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Why You Should Create A Taxi Booking App

In the course of five years, traditional taxi services have found life almost unbearable. There has been the emergence of intense competitors; customer loyalty is not what it used to be, and to top it off, a more affordable transport services are taking control of the market.

Mobile app taxi booking platforms like Uber have taken the market away from the traditional taxi services. The world would never be the same for traditional taxi services because of Android App development companies and iPhone app development companies.

Uber and its counterparts are so much easier to use and saves time. So, in reality, Uber-like taxi services are definitely here for the long haul.

So if you’re a taxi business owner, or maybe you’re looking to start one like Uber, then it’s been decided, a mobile app development platform is what you need. Now let’s discuss the various types of taxi mobile apps just like Uber, out there and how they were created.

Building A Taxi Booking App

There are various taxi booking services on the market right now. A particular type is suited to already established services and their drivers. Such types need a mobile app development platform to extend their services. The mobile app would not only make life easier for the clients and drivers but also expand their clientele. Features of the mobile app should include; the ability of riders to select destinations from a pre-programmed list or input addresses themselves, pay the services fee and a bonus feature of picking their vehicle of choice. The mobile app should offer cash and credit card payment option while still tracking the booking history. Additional features might include the driver’s location ID and cab tracking for clients in a hurry.

While creating the mobile app, you might have to consider creating a server to take care of multiple user requests and ensure that the cabs are delivered to their destinations on time and without delay.

A taxi booking app as an independent service

Even if you don’t have a garage full of cabs at your disposal, you can still create a mobile booking service that caters to taxi drivers. You can do this in several ways.

  • This option doesn’t require a server as it involves a single app that has a list of taxi services, their prices, contact information, and the added feature of ordering the cab directly from the site.
  • Adding a map of destinations and the appropriate destination with the cost of the service in accordance to the given mileage. Android app developers implemented this server free solution.
  • Monitor and update your app’s database of the cab services as often as possible to account for any change in price.
  • A more complex feature involves establishing partnerships with individuals or cab companies and offers them an app for cab riders and another for cab drivers. With the aid of GPS, the server locates a client and notifies the nearest and available driver.

Features of A Good Taxi Booking App

  • Location tracking
  • Built in maps and traffic data
  • Driver-focused features
  • Good rating system
  • Proper fare calculation

Mobile app development has progressed over the years, and your brand must move with the trend if not, you stand the risk of being left behind and losing to your innovative competitors.

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