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Email Tracking Software: How It Works and Why It Is Important

Email Tracking Software: How It Works and Why It Is Important

Email is widely used in most businesses today because it is one of the most convenient ways to communicate with other people. Email as a tool for communication and marketing campaign offers a significant advantage for companies. It is less expensive and time efficient compared to other business tools.

There are plenty of data available in the internet age that, if utilized properly, can provide a great benefit to businesses while increasing the company’s overall sales. Most companies are now switching to software that can gather and analyze data to accelerate their sales. One of the software that businesses takes advantage of is the email tracking software. It helps businesses better understand how emails are received, what is done on the email, and what areas interest the customer.

What Is an Email Tracking?

Email tracking monitors the email after it leaves your outbox. It tells you when a recipient opens a message or clicks a link. The best email tracking software gives you the number of emails that have been sent, opened, and clicked; unsubscribed, bounce messages, spam complaints, and what a prospective customer have done on your website. The top email tracking software sends real-time alerts and notifications whenever prospects seem to be enthusiastic about the product or service. Some software even has the capability to determine the geographical location of where the email is opened and what device was used.

How Email Tracking Works

The email tracking software can work with current email systems. It distributes and collects information through the place system and by means of computer codes. When an email reaches a prospect’s inbox, it loads an image for tracking in order for business firms to know that the message is opened. Once it is opened, it will load an additional cookie for any attachments or links that have been clicked. The cookies are then collected and evaluated to determine any patterns of the customer preference. The data that have been analyzed can be used in order to create a more personalized email campaign. These help marketers define the prospect’s interest, thus giving them a hint of their next move to make that individual a customer.

Benefits of Email Tracking

The data obtained from email marketing tracking software is very useful in terms of sales and marketing purposes. It gives the businesses an idea of what areas interest their prospective customers and when is the best time for the sales phase. Businesses will know if their messages are received from the customers and if the email content is effective or not. It helps them measure how successful their email campaign is or if there are any changes that need to be done with their campaign.

Another edge of an email management software is its capability to provide an up-to-date notification. It notifies you real-time of where, how, and when an email has been opened. The top email tracking software can even detect the number of times and how long the message is opened or if the message has been forwarded. According to Intelliverse, there was a study that shows that when an email is opened more than ten times, it is more likely to result in a live discussion. Marketing professionals will have a better understanding on the customer’s preference, and they can spend their money wisely because they already have an idea on what they need to target. You can establish what is the market trend based on the links that most customers’ clicked. Your marketing campaign can then focus on what entice most customers based on how they respond to the email.

Marketers can send emails based on how subscribers are segmented. Any questions or issues on the sales cycle can also be answered and arranged through email. Improving the engagement rate of customers is a great advantage to gather relevant customer data that can be used for marketing or for their next purchase.

There is no doubt that email marketing software is one of the most used campaign tools in the market today. You can see what and where the problem is in your campaign, and you can immediately make necessary adjustments to get your expected results.  Changes to improve the marketing campaign can be done as soon as possible compared to the broadcasting of advertisements and printing. It takes a little effort but still can reach a wide range of audience.

The subscribers can easily and quickly forward offers and deals to their colleagues with just one click. This is the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to share marketing campaign to others. These subscribers can also help in introducing your products or services to a different market.

Email tracking is cost efficient and time efficient, especially when it comes to legal disputes. Most of the marketing disputes are questions such as who said, what was said, and when it was said. These questions can be answered using the tracking software, so you don’t have to worry because the software can back up any claims. The history logs of the email can provide this information, which can serve as proof in terms of legal issues. You can save money because you no longer need to hire a lawyer, and you can save time because you no longer need to go to court. You can focus more on your business and you can increase your business productivity.

An additional benefit of email tracking is that you can have a competitive advantage over your competitors. Considering that you will already know when the prospect will read and view your email, you can plan for strategies to ensure that you can convert them into customers. You either engage that person in a conversation or send a follow-up email based on the links that they clicked.

Email tracking software reviews also provide other benefits as well as the drawbacks of the software. Choosing a software for email tracking can be challenging, especially if you do not know the top features and functionality that you needed most. Doing a research on the software can help you determine the attributes that can meet the demands of your business.

The Need To Track Your Emails

The preferences of each customer keep on changing, which also leads to the change of email systems and processes of businesses. New technologies such as email tracking are being developed each day in order to equip the sales people with the capability of engaging potential customers with the right email message that can result in more leads.

Tracking of emails removes the black holes of communication such as the dilemma if you need to wait for a response, give up on a particular customer, or send a reminder. You will be aware if the email has been received by the recipient and if it has been opened. Tracking let you know once an email is read and if the customer clicks on the links provided. No need to do a follow-up because the software can automatically do it for you. If you really need to send a follow-up email, the right time to send your message is the moment when they have just read your email. So when you want an immediate response, you know the time to contact the customer. Reviews on email management software can provide further information about the importance of tracking your emails. There are plenty of reviews available online so make sure that you are reading a credible website, so you will not be deceived with incorrect information.

Email campaign tracking software measures the effectiveness of an email campaign. According to Mixmax, a recipient who opens the message multiple times is most likely trying to digest the content of the email. They might be thinking of their next steps or could have forwarded the message to others. This indicates that the person is interested. On the other hand, if the email is read only once, the recipient might not find it appealing.

Email marketing can reach the customer faster and cheaper compared to the postal mail. The traditional marketing campaign can consume a lot of time. If customers need more information on a certain product or service, it may take a few days before they can get a response. This may result in customer looking for alternatives or go to a competitor. With email marketing, you can answer customer queries within seconds or minutes. Most email management tools also have a feature that can create tailored messages. Others can even segment the customer based on their preference, so they can have a more personalize message even if it was a tailored email. One of the outcomes of using the software is the increase of the return on investment (ROI). If you want to be more productive and increase the sales of your company, then, you might want to consider getting an email marketing software tracking.

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