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Create Agile Projects With MeisterTask and TimeCamp Time Tracking

Do you need a tool that can intuitively handle all your projects? Then, MeisterTask is the right tool for you. This task management tool is flexible and keeps everyone on the same page. So whether you are a project manager or an employee, you can track your activity with this simple and and effective time tracker tool. Check out what MeisterTask has to offer.


All your tasks at one place

meistertask time tracking

meistertask time tracking

The extremely customisable dashboard of MiesterTask allows you to get hold of all your tasks in a productive manner. Even if you are away, MeisterTask dashboard will gather all the details about the completed tasks. Simply open your tasks and see what’s left to be done for the day.


Upload files, set due dates and add task details

So when you upload a task, there is more than just plain text that you can provide to instruct your employees. It could be a file, a video or a template that could explain the task. So with this tool, you can easily upload files, add description to the uploaded tasks and even communicate with other employees about the project. You can also set due date to check if a task was completed on time.


Integration and Automation

If there are too many different apps used at your office, it’s necessary to amalgamate all the information into a single place. MeisterTask makes it possible for you to integrate all your favorite apps like GitHub, Dropbox, Zendesk, Google Drive, Bitbucket, Box, etc. It’s unique features allow you to keep close tabs on the workflow that saves time and energy. You can use GitHub time tracking like example good and useful integration.

Tasks relationships

You can also add other details to a task like if it’s completed, blocked or duplicated. If a task is blocked, you will get instant notifications on your Dashboard.

Automatic configuration

Configure once and let the MeisterTask do the work for you. You can set automatic actions to your project’s certain details so you won’t have to reply to every query yourself.

Cloud storage management

Are you using more than one cloud storage service? Connect MeisterTask with all your cloud storages services to integrate file management.


You don’t need to call a meeting every time there is an issue, because  you can brainstorm ideas and work out solutions while staying on your desk.

Get actuarial reports

Do you want to know how well you or your team did? Get access to the all-day statistical report about the completed tasks and the progress of the projects.

While you have the aforementioned to manage all your tasks, TimeCamp makes it easy for you to track productivity of your employees. Task management is one thing and tracking your team members’ activity is another. You can’t really decide how much time your employees are spending in productive activities and how much of it is wasted surfing the internet, reading trivia.

So get these two apps and all your management woes will be gone forever.

See, how to integrate Meistertask time tracking with TimeCamp and add project:

See, how to integrate Meistartask with TimeCamp and add task:

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