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Employee Productivity And Happiness: How Deep Is The Connection?

If you believe that being successful is the key to happiness, you’ve got it backwards. More often than not, it’s the quest for happiness that leads you to success. Can you use happiness to increase the productivity of your employees? Read on as we delve deeper into the topic.

There are a lot of factors that fuel productivity at a workplace, and it certainly goes beyond a big paycheck. If recent research is to be believed, happiness is being hailed as the ultimate productivity booster. Top companies around the world subscribe to this unconventional productivity augmenter and it’s time you jumped on the bandwagon.

Why You Should Give It A Shot

It’s hard to comprehend the complexities of human psychology. That said, it doesn’t hurt to consider the ‘happiness’ factor while trying to forge a connection with your employees. You can’t go wrong by creating a happy and stress-free workplace for your employees. Here are some of the things that employees do when they are happy at work:

  • Make better decisions
  • Manage their time more efficiently
  • Produce better quality work
  • Learn and adapt faster
  • Fix problems rather than complain about them

How You Can Get Started

A company’s biggest investment is its workforce. The first step to creating a dynamic workforce is hiring the right people. Once you get that right, creating and managing a social and happy environment won’t take long either. Make things easier for your employees by keeping these tips in mind.

  • Create a code of open communication at your workplace
  • Offer flexibility with regard to schedules or the option of working from home
  • Recognize and appreciate the hard work put in by them regularly
  • Assess their level of happiness with the help of exercises or questionnaires
  • Teach them easy hacks to de-stress and improve the quality of their work
  • Provide ample development opportunities
  • Go for outings and lunches together
  • Encourage feedback at every level
  • Give a sense of purpose to your team by constantly motivating them
  • Use team building activities to foster communal spirit

Taking care of your employees’ happiness might be what your company needs to become a success story. So, what are you waiting for? Happiness might just save the day.



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