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Features and Benefits of Using an Online Recruiting Software

Features and Benefits of Using an Online Recruiting Software

More online recruiting tools are vying for the best spot in the market. All are claiming they are the best of its class – which offers different features, benefits, and packages that address different kinds of recruiting agency scenarios in various industry types. Most are made to offer the most targeted and appropriate solutions, but not everything are great in terms of value added features and usability long term.

Features of a Recruitment Management Tool

When comparing different recruitment tools for human resources, it is best to spot the value out of these robust features:

  1. Recruitment Management

Effective recruitment management entails that an HR manager is able to acquire high quality candidates for various types of positions most of the time. The likelihood of spotting the best candidate requires skills and experience through exposure to different kinds of applicants and other factors to consider. Talent pooling is an effective solution in storing candidate profiles, which may hold gems for future employment requirements. Through the use of an online recruiting tool, an HR manager can enable to implement an application system where users can input their qualification information in an online application form in order for the system to effectively archive them. On the other hand, the recruitment manager can customize the application form to contain questions that will entail answers associated with specific qualifications that he or she is looking for.

  1. Integration With Web Hosted Career Sites

To gather more applicants, in terms of volume and area, an online recruiting tool can seamlessly integrate its system to existing career web sites. Job requirements and specifications can be easily posted on these sites, with applications and inquiries be easily identified when it came through these channels. By doing so, all job postings are aligned and updated to ensure the credibility of the requirement.

  1. Initial Assessment and Pre-screening

Especially when dealing with quite an overwhelming number of applicants, the recruitment process may slow down because of the tedious work of sifting through piles of resumes for pre-screening and initial assessment. Through a recruiting management software, the system itself can be specified with questions and filtering options to pre-screen the applicants. This can make the HR manager focus on the personal interview process instead, which is one of the most important stages in a recruitment workflow.

  1. Workflow Automation

The applicant can be effectively guided through the whole recruitment process without the need for direct contact from the human resource team. The recruiting manager can also make use of predefined templates that can be implemented in email auto responders, questionnaires, status updates, and scheduling interviews.

  1. Reporting and Big Data Analytics

Since the tool deals with digital data, the precepts and functionality of reporting and analytics can be applied to it. Online recruiting tools are capable of processing comprehensive volumes and types of data, which can allow HR managers to analyze trends and even make recruitment projections for the coming year. It can also run performance evaluations both to the team members and to the various hiring or recruitment activities and campaigns.

  1. User Friendly and With Full General Features

The basic requirements for an effective recruiting tool is that it should be simple to use, and it hosts usable features for managing, coordinating, multitasking, processing, and screening. A recruitment software isn’t used as a hiring tool alone, but it should also be “smart” enough to recognize matches as per specified qualifications. An online recruiting tool should also be capable of seamlessly integrating itself with other business tools in order to be a positive contributor to the overall success of a company. It should distinguish itself as part of the strategic plan in order to drive valuable contributors or workforce for the business.

Benefits of Using a Recruitment Management Tool

Online tools are becoming more prevalent in the modern workplace, as with the shifting and growing demands for more efficient and fast services to commence, almost 100% of the time. Online recruitment tools were attracting more applicants in the past years that according to an IBM study, about 90% of companies are actually utilizing one for their company. The growing number of job hunters because of the continued effects of recession in some places are also placing the recruitment process in a situation that definitely needs the assistance of technology in order to be more efficient with the entire system.

Today, businesses are investing heavily on automated and web-based solutions, which are not only flexible in terms of features but also scalable as your company grows, or downsizes sometimes. Combined with the following benefits, tools for recruitment and selection make a worthy investment after all.

  1. Ease of Time Consuming Workload

Using a recruiting management tool can significantly reduce the time to hire by automating repetitive processes like initial applicant screening and assessment, resume pooling, online job posting, and interview schedules that involves manual effort in the past. By staging everything online and under one working platform, one can easily navigate through sifting each process and managing everything at once will be easier.

