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Delivering White Glove Service

By Jeff Brodsly – CEO, Chosen Payments

Chosen Payments is a national credit card processor.  They use a tag line in all of their marketing.  That tag line is White Glove Service.  It isn’t just a slogan to the employees of Chosen Payments.  It is the way we conduct business.  It is the standard for service delivery.  We aim for White Glove Service delivery in every exchange with clients, association partnerships and even our internal vendors.

This is my mantra for the way I expect my employees to behave while representing my company.  I wanted to set my company apart from any other merchant services provider in the payment space industry.  I don’t want to simply process credit cards for our clients.  I want them to have a meaningful relationship with the account manager and the rest of my staff that they may have to deal with from time to time.  When I started my company as a one-man operation, I wanted to be known as a man that would deliver on my promises and consistently exceed the client expectations.

As I began to hire people, I shared with them my principles and values and defined it as White Glove Service.  So, what exactly does that mean?

It means that every staff member is tasked with intently listening to our clients.  It means we must understand the purpose of the contact and successfully resolve all issues in an expedient manner.  It means whenever possible, we will handle your needs and issues in a single contact.  We don’t want you pushing buttons to be transferred to from one person to another.  Clients should be able to call their account manager and have their issue resolved immediately when possible.

When a client calls for assistance with anything, a relationship manager should be able to assist you and stay with you until everything is resolved.  Clients should not have to repeat their story to different people in order to find a resolution.

White Glove Service is all about making sure that you are served promptly and efficiently in every contact you have with a client.

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