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Effective Low Code Tools for Mobile App Development

Jitendra Jain

Business Development Manager at Octal Info Solution
Jitendra Jain is the Marketing and Business Sales Manager at Octal Info Solution Pte Ltd, a leading Web and Mobile app Development company in India, US, UK and Singapore and caters every business need with the best technology solutions.

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Today, building a mobile app is the goal of every business and e-commerce platform. An app is essential in triggering the business growth and extending the reach. Therefore, people are considering it as a crucial aspect. Business has an easy option to contact a reputed mobile app development company for the proper execution and development of the app.

low code mobile app development tools


But here is the thing; mobile app development is not a night’s call. It may take days, weeks to months. Therefore, low code tool provides the advantage of delivering mobile applications faster and that too at lower costs. It will be interesting to find some low code mobile app development tools that can fasten the app making process:

  1. AgilePoint NX

The current version of AgilePoint NX is a massive player in the low code app development space. For easy connection to external systems, it provides a drag and drop development environment that acts as an App builder. It helps in creating responsive apps without letting you write a code. It has several attached specifications apart from App Builder like a field-mapping utility for data sources, and a report building tool that includes charts.

More to it, it can easily be deployed to private cloud in premises and to a public SaaS cloud.


It is another low code tool that is a capable cloud-based mobile web and hybrid mobile app development platform. It is a tool with integrated back-end services with online visual design and programming tools. It has its own cloud-based builder service. This tool may be considered as a cross between an app builder and a mobile back-end service.

  1. Appian Quick Apps:

It is a perfect tool to build and deploy iOS, Android and web apps. With an advantage of a full-featured process modeller, mobile and user experience development, and cloud deployment, Appian Quick Apps have taken it to business quite well. With a pool of features like collaboration, event monitoring, task management, business data access, reports with charts, multimedia capture, and layered security with SAML authentication, developers can make use of this tool for almost everything in mobile apps.

  1. Bizagi BPM Suite:

It is a BPM vendor that has well executed its Window-based business process modeller into a mobile web app development system. Not only this, you can always look for this tool for virtual data modelling, intuitive forms and user interface design, workflow modelling, and an app-building wizard.

  1. Caspio Bridge:

A year 2000 started Saas based web application developer; Caspio is now a web app development tool and has widely extended its services. Its services are based on a SQL server database and provide a web interface to the database as an ingenious app development help. A visual application builder and other features help in letting you build your app more conveniently.

  1. Alpha anywhere:

For creating hybrid mobile app applications, this database oriented program is a brilliant development tool. The app works easily while the user is online and functions offline as well. Alpha Anywhere tool is a great way to build apps faster and more conveniently. It supports both SQL database and offline operations adding to its list of benefits.

  1. App Press:

In case you have to create apps for iOS and Android platform both, you can always look to App Press. A great web-based program, it is very convenient to use. The best part is its interface that is linked to Photoshop and makes the work visually active. Amazon platform is used in the backend of this tool. Developers who are inexperienced about this domain can also make an app conveniently. As said, this platform is the best bet for training new people about different varieties of app development.

  1. EachScape:

If you do not want to miss something fruitful in app making then EachScape is a tool you should look for. It is capable of performing two functions: 1). It edits native applications on the Android and iOS platforms 2). It creates new web apps based on the HTML5 language. It is one of a kind web app low code tool that manages both the actions without any hurdle. In any app development, the dual function is purely carried out by this tool.


Another web app tool is that is responsible for creating web pages and mobile apps. Along with a very flexible back end, there are drag and drop facilities which can be used greatly for the design of mobile apps and web pages. Even if you have the web layout ready or trying to make it from nowhere, is a real help.

  1. iBuildApp:

If you are solely making applications for iPad and iPhones, iBuildApp will assist you like a boss. However, you can also use this platform for Android based applications but it works spectacularly well for iOS. This is one of the fastest apps making tool and promises to carry out an excellent execution in almost no time.

  1. QuickBase:

Another web-based mobile application builder is QuickBase. You can easily make use of it for creating apps for both Android and iOS platforms. By using this tool for making apps, the database already builds into the program. Moreover, there is always a room for integrating items that are not in the QuickBase database.

  1. Kony Visualizer:

For making apps for phones, tablets, desktops and other wearables, Kony Visualizer is a brilliant platform for building native mobile and web apps. It comes with a drag and drop environment that makes the entire process much easier. A JavaScript API is used at the backend. It has an application canvas that helps in building end to end Apple Watch applications and then you can add the business logic using APIs to strengthen the communication.

  1. Mendix App platform:

This ingenious platform makes use of Windows-based Business Modeler to design responsive web apps. It makes an app that runs in desktop and mobile browsers and makes hybrid mobile apps for phones and tablets all by using a PhoneGap wrapper. By incorporating agile and continuous delivery methods, Mendix app platform is all the buzz.

  1. MIOedge:

It is a data-centric application that works instantly as per your business needs and develop applications that are easily designed. MIOedge has a foothold in data intensive applications and big data platforms. It has extended its services by providing a tool that ingeniously works in developing applications easily.

  1. OutSystems Platform:

OutSystems Platform is another low code application development and delivery platform that makes the work instant. Depending on your choice of the platform it generates .Net and Java code. Responsible for generating mobile apps for both desktops and mobiles, the development environment runs on Windows. This tool can integrate easily with the leading databases such as SAP, Amazon RDS, email, SMS, and cloud systems such as Facebook and Dropbox.

The above tools are a way to deal with an app development fuss free and aids in managing the tasks more conveniently. However, there is always space for starting a robust app from scratch without any mobile app development tool’s assistance.


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