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Find Out Why Having a Catering Software Is Good for Your Business

Find Out Why Having a Catering Software Is Good for Your Business

Keeping in mind that a no-compromise high-quality catering service is provided,  you tend to  get exhausted. This keeps you on doing your same old system that not only consumes lot of your time but also eats up a lot of your energy. This will not only make you feel exhausted, but it will also deplete your profits. Therefore, costing you big chunks of money.

If you are getting through a difficult time in the aforementioned aspects, then it is already time to streamline your system. These are actually signs that your business is growing. It is time for you to make changes on your system so that you can  effectively manage and organize the flow of your operations. It will result in providing high-quality catering service that your customer demands.  Using a catering software will manage and upgrade your business since it is a significant key that will unlock its maximum potential.

What are the Features of Catering Software?

Having a catering software is a popular choice for most catering companies. This tool is used to help sort out the challenging aspects of managing a catering business, making it easy and almost trouble-free. This software is packed with different operation management systems such as:

  1. Resource Management. It’s a module that will efficiently and effectively assign and deploy all yourresourceswhen operating catering services. Such resources may include financial resources, inventory, human resources, production resources, or information. Some resource management module has an integrated conflict-checking feature that displays warnings for whatever resource related problem. You may already have these issues or had encountered, such as shortages in supply or personnel. Stay out of trouble by keeping the flow of your operation smoothly and non-stop.
  2. Catering Management. Whether you are managing a catering service at your own venue or other venues, and even catering deliveries, this will allow you to effectively organize and provide your services. With this module, you can create a new menu or copy and edit an existing one. The range of detail is based on services and items you can provide.
  1. Beverage Management. Creating configurations of beverage package that you will include in catering is easy with this feature. It can be a host bar or a cash bar setup or whatever you prefer. Prices can be set in a variety of ways as well.
  2. Staffing Requirements. This feature will save you from understaffing or overstaffing your operation. Managing a catering service will be easy as it provides you with the right information you need when deploying staff. It includes important information such as the number of personnel, the designated and required skills. It all depends upon the requirement of your bookings and this feature will automatically process all of that for you.
  3. Package Management. It is usually easier to get your customers’ interests if you are already offering a pre-defined-package that they can choose from. It allows them to gauge their options from what you are offering and what they need. Having this feature gives you the ability to create packages that are right for the price. You can collect all the information that other modules generate. Afterward, use it as a basis for creating packages that are both beneficial to you and your customers.
  4. Attendee Module. This module is specialized to manage and organize your attendees. This automatically put tags or labels on your guests they register. It designates them while tracking their function and seating arrangements. Some attendee modules come with a Smart List with Floor Planning feature. Having these features integrated into your system is a big bonus. Preparation is everything if you want to deliver quality service and don’t want to get into trouble or get an undesirable result. Having this ability to organize and arrange guests according to the clients’ preferences reflects your professional image. Get everything organized in order to have a smooth operation.
  5. Invoicing and Payments. This is an integral part of the system which is why most packages include this module. You can create monthly or periodic invoices with ease, whenever you need them. More importantly, this module is also integrated with other modules. It uses the information they generate and automatically create invoices.
  6. Sales Management. This feature keeps you aware of the market opportunities. Giving you targets and tracking down leads to convert into clients. The integration that this module has with other modules allows it to be more precise in giving you the ideal market to work with. The key in doing that is its ability to analyze inquiries, reports, and transactions data. However, the data must be recorded in the system, especially the ones from the Customer Relation Management (CRM) module.
  7. Offline/Online Booking Inquiries, Reservations, and Payments. Managing inquiries and reservations is made easy with this module. Its features would allow you to save time by automating all the processes of inquiries and reservation tasks. Give immediate quotation, booking form, handle modification and even cancellations. This feature also allows you to avoid conflicts in the schedule when booking guest with the up-to-date booking system. Payments transactions are also made easier and faster with the integrated online payment system.
  8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The main function of this system is to gather various customer information from customer interactions. It includes communication logs, inquiries, past transactions, customer feedbacks, emails, and social media. The system stores it in the database for analysis to give you a better understanding of the operation and how to tap this market. The automation it offers makes it easier for you to determine how you are performing in the market.
  9. Safe Data Storage. This is one of the things you must look for in your software package. Remember, you are operating a business and everything that brings you money is something you need to keep safe. Same goes for your data. You must be ensured that the data storage of your software is reliable. External, web or online server-based storages are on top of the list.
  10. Mobile Feature. This is now the must have for almost every industry all over the world. Managing an operation on the floor, not inside your office, is a much better solution as you can be hands-on to monitoring the operation.

All these features will help your operation to go flawlessly as you can keep track of your entire process with ease. Every personnel in your entire operation can also work effectively. It makes them focus better in doing their tasks without the unnecessary workload. These features will lessen errors especially if you are catering for a large number of guests. Also, this is a great way for your business to leverage technology to dramatically increase your revenue.

What do you need to do Exactly to get What you Need?

There are many things you need to consider when looking for the right catering software solution that would give you success. There is also a wide variety software packages to choose from which could make it tough for you to decide. Identifying those things before looking around for a solution is the best way to guarantee satisfaction. Most software packages are designed and packed differently so it may contain features. Oftentimes, these features are not applicable to your operation and it lacks the important things that you need.  The following are the steps in choosing the right catering software for your business:

  1. Conduct a research. Conducting a research is an important factor that helps you determine the type of software package your company needs. It increases your knowledge in identifying the areas that need improvement and the scope of work that needs to be done. It also determines the highs and lows of your operation. In your case, you need to conduct a systematic research on your company and review the product you will be using for the upgrade.
  2. Define what you need. The statistics of the conducted research will help you to ultimately define the level of upgrade that needs to be done. Having that knowledge will make it easier for you to carefully choose the right software package. This will help you maximize the full potential of your workforce and revenue.
  3. Decide. Make sure that the product you are choosing will meet your demands. You should also consider how it is going to create a significant impact on your business. That’s why you need to take a good look at the product before making any important decisions.

With the foregoing information provided, choosing a catering software for your business will become easier. It is important that you get what truly fits the needs of your business. So, you can provide high-quality customer service and retention.

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