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Why eCommerce is Your Business’ Best Friend

Accessibility, availability, convenience – three reasons why consumers are slowly but surely turning to online shopping. However, this does not necessarily mean brick and mortar stores are facing impending doom. Many online shopping platforms are used as complements to, rather than replacements for destinations in consumer decision journeys. Many consumers browse and research products online before making an in-store purchase. According to eCommerce giant Shopify, 50.3% of all online sales were not made on desktop but rather, on mobile devices. Thus, cross platform compatibility is one of the key points to consider when launching an eCommerce site.  

What’s the role of an eCommerce Development Company?

A skilled eCommerce Developer is able to develop an eCommerce strategy and platform that is a best fit for your company. They can reinvent and optimize existing eCommerce platforms or develop brand new ones. At Idea Rebel, a digital agency that focuses on eCommerce solutions for large brands,  we utilize our Listen, Invent, Connect methodology to offer our clients solutions that fit their needs, because we understand that one solution may not work for everyone. Since 2008, we’ve worked with clients from various verticals on world class eCommerce solutions, ranging from Consumer Package Goods (CPG) to Fashion brands.

What Should You Consider Before Hiring an eCommerce Development company?

Portfolio/Technical Expertise:

Most eCommerce development companies have impressive websites, but do they have the actual expertise? That’s where you can see if they’ve really got the chops. Check out their past clients and work so you get a feel for their skills to see if they’re a fit for your company. Note the diversity of the projects and the end results – and don’t be shy about checking out their LinkedIn profile to learn more about the quality of their team and culture.


Know what you want to get out of your eCommerce, because it’s not only about sales.  Product education is just as important as the add to cart button. In fact, companies now have fully interactive product pages that are dedicated to infographics and product features. We call this the “new home page”, where consumers run a search and land on a product page before deciding to purchase, rather than finding a homepage first and looking for the products. The sales often occur even before they read about your company, so it’s important to treat every product page as a point-of-purchase (POP).

Writing your own content? Make sure it’s search engine optimized. Many full service agencies such as Ideal Rebel do everything, from SEO to copywriting to UX design.  If your agency isn’t one stop then make sure you have a plan for the rest of the work.


Discuss the cost of the project before diving in. eCommerce isn’t cheap because of the technology involved, especially if you want a clean, responsive, user-friendly site that will generate sales and provide a platform for your products and services.

You can spend anywhere from $ 10,000 to $ 5,000,000 depending on the features you want, and a good eCommerce developer and partner can help you choose the tools you need to work within your budget.


When do you need your eCommerce platform live? Is it a realistic expectation? Communicate with your developer – they’re your partners in crime, now.  Make sure your developer is skilled in project management.  This will be the key to ensuring your project goes live on time with the results you want.

Launching an eCommerce platform? Idea Rebel has your back! Check out our portfolio at

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