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A Deep Dive in the Potential of Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things or IoT primarily revolves around machine-to-machine communication. It is built on cloud computing and data gathering sensors and has the potential to change everything in our lives. IoT in future will be a game changer but until now it has been behind the scenes improving efficiency. In a layman’s term IoT is the networking of physical devices like electronics devices, vehicles, buildings or any other device. It is a growing topic of discussion in the technology world today.

The idea of connected products, such as mobile devices, televisions, and refrigerators, to the internet, has massive potential – which is actually fueling the IoT. Devices are becoming platforms that collect data about everything around us. And all this is feed into a Big Data machine, creating a new data set which can be further used for analytics. When we talk about machines being “smart” we not only talk about M2M but also about the sensors involved. Internet of things functions with these cloud-based applications to transmit data coming from these sensors.


IoT is the concept of connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet. Everything can be connected to IoT be it smartphones, washing machines, lamps, household gadgets, and wearable devices. It also applies to the component of machines be it a windmill, a jet engine or the drill of an oil rig. The IoT is a giant network of connected “things” i.e. relationship could be between thing-things, people-things or people-people. On a broader scale, IoT can be applied to things like transportation networks, connected cars, smart retails, connected health and smart cities which can help improve efficiency and reduce waste of energy. Internet of Things is going to change the future. You can take a different route as the traffic is bad, updated by the GPS tracking system. The sensor in your car opens the parking gate of your company and a special parking spot opens up for parking your car. These are few conveniences made possible by Internet of Things.

As from recent studies, network connected technologies are on the rise with 69% of consumers planning to buy an in-home device in the next five years. Homes around the world are going to become smarter and connected via Internet of Things, helping them to manage all connected devices via smartphones. Mobile app businesses have helped enterprise to collect and analyze data thus helping to increase the possibilities of IoT devices. The most common of these are the security cameras. Wearables are growing immensely.  Smart wearable devices include smart watches, smart belts and glasses. Most of the IoT innovations are happening in the consumer market.

Cloud Computing and Internet of Things are two different technologies but are an integral part of our lives. Their adoption and use are expected to increase, making them important components for future internet. We will see a lot of growth in Cloud-based services for devices in the next few years, much of it from Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft. Security, reliability and better user experience are top three areas that motivate developers, to move to the new cloud platform. Cloud software is the only technology that is capable of handling big data and delivering it where it needs to be in the real time. Cloud computing and Internet of Things are both emerging technologies, where cloud computing is a new platform on which services are offered. Whereas IoT facilitates the collection of a large amount of data via connected sensors.

The statistic shows that 30% developers are creating Internet of Things apps today, as most of them believe that it will be the next big thing after smartphone. Internet of Things is part of the way mobile apps are completely changing the way our business is done today. IoT-powered by cloud computing is changing the way we live and work thus affecting our business models and innovations. The IoT world would be exciting to explore but there would be serious technical challenges which need to be addressed. The Internet of Things will provide exciting opportunities in the years to come. In today’s world whatever we see and touch has an IoT opportunity. With time and maturity, IoT will truly become an important part of our lives as it will allow endless prospects and connections to take place!

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