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This Is What Developers Should Know About iOS 10

It is nothing new for companies to frequently update their Software and application or release new versions. Very often, the new releases come and go without anyone making a big deal out of it mostly because of the number of releases and the lack of significance in our day to day lives. But, the release of iOS 10 does not fit any of those reasons. With the simultaneous release of iOS 9.3 and iOS 10, Apple has made significant changes to the operating system which will benefit both the users and the iOS developers India.

iOS Developers India

The blog is centered around how the updates made by Apple in iOS 10 are going to affect the iOS app development enterprises.

Collaboration for Greater Satisfaction

The iOS is considered one of the top operating systems and with each release the developers make clear that their intention is to offer class apart user experience. But, delivering great user experience is also the aim of the enterprises that develop iOS apps. The release of iOS 10 can be viewed as an empowerment tool for iOS developers India who have been aided to achieve the motive easily.

The list of customer-centric enhancements in iOS 10 include many feature updates and that is not what we are focusing on. We are more interested in how the developers will benefit. One initiative here is Apple’s collaboration with partners like CISCO, IBM, etc. for creation of apps that will take customer experience to a different level all together.

Security Remains the Priority

Apple iOS is known for its commitment to customer security. The operating system is already loaded with features that keeps client information secure. An example of a step ahead in this direction is the requirement of app transport security (ATS). This requires all the apps that are going to be deployed in the iOS market to adhere to the ATS requirement.

This can be viewed as an act to safeguard the information that customers share over a network. A close analysis of the ATS reveals how information is exchanged using the HTTPS and not the HTTP. Looking at steps like these, it seems the security is the top most priority of Apple. Even though, the previous versions of the operating systems were well-protected, Apple does not seize to go beyond the expectations.

Revolutionizing Is Trending

Apple is right believed to be a trendsetter. Whether it is in terms of the classic look and feel, which does not change much or features that are contemporary, Apple amazes customers by setting trends that blend modernity and classy appeal. A new initiative for developers is with regard to the messaging. The phone messaging took a back seat when the new apps that were loaded with exciting features came into picture.

The iOS 10 allows developers to now build apps that can integrate with the messaging function of the phone. This has opened up a new arena for the developers where they can unleash their creativity and offer exciting apps to customers.

If you are an iOS app developer, share your iOS 10 experiences with us in the comment section below.

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