mind:

  • Points are no longer effective

The old loyalty schemes that are based on collecting points and redeeming them for purchase later is no longer exciting and effective for customers. Instead, they are looking for new e-commerce trends that are associated with missions or rewards that provide a new way of interacting with the company.

  • Need for frequent interaction

Previously, the occasional interaction between the customers and the brand was enough. However, recent studies believe that weekly or even daily interactions are necessary for the loyalty of the customers. It is advisable that brands put more hard work and effort in making better and frequent interactions with the users.

  • Instant Rewards & Feedbacks

The future of loyalty programs is mainly based on real-time gratification and diversity that works to provide instant rewards as well as real-time feedbacks. Users are no longer interested in waiting until they can redeem the rewards after the purchase of the goods, especially if the rewards can be redeemed online and in a store.

It is very obvious that loyalty programs are not only necessary to improve the company recognition but also to provide a better digital shopping experience to the customers. A leading firm for Web Development California has expertise in delivering loyalty solutions that have been proved as one of the most effective marketing strategies that help in retaining loyal customers of different brands.

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