  1. Reduce Administrative Labor and Cost

Data entry, phone interviews, and other administrative duties can be eliminated by enabling most of the recruitment process to happen online, thus saving your company a big deal of money in paying for extra people to do the job.

  1. Improve the Quality of the Talent Pool

One can set qualifications and standards for the application process in order to select qualified candidates according to specific criteria. By combining automation and manual selection can better filter the candidates by categorizing all incoming applications and storing the others for future selection.

  1. Adherence to Law Compliance Measures

Online recruiting tools are generally covered by internet compliance rules and regulations mandated by the government. This implies strict measures for data security and privacy. This also protects the information it holds, which can be easily retrieved in such cases that involves lawsuits or disputes, wherein it can stand as legal source for evidence.

Trends in Recruitment Management Tools

The website Recruiter Box, consolidated 8 recruitment management infographics that are visually informative about the latest trends in online recruiting management. Below are some of the highlights:

Quick Tips for Job Applicants

  1. Applications are received after about 200 seconds since the job is posted online.
  2. An average of 250 CVs is received for just a single position.
  3. 68% of employers will find you on Facebook.

State of Recruitment in 2012

  1. 4% of organizations are seeing signs of recovery from economic challenges.
  2. 4% of companies are positive about expanding in the next year.
  3. Finding good candidates for a position is the biggest challenge for companies.
  4. LinkedIn is the number one source of candidates for recruiters.

Talent Acquisition and Retention

  1. 58% of applicants are looking at a corporate brand as their major consideration in looking for a specific employer to work for.
  2. 41% of applicants are considering social media networking feedbacks to influence their employment decisions.
  3. Most employees are putting life–work balance and personal fulfillment as the most important factors when deciding for a job, more than growth and compensation.
  4. Compensation bonus is the number one preferred form of recognition for most employees.

Tips on How to Evaluate Recruiting Tools

With so many recruiting software that abound the market these days, it is increasingly difficult to find the best solution for your company’s unique needs. Here are some useful tips on how to find the best online recruiting software that fulfills your own criteria:

  1. Getting a Full Featured Recruiting Software May Not Always Be the Best Option

A full featured software may be more complicated to use and may take longer to implement as well. By evaluating your specific needs, you may even see that there are features that you don’t actually need, and getting targeted specific recruiting tools that are simpler and easier to manage might be the best solution for you.

  1. Choose the Software That Is Scalable to Your Size and Needs

With the various shifts and trends that a business is experiencing, and might experience still in the future, it is more cost efficient to get a tool that grows and down sizes with your company. Since recruiting tools are utilized online, you can achieve the full benefits of scalability, and even the constant updates that the provider renders for improvement of their services.

  1. Opt for the Simplest Solution as Possible

In situations that fast implementation is a must, choose the simpler and the most user friendly software to use. Make sure that you make an exhaustive vendor and specification comparisons too, before deciding the recruitment management software to get.

  1. Choose the One That Has the Capability To Integrate With Other Software That You Use

A must have aspect of an online recruiting software is its seamless integration with various communication systems. This is in order to centralize the flow of information, and even extend it to applicants and other top management users. By having a flexible software to use, you are actually investing in long term tools that can easily adapt to future developments in other technologies that can also be interfaced with the software itself.

  1. Prefer the Software That Will Make It Easier for Job Seekers To Apply to Your Postings

You encourage more qualified and high quality talents when your recruitment system is professionally handled; the processes can be efficiently followed through and is easily accessible and used. It can also reflect the core values of the company, which will make job seekers to be more than willing to work with you for they find that their skills will be matched with the same level of professionalism that they see firsthand with the recruiting process. Be matched with the most appropriate solution for the recruitment management challenges you face.

The best online recruiting tools are those that were able to deliver demanded solutions and is flexible with any industry specific requirements.

To know more about what clients and customers are saying about the recruiting software vendors that compose the market today, check out’s reviews of online recruiting tools.

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