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Is Content Marketing Possible On A Wimpy Budget

Quite daunting, right when you have to manage content marketing side by side with a wimpy budget? A subtle amount of investment in content marketing can yield out of the box result with all those things you are striving hard for like increased leads, enhanced traffic, upsurged SEO and in turn hyped sales. Well, yes, this is the magic of content marketing. The result is certified, but content marketing doesn’t come cheap. Well, with the internet at your doorstep, you don’t need to hesitate. Investing ample amount of time, dedication and setting aside the hustle and bustle of the competition, you can still work wonders on a wimpy budget. The big brands have spotted the significance and almost 32% of their marketing budget is driven towards content marketing. With mobile in each hand and social platforms heavily active, the doors for budgeted content marketing is widely open. If you are short of ideas, read this article and explore various ways who wish to do content marketing that too on a tight budget.

1) Make your content mobile ready
With mobile app development growing as the new generation trend, the use of desktop and laptop for content is vanishing and that of mobile is ravishing. Catch the trend and come up with content that’s mobile ready. The pages should not take longer time to load as users are not equipped with patience and move on to other content swiftly.

2) Going bad, are you mad?
Content creation demands time and resources and when you are on shoestring budget, you can’t even give a thought of paid marketing for content promotion. This leaves you just with the content to promote itself and when that’s even bad, folks there’s no point being indulged in this entire activity on a whole. Content creation should only be done if it adds value to the users and they end up having expressions, oh really, now that’s amazing, I never thought of it this way, If this is what you get then blimey you hit the bull’s eye. Optimize your resources to its optimum level, indulge needed time and resources and come up with something that can be self-promotional. Here are some of the juicy tit bits to accomplish the same.
 Set a definite vision for contents purpose.
 Set a content creation schedule and stick to it.
 Determine your agenda whether it is brand awareness, lead generation or sales and frame your content accordingly.
 Qualitative 1 article per week is better than three bad articles per day.

3) Stale is not for sale
Topics are something you need to do the highest amount of brainstorming on. Topics that are on their intuitive stage to enter the market or are in the buzz are best to write about. Well, this is by far one of the most brilliant strategies for content marketing that can be done on a shoestring budget. If you are rapid enough to discover a topic that’s about to come in the market, get on your heels and set the inception steps before anyone else does. This is actually a blessing in disguise. You might have trouble with data and facts accumulation or you might have to set aside all your other tasks and focus on the topic, but when you are the first one and you get all the benefits, boom you are successful with your low cost yet marvelous marketing. Enter a keyword that’s low in competition to pull out maximum benefit from the same.

4) If not first, don’t be last
The challenging part doesn’t revolve around content creation, post activities also matter significantly. Getting the right people to your content at the right time is something that’s even more challenging than content creation process. This roadblock can be easily tackled when you have hired an app development agency to flourish your content on mobile apps, splendid SEO expert, social media manager and a top notch team to spread the content on various channels. With a tedious budget, all these are not something we cannot give a thought to. The one with a scarce budget can tackle the situation by sticking to the limited number of channels which are lucrative. Don’t indulge your lucid time into channels which are not productive. Say for example, if your highest amount of traffic comes from twitter then you can set back with Quora and Reddit. Content marketing is bifurcated into 2 zones, content creation and content distribution. Pay equal concentration on both of them.


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