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Why Developers Should Turn Their Ways Towards Kotlin for Development?

When Android development hits our mind, the programming language that immediately hits the mind is Java. This is the traditional, tried and tested language used for developing Android apps since more than a decade. Things need to be changed. Any new technology is not accepted immediately, it takes time till people evaluate, analyze and think that the change is worth their benefit. Take the example of black and white TV, when color TV was launched, people took time to accept the change. Similarly, with such dominant java language for Android app development, accepting other language can be bit time consuming. Well, there are other languages and yes good one, being a developer you should be trying. So, what’s the alternate to Java?


KotlinKotlin, the new programming language and the platform for designing, developing and writing Android app. In fact, there are a herd of developers who have already turn to this new shift and already concluded it as the top class language for writing Android apps. So, why believe what others has to say. Learn yourself why it is better and why to opt for this.

1) Simple to understand and easy to use

Java is an antiquated language which compelled it to roll out an update. Well, the update did no good to the programming language instead increased the level of complexity. New features and enticing features are added but it created more difficulty. On the contrary side, there is Kotlin which has enticing features and eradicated the loopholes of multiple toppings. Development will be easy and clean.

2) Number of issues are low

The are issues in Kotlin but as compared to that with java, it is quite less. You cannot ignore the NullPointerExeption issue which cannot be troubleshooted at the moment. But java is old and it has many more issues which are recovered with Kotlin.

3) Launching process easier and swifter

With improved features, the app development is more quality assured. This means there will be less bugs and time needed to fix those will also be relatively less. This will make the app launch quick and easy.

4) Interchangeability from Java to Kotlin is smooth

If you are already working with Java and you think transition is difficult then you are totally wrong my friend. To your astonishment, Android app development company can make use of java and kotlin both side by side in the same project There are no massive changes required to shift from java to Kotlin. Even you have initiated app development in java, changing to kotlin is a big bonus.

5) Collaboration between procedural and functional programming

Keeping aside other programming language, why Kotlin stands out is because it has a perfect balance procedural and functional programming.

6) Conversion to Kotlin with premium class

Kotlin is a programming language developed by JetBrains. This is the same company which designed Android Studio IDE and hence it has the total support from the Android Studio. When any Android developer intends to convert any java file into the new language Kotlin, there is no prolonged and complicated procedure to follow. The developer just need to make some minor changes in the menu of the Android Studio and blimey, your java file is converted into Kotlin.

7) Extension functions

Integration of extension functions in the Kotlin language ensures to have a clean Android app interface and several other added benefits.

8) The Anko library

This library is nothing but the Kotlin source file to smooth out the XML based troubles of programming language.

9) Kotlin has safety types

This language has several options of safety types and every class is a function itself. On a whole, this acts positively in improvising safety checkups.

10) Null in its type system

We just came to know about the drawback about not being able to eliminate Null Point Exception totally, Hence, an alternate solution was evolved where it came up with null in its type system.


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