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Everything You Need to Know About Call Tracking Tools

everything-you-need-to-know-about-call-tracking-toolsPPC advertising is one of the widely used marketing techniques. In this method, the number of clicks made by the Internet users will be converted into cash; hence, the more clicks that your ad gets, the more money you receive. Though this may seem an efficient marketing technique, it still has a flaw – you can’t track all calls that you receive.

Here’s an example to explain it further: When you have PPC ads on the internet, and your potential customer saw the advertisement, he would probably click on the ad. If he thinks that your campaign lacks information, and he wants to know more about your company and what you offer, he would probably call your hotline to ask some questions, and then decides whether or not he should buy the product. Another situation is when the website, where they found your ad, doesn’t allow online conversion. It would be a waste of time, money, and effort if you can’t take advantage of the marketing tools that you use.

Fortunately, there is call tracking. It provides marketers all the things that you need that PPC advertising can’t give. There are many top call tracking tools on the market. Before you choose an instrument, there are a few things that you need to know about this service. You need to know what it is, why you should use it, and how to set up this tool. But first, you need to know the common issues faced by the people who work in the advertising industry.

Common Problems Faced by Agencies and Advertisers

Apart from deadlines, reaching their quota, and creating a marketing campaign, there are several problems faced by agencies and advertisers every day, especially if their companies are still not using call tracking. Here are some of them.

  1. Marketers don’t have the time to ask the caller about how they got their phone number. Once a customer calls them, the first thing they’ll do is to help the client and close sales. Even if they do have the time to ask the consumer, it would be a waste of time since he wouldn’t understand what you’re saying. Most probably, the caller will just hang up the phone, and that’s the last thing you want to get.
  2. You can try using different numbers for your websites if you want. The only problem with this strategy is that users could go to a new page, which could lead to losing the primary cause of the call. Moreover, it may confuse the visitors if they see numerous contact details. Hence, people will just go to another site instead of you.
  3. Since they are not using call tracking tools, it’s easier for marketing agents to give up and say, “PPC marketing doesn’t work,” or “It’s a waste of time, money, and effort.” Remember, PPC advertising is an effective technique. It only depends on how you perform the plan, and what tools you are using.
  4. Even if promoters know that they’re getting phone calls because of PPC, they still have no idea which ads, keywords, or pages are giving such calls. Hence, they can’t still optimize their advertisement on the Internet.
  5. If you’re selling products online, PPC can track sales, downloads, and web forms. However, it’s quite tricky to track calls as it doesn’t have a feature for that. Hence, you need to do things manually if you want to track all the phone calls that you receive daily.

However, if you use the top call tracking tools, you don’t have to deal with these problems anymore as these instruments can help in solving these issues. It can help you track all the calls that you receive each day. You will also know which keyword, landing page, or ad delivers calls to your hotline. Lastly, you can call those customers who called you before if you have a new offer to them. With the use of an effective call tracking tool, there is no other way to go but up.

What is call tracking?

Now you know the problems you will face if you don’t use call tracking; it’s time to discuss what it is. As the name suggests, call tracking tracks phone conversations. It lets you track offline exchanges and know the source of the calls. Hence, it helps advertisers to know where they come from and to identify which ad, keyword, or page is the most useful tool when it comes to advertising.

Lastly, call tracking tools lead to a more precise ROI. Since you already know the source, you can calculate how much you can get out of your marketing campaign.

Benefits of Call Tracking

Back in the days, when there were no call center tracking tools, it would be hard to find the source of the calls. You just had to rely on PPC to calculate your ROI. When call tracking came into the picture, everything has changed. With this tool, you can now identify which keyword creates phone calls.

Apart from that, there are other benefits of call tracking. Some of them are as follows.

  1. It captures the caller’s name and phone number. It’s ideal for tracking leads, which are still not converted.
  2. It allows you to test each component of the campaign and do some tests, so you can make some changes if necessary. For instance, if your chosen keyword gets a lot of clicks, but receives no calls, you can diagnose the keyword to identify the problem.
  3. It lets you test the performance of your landing page. With the use of call tracking, you’ll know which page generates the most phone calls.
  4. You can also track the call length. If the keyword receives the lengthiest phone conversation, it will give a positive result in your campaign.
  5. It records calls. With this feature, you can identify commonly asked questions and solve them without a problem.

How to set up call tracking?

Many people think that setting up sales call tracking tools is hard, but the truth is it’s not. In fact, anyone can do it as long as you have a background in IT and computer programming. You just have to follow these simple steps in setting up this program.

  1. Choose a phone number or numbers to be used. The number of contact details needed depends on the traffic level of your website.
  2. Change the HTML phone number of your site with a JavaScript code.
  3. When a user clicks your PPC ad, the code will automatically insert the caller’s contact details in the pool of phone numbers. That number remains even if the user goes to another page or leaves your website.
  4. Your JavaScript code obtains the keyword that creates the most and the longest phone calls. Hence, you can connect the call to your keyword without a problem.
  5. When a user revisits your site, the tool doesn’t need to repeat the process as it stays in its memory forever.

Who should use call tracking?

There are many reviews about call tracking software and articles that give tips on how to find call center bug tracking and project management tools. However, you only see a few articles that discuss the right people who should use paid and free call tracking tools.

Call tracking may seem ideal because of the number of benefits that it gives. However, not all industries require you to use call tracking. There are businesses, which don’t need phone interaction, while there are fields that need it. Those who don’t need to use phone conversation are not required to use call tracking. Those who need phone interaction must include it in their marketing campaign.

So what are the industries that need call tracking? One is the home services. Customers need to call your hotline so they can get your service. Next are the software dealers and manufacturers. They also need call tracking so they can record calls to find out the common problems of their consumers and optimize their websites, which lead to success.

Last are the professional services. An average phone call in this industry is 8.5 minutes. Hence, if you use call tracking, you can take advantage of the phone calls that you receive every day.

Call tracking is a useful tool for tracking offline conversions and knowing the source of the calls you receive. With call tracking, you don’t have to guess where the call is coming from as it records the information of your caller. Moreover, you can concentrate on giving help to your clients instead of wondering how they got your phone number. Lastly, call tracking improves your ROI. Since you know where the call comes from, you can calculate the expected profit that you can get from your marketing campaign.

However, not everyone should use call tracking. There are certain industries, which don’t need to use this service. Still, most companies need it as it can help in improving not only the campaign they’re using but also their profit.

There are many websites dedicated to providing lists and call tracking tool reviews to consumers. But if you want to get credible lists and reviews about call tracking software, then you should go to website. This site will help you find the right call tracking software that fits your needs.

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