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Dedicated Website Hosting: Does Your Business Need It?

Dedicated Website Hosting: Does Your Business Need It?

Top web hosting companies offer businesses different options of hosting services. You have to take note that choosing a web hosting company also requires knowing the different types of hosting service. Apart from the commonly sought shared hosting service, you also have the dedicated website hosting.

By understanding how dedicated web hosting works, you could evaluate a list of web hosting companies more effectively.  Nonetheless, take note that it works as effective and reliable as other hosting providers. Its purpose is to increase the sales of your business through boosting your website performance.

Dedicated Web Hosting for Personal and Business Websites

Web hosting companies offer dedicated web hosting as an option for organization to lease an entire server. In other words, you would leave the shared server service, which keeps your website files along with other sites’ files. It is indeed a worry to keep your files among thousands of sites. This is the reason why only entry-level websites are advised to use shared server.

Dedicated hosting service is also known as managed hosting service. The package includes providing the server equipment to your business. Moreover, other services and administration support are provided to businesses. It is a more flexible arrangement in a lot of ways. For instance, instead of having shared server arrangements, the hosting service gives you total control over your server.

Dedicated hosting services are usually located in data centers. Data centers may house storage and telecommunications systems. Apart from server components, the centers also facilitate various security devices, backup power supplements, and data communications connections among others. Large data centers commonly manage industrial scale business operations.

It may be surprising, but dedicated hosting service could be less expensive though it could give you management power over security and software systems. The agreement enclosed in a dedicate hosting package is a service level agreement.

Though it could be less expensive, you must be prepared that it is a major investment; a major investment for your website’s growth in the future, especially if it generates more traffic.

Operating system support is one of the services included in a dedicated web hosting. If you are using open source operating systems, such as Linux or Unix, there will be no charge. On the other hand, a commercial operating system may also be provided for you. The commercial OS is provided through Microsoft SPLA.

The level of management in your dedicated hosting service plan would determine the level of management for your operating system. The service may include vulnerability or security solutions, bug fixes, application updates, as well as kernel upgrades.

Basically, operating system support is offered by web hosting providers to ease your burden in server management, especially now that you temporarily own it.

Top Reasons Why You Must Get a Dedicated Web Hosting

If you are seeking for web hosting companies for ecommerce, it could be more advantageous to use a dedicated web hosting server. There are several advantages associated with the use of the server, starting with complete use of the server’s resources.

Unlike shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting would provide you unlimited server resources, which include unlimited bandwidth and disk space.  You will notice in shared servers that you would already encounter resources insufficiency when your website starts receiving a large amount of traffic. This is a common problem for shared servers often house up to thousands of sites worldwide.

Insufficiency of performance is not encountered with dedicated web hosting. Even if you have used your 99.99 GB capacity out of 100 GB, the hosting services will not give you problems over website loading speed and module functionalities.

Extra security is enclosed in a dedicated web hosting service. If you have your own server, your account and website files will be more secured. Although shared hosting service could also assure security, dedicated web hosting offers utmost peace of mind. Unlike with shared hosting services, online threats are best prevented with dedicated web hosting. There is no one else who could use your server since you paid for it for your website alone.

There are dedicated web hosting services that could also offer you the premium package. Premium packages may feature updated security features and patches. What is more amazing is that each dedicated web server will have its IP address.

Dedicated IP address is more effective for e-commerce websites. Its benefits cater to businesses that do not allow downtime in selling their products online. Apparently, a single case of downtime could result to a loss of customer and sales.

There are associated advantages of having dedicated IP addresses. Primarily, you will be able to prevent downtime. Having a static address eliminates the risk of downtime every time an IP address refreshes.

Moreover, a dedicated IP address has its private SSL certificate, which is necessary in accepting credit cards online.

Your team of web developers would be able to use FTP software with dedicated IP address. Dedicated web hosting services require static IP to make an anonymous FTP function work efficiently.

The reliability of dedicated web hosting service is at a different level compared to other hosting packages. If you have a dedicated web hosting provider and a website, you will not be afraid of downtime.

Most of the time, shared hosting servers update, causing downtime to the websites it handles. With dedicated website hosting service, you will never encounter it since the resources are exclusively for you. You manage schedules for the server updates whenever it is possible.

Customizing your server is in your hands. Since the dedicated web hosting server is yours, including its resources, it could be very flexible. You can do as much as you want. The settings are accessible even when you are in a remote location. If you think server changes are necessary, you no longer have to contact the service provider for assistance.

Things to Consider Before Paying for Dedicated Web Hosting

There may be a list of web hosting companies and you have selected one, but this does not end your responsibility. You also have to choose the most reliable dedicated server for your business. While evaluating the web hosting company reviews, you have to consider the services included under dedicated server package.

According to experts, you have to take regard of the technology requirements. Primarily, the operating system of the server must be well explained. For instance, the dedicated server provider must specify if they would use Microsoft Windows Dedicated Server, which is compatible with hosting MS SQL Server and ASP.NET code. On the other hand, open source stacks may also be offered, such as Linux, LAMP, and Ruby On Rails among others.

The technology requirements should also encompass the web and database servers. If your website is open for future growth, you should have plenty of RAM. High capacity of RAM enables your website to work on Java, Windows, or Ruby. You need to be power hungry if you want an optimum website performance.

Assessing the technology specifications of dedicated server includes the network. You have to consider the distance of the data center where your server could be found to the location of your targeted audience. Take note that you have to achieve as perfect as 100% uptime. Nonetheless, there are website servers that could still offer consistency regardless of large distances.

The price matters in selecting your dedicated hosting server. One of the most important fees is the monthly price. You must check how much traffic the server could handle in line with the price. Similar to web development firms, hosting providers also charge configuration of servers. However, there are other firms that offer the configuration and setup for free.

There are cases software licensing fees may also be included in the dedicated hosting package price. The licensing fees are included for database, operating system, or virtualization tools among others. You may check the prices of such tools online for verification.

Regular upgrade and updates may also be charged by a dedicated server provider. If you need maintenance support, they may help you with upgrading the capacity of your motherboard and initial chassis. Most of the time, you may seek for additional hard drive or memory as your website grows.

Support is not limited to hardware upgrades, but technical assistance as well in managing your website. Some firms offer maintenance services at an hourly rate.

Extra cost for extra traffic is anticipated with dedicated server package. You could evaluate if the price of extra traffic is acceptable by checking how much is comprised in your monthly charge. Compare the said traffic to your expected traffic. You will be able to come up with the extra costs after.

Backup and recovery are crucial for your dedicated server. Some hosting providers offer this service for free, while others charge it separately.

If you will acquire a dedicated server today, you could begin your online business smoothly. You could start evaluating the top dedicated web hosting service providers with the help of The platform provides unbiased and community-driven reviews of website hosting firms for you to choose from.

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