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Contus Fly – An Engaging Digital Alternative for Conventional Team Collaboration Practices.

What will you prefer 10 mails or a single chat session to get things done? Obviously the latter right?

Chatting is easy. It makes collaboration effortless and all the more engaging than email. Not that we are against email, but it is drab and lacks an ‘in-the-moment’ feel that instant messaging can give.

It is no surprise that workplace chat apps and even real-time chat apps like WhatsApp are laying email to a slow death. Organizations, social circles, why; even retailers are taking the chat route to communicate and collaborate in an engaging manner.

Contus Fly – A State of the Art Solution to Build a Real-time Instant Messaging App

Contus Fly makes it easy for those who want to develop an instant messaging app of their own. The app solution is integrated with communication facilitating features that make routine communication a cake walk.

An all-in-one messaging app for corporates

Contus Fly takes the pain out of regular communication in a corporate environment. It empowers the smartphones and devices of employees with a single chat console which can do much more than just sending and receiving messages.

Make public rooms For customers

Brands can set up exclusive customer chat zones where they can interact with support executives for seeking clarifications about products or their use. Public chat rooms for customers can cut down the reliance of telephone helplines and endless threads of email queries drastically.

Invite chat for potential vendors

With too many tenders, rate changes and contract amends, vendor negotiation can be quite a nightmare to manage. Not to mention the confusion that threads from multiple sources create.


Leading brands and even startups are betting on chatbots to improve the convenience in customer servicing and assistance. Chatbots are Al empowered chat programs that give stimulated responses to customers for their chat queries. It can be customized to build a chatbot solution that can take away the pain in customer assistance.

Advanced Options that make Chat Apps made with Contus Fly Awesome:

Group chat

Create custom private groups for projects, tasks or teams using the group chat function. Moderate who can join the group and have control over the conversations and information shared through chat sessions.

Online presence indicators

‘Online’, ‘Offline’, ‘Busy’ and several other custom online presence indicators that hint the appropriate timing to engage in a conversation.

Geolocation sharing

Screen sharing and location sharing which makes it easy to trak, locate and access client or office locations.

Sync & Storage

Start work in mobile, carry it forward in tablet and complete in desktop. Have autonomous connectivity with the data with sync & storage feature.

Video Calls

Collaboration gets better with video calling. Users can call directly from their smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets or hybrid devices with identical features.

Audio Messages

Want to shoot across a message an audio? A voice message does the trick when the user is not reachable on phone.

Other Miscellaneous features of Contus Fly:

Word Highlighting

Bold, Italic, Underlined, Highlight – are some of the many options available in instant messaging in apps built using Contus Fly.

Deleting Messages

Some messages are best hidden. Especially passwords, OTPs and similar encrypted information need to go off the device once their use expires. Contus Fly helps scheduled deletion of messages that leaves the chat log like a clean slate for further use.


Say more with personalized emoticons for every mood, occasion and remark.

With 60% of the workforce preferring smartphones over traditional systems for inter-office communication, it is no surprise that chat solutions have garnered much importance.

A readymade solution Contus Fly can help build an instant messaging app that can remove the barriers to communication and create a productive remote working environment for users.

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