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Easy Tricks To Become An Instagram Juggernaut

Instagram is a popular social media networking site, catering mostly to those who have a strong knack for photography. With the Gen-X being more obsessed with clicking selfies than making a call, this social networking site is enjoying a strong foothold off late. Although the site enjoys hundreds of thousands of fan-following, not everybody makes it large through this photo social networking medium. Here are a few photography tricks to become an Instagram Juggernaut.

When taking a snap, try to use natural light, as much as possible

This is critical for the success of a post. When clicking a photo, try to do it under natural lighting, as much as possible. Natural bright lighting improves the quality of an image. Even if you are trying to take a snap at the indoor location, try to face the window while taking a selfie shot for receiving the best possible natural light for a better impact.

Taking picture of a meal plate

This is very common. If you are an avid Instagram follower, you must have noticed many of the users posting images of plates of meals. I don’t know the reason, but it’s happening and such posts receive quite a number of likes. But, then, it also matters a lot on how well the objects are being clicked. When taking snaps of any food item, especially meal plates, ensure that it’s taken at least 3 feet above the subject. It makes the subject look better and more impactful. Also, it helps in generating a higher number of real Instagram likes.

The blue toning can help a lot

A survey conducted on Instagram posts have proved the fact that adding blue tones to an image (if possible) helps in improving its LIKE count. In fact, such images have the ability to enjoy 24% more likes than the usual images. Also, try to avoid images with red and orange tints. Such images usually receive the least number of likes. So, how about uploading more sky and ocean related images to gain a higher number of likes? Not a bad idea, indeed!

Overediting those selfies can have a disastrous impact

Overediting an image may not be a great idea. More importantly, you must never overedit the selfies. According to Instagram surveys, facial images are 30% more popular than pictures of the background and other stuff. However, when clicking the selfie, make sure that you look normal and natural, as much as you can. Yes, you can definitely remove those ugly pimples from your face through photo editing tools, but, then, it would never be a great idea to totally smoothen your facial appearance. It would never look natural.

If you can follow the above tips while uploading images to Instagram, there is a definite chance of getting a higher number of likes and a better fan-following.


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