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Four Home Security Software That Tackle Theft Completely


Theft has been a very common offence in our society. While properties worth millions are being carted away on daily basis, there is need to have a system(surveillance) that captures theft scenes  to reduce stealing properties and apprehending those who committed these heinous crimes.

Technology, an helper in finding solutions to men’s problems, has lend a hand in proffering solutions at different point in time, however, it could be said that none among the solutions proffered has curtailed theft like surveillance camera.

Day by day, different home security has been engineered to reduce this societal menace, while there are shortcomings and glories, modifications have been garnered toward perfecting surveillance in offices and homes.

While security software may not be for keeping burglars away alone, it may be used in keeping eyes on your employees, your environment and even your home to understand what is going on.

In this regard, different security software have been programmed to standardise this system, these software have different potentials that you may not be aware of. To keep you inundated of the capacities of these software, here are some home security software you may not know exist with awesome advantages.

1. iSpy

iSpy is an open source security intelligence software that keep absolute watch on your homes and office whilst away.

The idea revolves round hooking up an IP camera or a webcams, and activating iSpy on the go. With this software, you can control and monitor your cameras, with believe that if any intruder enters your homes or offices, framegrabs will alert you by sending a message to your mobile and at the same time uploading a recorded video of the scene to a privately accessed Youtube channel.

Through iSpy, you can monitor your home offices and worker by spying on them to check if they are up and doing. Different home security system reviews highlighted that this software is awesome despite being an open source package.

2. Sighthound

Sighthound stands out among security camera software people use in homes and offices, in the sense that it is loaded with artificial intelligence programs that can differentiate intruding animals from humans.

When the software, upon connection with IP cameras, senses humans, it alerts immediately via email and mobile sms. Government and private agencies, and large companies that need adequate security measures in their environment seek the software.


ContaCam is another free video surveillance software that has the tendency of converting your PC into a security surveillance system.You can specify the time you want the software to record in case of any intruder. The software is ideal for use in areas where security intelligence does require too sophisticated expertise, however, it is getting tangible futures every time. It is easy to use and install with simple tricks and functions that you can leverage on, anytime.

4.Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirror has a unique feature, it does its recording when motion is sensed. The software is designed to give room for sound recording at the same time, a feature that is peculiar to sophisticated security software.

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