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Effective Way to Track the Time of Your Employees Using a Software

Effective Way to Track the Time of Your Employees Using a Software

They say that the most painful task in a business owner’s mind is to keep the employee’s time in track. It is very impossible for an owner to know the things that their employees do during the working time and if they are really being productive or not. But with the use of a time tracking software, we guarantee you that it will be a lot easier. If the time tracking tool is used correctly, it can save a lot of businesses and companies from lazy employees. Such benefits should not be wasted and must be used wisely, otherwise, if the software is used improperly, it may cause disgruntled employees, subpar results and productivity, and poor moral of the company.

But before the user implement the program in tracking the activities of his employees, he must know the top time tracking software to be used in monitoring his employees first. Then afterwards establish the guidelines that should be followed strictly before using the software. These guidelines must be explained first to the workers to avoid complications.

Explaining the Software

When someone decide to execute a system for time tracking, it is important for an employee to know the benefits and reasons before the implementation. The owner must explain everything about the motives of the company in tracking the time and how will a correct time tracking support a fruitful growth.

The owner must not sound like a “big brother” that commands and scares the employees. He should be explaining the benefits of time tracking listed below:

  1. That an employee should have the capability to clearly see areas which should be focused on.
  2. To work on the opportunities that will highly improve the company’s workflow.
  3. That there will be a recognition for the employees who performs well and the recognition for the employees who will be promoted.
  4. That there is a special thing called the macro perspective that is specially made for aggregate business performance and massive data designed for advanced strategy decisions.

Picking the Right Program

The applications for time tracking today swear to give its users a huge variety of integrations and features. If an employer have a remote or field employees and needs of class tracking or job costing, he wants to be sure that he can make many custom codes as he can and obtain a remote check and updates in the field. Only the good time tracking programs can give a service which is applicable in job costing, class tracking, and create custom codes that is applicable in the field.

If the owner wants to be assured that the program for time tracking is integrating with the software of his accounting, he must use TSheets. This is a product of which is the best in accounting and at the same time the all-time favorite. This program assimilates with QuickBooks which also offers field information through the applications of smartphone and text messages.  This is possible with the modern technologies today. Every updates will be pinged directly in your smartphones.

Profitability Analysis and Project Management

If the employer know the length of time used by his employees on a particular client or project, it will help him a lot to determine what specific projects, client types or product lines profits or costs the most to your business. Encourage all the staffs to update their watch to the actual time so the owner will know the productivity of staff and if there are any progress on projects. If the employer will do this, then he might be able to know the causes of the problems and treat it as soon as possible.

Most of the time tracking applications offer notes. The employee may update the information about the project and place the reason why it took longer than the expected deadline. If ever there is an unexpected issue or problem, it can be easily informed by the employee. The employer now can identify directly which client and project is the main source of the issue and apply the necessary actions as soon as possible rather than waiting for the results of your analyzed books when the quarter ends.

According to Lindsay Nichols, it is necessary for a company to track time so that the analysis of the profits will be a lot easier. Since the activities are recorded into a single spread sheet, everything even the problems will be recorded and it can be easily identified and solved.

Automation of Payroll Timesheets

Not every software for time tracking that is released online is only used in tracking time. A user should know that a time tracking app works more than just time tracking. A good application of time tracking can be utilized in keeping the timesheets. The timesheets are basically used for payrolls and with the use of time tracking software, it will be a lot easier to monitor the length of time an employee worked on a project. And if it is easier to track the time of the employee, then payroll will follow.

Grace Ferguson said that through a computer system, the employer will be able to process the employee’s payroll. The automation of payroll will save time that should be spent in the projects instead of making payrolls. Time tracking programs can make accurate computation of payrolls, deduct if necessary, and it will also hold a record of all the payrolls that have been processed already.


The workflow of a company is recorded in a single tab where every activity of an employer is saved. This is done to monitor the activities and productivity of a worker or a team. This will ensure the productivity of a worker and basis for a promotion or demotion. From time to time a detailed report on the progress of the project and the time spent by a worker in the project is updated and are transferred to the smart phone of the employer. This will help him in identifying the problems and the root cause.

The best time tracking tool is capable of helping its user to know what is the main purpose and function of the business accurately. The program can present to its user the activities of the employees. Like what keeps them busy and where are they exerting their time and effort, and the overall productivity of the team and the progress of the business. With the generated information of the software, the owner can decide the necessary adjustments regarding on specific projects, while he maintains the reaching and expected goals of the company.

Dave Nevogt said that it is necessary for a business to have at least one time tracking software to monitor the work flow. It will highly increase the productivity of the employees at the same time the user will know every single detail of the activities of a worker.


Every company is entitled to benefits of a time tracking program. One of the best benefit an employer could get from this program is the improvement of his bottom line such as looking for the wasted costs that is allotted in the budget of the business throughout the year. A good and industrious bookkeeping may lend a hand in helping with this problem just like tracking the time. Once everyone already know the workflow or how the business income and profit works, then looking for the problems will be a lot easier and simpler. Solving these problems will be done as soon as possible.

As a company build their data of time tracking and able to create a complete and detailed analysis and reports, the employer may notice that the company is being productive and effective because they managed to decrease or increase specific lines of the company which is accurately recorded in the time tracking software. The employer must not forget to encourage his employees to know the importance of time tracking. He will then realize that time tracking is an effective way to build the future of the company rather than keeping tabs with them.

If an employer needs a hand in integrating the system of time tracking in his accounting and bookkeeping software, there are available experts and professionals that will help and assist you as fast as possible and they will make sure that every book you make is organized.

According to Ivan Petrovic, the service of time tracking programs will ensure that your books are paid on time. This will keep you in time not only for your employees. If an owner of a business is aware of his time, then the effectivity of the business is increased and its development will be hastened and it will happen in just a short period of time.

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