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Features and Functions of Construction Management Software

Features and Functions of Construction Management SoftwareManaging a construction project can be difficult, especially if you aim to have a high-quality project. You need to monitor every phase of the project to make sure that everything is in order for the budget, bill of materials, schedule of the workers, accounting, maintenance of the equipment and reporting. The integration of technology in the construction industry is a great help to make the construction duties easier, quicker and more accurate.

What Is a Construction Management Software?

The construction management software is used by construction professionals to help them manage their construction responsibilities from the start until the end of the project. It is generally used to manage all the construction activities for both commercial and residential construction. It also has the ability to detect any issues on a project and provides a solution accordingly.

At present, the construction management system is used by most construction firms to increase their profit and at the same time improve their construction method. It uses a centralized platform to make the processes easier and faster. The web-based construction software improves the collaboration among the team members since they can work 24/7 from any location. They can access the details of the project using a computer or a mobile device that has an internet connection.

Here are some of the features and functions of the software.


Monitoring the scheduled activities and the development of a projectis quite challenging and time-consuming. However, the process can be speed up with the use of the construction project management tools. It will give you an access to the construction scheduling whether you are on the job site or in the office. All the construction information will be accessible, including the milestone or changes in the project. It is capable of updating the whole system real-time, so if there are any changes made on the project the entire team will be updated.  You no longer need to individually inform each member of the change.

The scheduling or workload automation feature of the software is used to organize the tasks.It assigns the equipment as well as the skilled worker to various projects so there will be an equal distribution of the workload. It automatically re-balance the workload in instances where there are unforeseen events that cause a delay on the project such as the weather condition and the challenges that may occur on the construction site. It provides the timeline of the project with its corresponding resources and the required manpower. You can create a schedule reminder for all the employees which automatically adjusts as the project develops.

The construction project management software uses a customizable Gantt chart in order for the members to easily understand the activities. You can view the scheduled timeline as well as the phases of the project in one single screen. It includes the start and the end dates of the project, the percentage of the tasks that has been completed and all the project activities including what may cause the delay of a project.


Accuracy is essential fora construction firm for it to be more competitive in the construction industry. With the use of the building construction management software, you no longer need to enter the construction data manually. This removes the possible human error, thus, making the tasks of the back office quicker, more accurate and more productive. Aside from monitoring the progress of the project, it is also capable of setting the delivery time of the construction materials.

In order to win the bids, you should bid accordingly based on the cost of the materials, the actual labor, and the expenses for the equipment. The software can help you generate the selling price and it can also determine the true cost of the job. Basically, a construction bid management software provides all the necessary tools in the bid process for it to be cost effective.

All the job costs are saved in the history of the software which is very useful if you want to go back to the previous estimates for comparison or reference. Construction managers can easily do the estimates, especially if it’s using the same values and procedures. Future estimates can be adjusted to avoid budget overrun and it can also be used to determine which procedures are cost-saving.

It is also beneficial in sales management since the estimates can be presented to the client,which can give them an impression that they will be working with professionals who uses advanced tools. According to ConEst, the software is used in the modern-day method of estimating so it will be more efficient and to maximize the profit.


The best construction management software can merge and exchange the data from the construction and accounting software to closely monitor the cost and expenditures of the project. It can handle a small number of projects and even simultaneous multiple projects. It can adjust and automate some of the business tasks such as the accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll.

Accounting and payroll can be more efficient and accurate with the use of a software technology. It allows you to have a more timely account receivable and sends a warning to avoid overpayments.It also provides a faster generation of the bill after the service, so you can get the payment sooner. The best source to check the other accounting capability of the software is through the review of construction management software. You can gather more information on how other construction firm customized the software to suit their business needs.

According to a 2015 survey conducted by Software Advice, 40% of the construction firms requested the job costing functionality which ranked second, next to the material list with 47%. Job costing is essential in the business since it sets the standard rates of the construction services. It tracks the expenses and creates an actionable data in order to increase the productivity.

Sales Management

Since the resources of the construction company are more complex compared to other business industry, the construction software can help manage the sales efficiently.The construction technology gives you the capability to manage the difficulties in maintaining the construction cost.It can quickly audit the inventory and distribute the resources and equipment.

It can easily locate the inventory and determine what are needed for a particular work order with the use of a scanner or mobile device. It can also be integrated with a third-party software that will automatically update the price of your service. This is a time efficient since it removes the need to manually update the inventory. The project management tools for construction is capable of handling the bill of material, UPC tracking, and multi-warehouse and can even track the history of the supplier.

A purchase order can easily be created since it has the ability to merge the list of inventory re-order in accordance with the stocking levels. You can set a limit to the inventory and when it reaches the minimum amount, it will automatically order the stock. It has the ability to track all the available inventory and purchases made to different suppliers.

Technical Support

The technical support and training should always be included when software manufacturers showcase their products. Even if you are using the top construction software, it will not mean anything unless the employees are trained on how to use it. Proper training should be provided by the software manufacturer in order for the staff to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques needed to perform their assigned tasks effectively. It can make the skilled workers feel more comfortable in doing their job and they can become more productive. The turnaround time of the technical support should also be fast.

Upgrades should be quick and easy so it will not interrupt the construction activities. Some software provides a money-back guarantee based on a specified time frame if in case the software cannot meet the demands of the business.

According to the Construction World, businesses need a software that will work on both mobile and desktop platforms. This will allow the construction professionals to access the construction information even if they are on the construction site.

The construction management tools improve the quality of the construction. It empowers the construction managers as they can control the whole project. Decision making becomes easier and more justifiable with the integration of analytics. It produces a real-time and more accurate report from the budget, construction cost, inventory and much more. Construction managers can evaluate the status of the project and identify if there are areas at risk, not performing or delayed in the schedule. The software is designed in order for all team members to easily understand the construction data which can help them do their job even better. The software offers plenty of benefits to a construction firm. The features and functions that you have read in this article are the common things that construction companies look for in a software based on the construction management software reviews.

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