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Customizing VoIP Service for Your Business: Is it Possible?

Customizing VoIP Service for Your Business: Is it Possible?

The evolution of technology broadens to a wide range of solutions from the basic to the most advanced areas of human life. The basic ideas of its development are around solving problems, providing answers to needs, and to grant us convenience in our daily lives.

The VoIP technology revolves around the concepts of a faster and more reliable communication system, with an integrated value added features that will make one more productive whether in homes or in business. The broad VoIP technology is more popular in the business sector, while the majority of the basic VoIP service users were ordinary consumers.

The broad VoIP technology deals, with the efficient use of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol technology, particularly in the business, to promote better time management, increase productivity, and at the same time provide a reliable network and a host of solutions for the specific needs of various types of businesses. It should be a flexible system, and is also scalable to be able to serve its purpose. With the most promising aspects of this technology, can we really rely on it to custom fit address our specific business needs?

Understanding the VoIP Backbone (a refresher on the VoIP applications in the business)

The VoIP technology is another advancement in the field of wired and wireless communications, which made it possible to achieve a unified communication protocol where call, text, voice and video can be integrated into a single pathway. This technology is still a work in progress, both in implementation and integrated features, but nonetheless it is still as promising as it was first introduced.

On the other hand, the business sector is also advancing to a faster pace, with a revolution of new business types and business models emerging as the needs and demands of people grow as well. In a survey conducted by Smart Insights in the early 2016 about the emerging and strong trends in the digital media and technology, there have been a significant increase in a consumer behavior, primarily because of the influence of the digital age we are in right now. There is also a surprising increase in the use of mobile technology, with even the higher investment decisions people make rely heavily on the information within the Internet. So what do these trends imply in the VoIP sector?

It signifies a radical impact of technology in the improvement of basic business components, such as the case of communication. Business, as we all know, includes a marketing arm, and utilizing the recent innovations in its field will make the whole scenario favorable for you.

A business is backboned by several integrated systems, which for one includes communication. A highly favorable communication medium for your business will open more doors for opportunities of growth. The implementation of the VoIP business software in a business would translate to a more productive work lifestyle, because as mentioned, VoIP employs a unified way of communicating. This in turn translates to better multi-tasking, more efficient use of time, increased productivity and mobility. A non-technical aspect of the business – the customer support, will also improve due to different communication medium available, which can also be used simultaneously with each other (ex. E-mail and chat support, with voice call).

Basically, VoIP technology is an enhanced voice communication only. But the value added features that were added to it, like call and video conferencing, made it more powerpacked and advanced. For the sake of these advancements, its features can now be integrated and discussed as always a part of the VoIP technology. it introduced a whole new revolution in the VoIP software in business.

Common Problems in VoIP integration

Any piece of technology, has its downsides. This makes technology a constant room for improvements and further developments.

But let us be clear about a thing about understanding a thing or two about the technology behind the VoIP service. The underlying principles that are involved in its operation are actually expensive to implement, thus the need for subscription fees when availing the technology for your business. But the thing is that, its major impact on the quality and reliability of your business’ communication network could be a worthy investment alone and can be recoverable in the long run. Legacy telephone systems make use of physical configurations and hardware implementations, aside from it is more expensive to make overseas calls through it. We are in the transition period in communications where still a lot of businesses still make use of the conventional telephone system in their offices, and at the same time starting to adopt the VoIP. This set-up is the most expensive of all, because there is a separate cost for maintaining the telephone system and for the data system. There are also distinct service providers for each type of service.

Another set back is that the system of VoIP business networks is anchored on your internet connection. The reliability and quality of the service is actually dependent on how fast and reliable your connection is. The internet connection, especially the wireless ones, are prone to instability and fluctuations because of certain factors like the weather, which is rather a natural thing and uncontrollable.

True enough, like its reliance on your internet connection, the VoIP network is also power dependent. The transfer of data would need power systems to be able to commence and operate. Unlike with legacy telephone systems that are completely independent of our electricity systems. Same goes with mobile smartphones and tablets, that the connection established is dependent on the power remaining on your battery.

Positively, the above mentioned drawbacks of the VoIP systems are now being addressed in order to improve its features. Several code multiplexing methods used in the VoIP systems were made stronger in encrypting and decrypting the analog voice signal to be transmitted, in order to preserve its quality or even enhance it. The issues on internet connections were solved by the improvements of mobile technology infrastructure, and even on the devices. The issues over power and battery performance were solved by back up generators and improved mobile batteries.

So, is it really possible?

By all means, yes it is possible to have the basic VoIP service to be customized according to the needs of your business at the moment, and even in the future. It is actually flexible enough to accommodate the shifting stages of your business. Since it is cloud based, the system is easier to configure. It is also scalable to adapt to the varying number of users in a particular company. Many service providers are now offering value added services on top of the usual and basic service it provides.

How it works?

VoIP service providers offer many value added features to go with your basic VoIP service. This is called unified communication, which is basically voice, text, call and video be integrated in one software system. While they are different in nature (VoIP deploys only voice), both have been regarded as one technology already, wherein the packages offered to you will give you the option to choose the value added services that will better suit your business.

Once you are decided about what best VoIP business service provider to choose for your business, you should discuss with them certain things about your business like its nature, your business model, your goals and expectations, and even predictions for future growth and expansion. Additional details to consider too is the geographical location of your business and its branches, if any; your willing budget, and your willingness to embrace the system with its benefits. From the data you will provide, the service provider will present your custom fit packages that will suit your requirements. They know that a working budget is one major determinant at the beginning, and most of the time the business owner gets the package with a lower cost, but is open for future improvements when the business gets an additional budget for it. Value added features that can be integrated on your basic VoIP service package can be selected and removed as well, even while the software is already being implemented.

Is it worth the cost?

Number one reason why some business owners are still skeptical about the integration of VoIP software in their business is the cost. Aside from the upfront cost for the availment of the service and minimal hardware purchases, there is a regular subscription fee as well. Especially with startups, there is a possibility that with a limited budget, this is something that is not in the higher levels of their priority list. Although there are free VoIP business softwaresavailable, it has more drawbacks such as issues with downtime and being mass oriented in nature, opposed to a should more professional in approach.

Analyzing the economic impact of its weighted benefits and upfront costs, especially on a long time perspective, it is still more cost efficient to integrate the network on your business as early as possible. There are notable savings such as significant reductions in telephone bills (when making overseas calls), the lack of need for additional hardware systems, and the extra marketing advantage because of the utilization of mobile technology. The significant increase in the number of mobile users can  mean that more people can have access to the technology, especially in the future.

The customization of VoIP service to meet the specific requirements for your business in order for it to thrive, and reap its overwhelming number of immediate and long term advancements, is not just a possibility, but has now become a reality. Sustained systems will get the most benefits, and is cost efficient in the long run. Future advancements will make an exciting update, and uplift on your business. Let’s wait and see.

Still stuck in the rut? Let’s list of the VoIP business software you must consider help you make that awaited decision.

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