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Why Dynamics CRM is the Most Preferred Development Platform?


CRM includes fields, entities, forms, views, reports, security, and workflows that are instantly configured; which helps companies to manage sales, marketing, and customer support requirements. MS Dynamics CRM is the most valuable asset for businesses. Customers make the business as they pay bills and salaries. If any customer is neglected by their suppliers, he/she will discontinue availing services and choose the next service vendor. To avoid such embarrassing situation, you must introduce CRM system to your facility.

A CRM will keep a good overview of your clients. Many companies use MS Excel for storing their client data and we don’t know why. Spreadsheets get lost, outdates, and they might be accessed by unauthorized person. Business cards are super important for collecting customer data but they are just useless if you put them on your desk. Client data increases in value when people work as a team.

Benefits of using CRM

  • It offers you to register your contacts and leads

You never know when you get a business from the lead. Probably not today, but there is nothing wrong keep them warm. Start afresh and organize your contacts and clients. You need to make your data efficient to implement the CRM strategy to meet their needs. Building categories like lost customers, suppliers, prospects, partners, influencers, potential partners, and inactive customers can help in making your CRM strategy. Divide your clients into grades on the basis of programs for each segment. This will help in getting free from complex spreadsheets once and for all.

  • Track your client interaction

You can take help of CRM to track all customer interaction from everyone in your company. Next time when you talk to a client or lead, you will be aware of what that company is talking about. You can make your client feel important by letting him know you remember your last conversation. This will build a long-term relationship. Emails should be in your system and not in your employee’s mailbox!

  • It reveals possibilities

It is important to keep your current suppliers alive in your CRM database. If you have an opt-in newsletter or seminar plan, you may get a lead for the next quarter.

Is there any advantage of CRM development?

Yes, there are many advantages of CRM development. Let’s discuss them in brief.

Benefits of CRM development

Security – Dynamics CRM is a secure web based application. Any extension of xRM has the benefit of the same safety structure automatically. Dynamics CRM provides robust security in place.

Platform choice – You can implement the CRM software in several ways to best fit your individual needs and existing technology infrastructure, such as on-premise, or on cloud, SaaS, etc.

Scalability – designed on Dynamics CRM base, xRM extensions can be scaled up or down as per the changing needs, growth, market, etc. All the xRM extensions and dynamics CRM are flexible and easily adapt to remain in line with your evolving business requirements.

Rapid implementation and development – one of the best advantages of xRM development over conventional development is the ability to create app or software with pace. All the critical features such as security are pre-built and this is why it takes minimum time to develop any extension or application.

Quick adoption – Since the users are aware of Dynamics CRM, it becomes easy to adopt xEM applications with least or no extra training.

Ease of integration – The functions and feel of dynamics CRM is similar to Microsoft office. It integrates with office applications seamlessly. The xRM solutions are connected to your Outlook mailbox and calendar functions and connect with MS platforms like SharePoint, Word, and Excel.

Lowered cost – If you are already leveraging features of Dynamics CRM, you will find it easy to extend it to other business areas. It is cost effective thing as you don’t have to develop an entire system.

Dynamics CRM development platform brings up many opportunities that provide more value to the clients. CRM development extends your management and visibility capabilities beyond general customer relationship. So, it is better to choose Microsoft dynamics CRM as the most preferred development platform. What do you think? Is it great to choose dynamics CRM as a development platform? Share your thoughts in comments section.


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