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Corporate Events – Types and Trends You Have to be Aware of

Most big companies have lots of internal policies and regulations. Everybody working there knows the pain of them. Staff members have to follow strict procedures. Nobody likes it but it is often the only way to provide equal standards to a given brand’s clients all around the world. There are usually instructions for most actions corporate employees have to take each day. Even though we live in a technological era and online access to such regulations is easy, people still have to meet face-to-face. Big companies organize different types of events in order to make new internal standards, create strategies or celebrate successes. What are typical corporate events and trends?


corporate events and trends

Each corporate company has its own meeting department. Their event managers either organize happenings by themselves or prefer external services. Event portfolios may vary depending on the business type, culture, size, and development phase. That is why we will focus on most common types of corporate events and the latest trends.




Trade shows are an important part of companies’ marketing strategies. They allow brands to present their products, target customers and find new business partners. Fairs are highly effective especially if you want to showcase your best solutions and attract new customers. Most popular trade shows among corporate companies are career expos. Big brands fight for the best graduates and experienced profs. The better workers they hire the more successful they are.


Trade shows’ popularity is constantly growing. As a result, they are usually organized in vast venues. It may be difficult for attendees to track the exhibitions they want to visit. That is why planners often invest in indoor navigation. Such GPS system is supported by Bluetooth beacons. They are small radio transmitters that send out signals in a range of 10-30 meters. They are cost-effective, have painless setup and show destination accurately up to 1 meter. One of the popular indoor positioning providers is infsoft GmbH from Germany. They work with beacons, WiFi, and other technologies and offer app development as well as scalable software development kits for integration into third party apps. Their system provides trade show visitors orientation and helps organizers analyze visitor flows and movement profiles.




The main aim of such happenings is to build good relationship and trust among the team members. Managers believe that it increases productivity and minimizes everyday stress. When people support each other they may overcome problems and develop a positive attitude towards challenges. You have to be sure that each activity you plan to include in the agenda strengthens the feeling of community. You need to remember that it also needs to be dynamic. Your meeting has to be as energizing as a power drink.


Gamification is the new way we may create bonds and group dynamics. iPad or smartphone hunts are great team-building programs. They are better than conventional activities like ‘Ropes’ as they do not require physical fitness from the participants. A good example of this is Loquiz. It makes use of gamification in order to involve participants. This app is based on the idea that you’ll efficiently build a dedicated team if you engage them within a game environment. “We design the challenges around the location you are in, and what is available in the general area. Along the way you’ll discover some great facts about where you are and learn great new things.” says the app authors.




Corporate annual galas and conferences usually start by opening ceremonies. Even if the rest of the meeting is all business, the first day may involve entertainment and glamor. Most grand ceremonies have agenda with lectures and speakers, venue list  and all important information. If the event is big, it is good to have efficient communication channels. You may need to send news and important messages.


If an event is about to be professional and splendid you should invest in an intuitive event app like Meeting Application. It allows launching an intuitive and feature-rich app in less than 1 hour. Event apps serve as a communication hub for the organizer and attendees. In addition, they provide all up-to-date information about the ceremony. Thanks to the instant feedback you can also react to the current needs of your audience.




Corporate induction days usually run once a month. They are typically held in the beginning of the month – the most common start date for newly hired employees. They may be very posh or look like regular conferences. It all depends on the company’s preferences and budget. What is sure is the fact that the access is restricted and the new comers go through a series of workshops. The main aim is to help them settle and start working efficiently from the first day. New hires have to see that you appreciate the fact that they have joined your company. You will accomplish this if you make them feel comfortable.


The last trend in this article is more traditional and effortless. You have to prepare ice-breaker badges that have 2 extra fields for unique information. Once you register new hires ask them to fill in the gaps on their name cards with 2 pieces of information – one has to be a lie and one a fact. Before you start the actual meeting arrange attendees in pairs. They have to read information on the badge and guess what is true and what is not about their partner. It will enable you to minimize stress and boost group dynamics.



Each corporate company may have different event needs. While planning you have to make lots of research and ask for a detailed briefing. However, as an expert, you should also advise. I hope that the above information will help you offer up-to-date solutions. Remember to make sure that activities you implement match a given event profile.

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