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Content Marketing Done the Right Way

Content Marketing Done the Right Way

Today, there are many responsibilities on the marketers. More than creating amazing content and adding keywords, it is important for them to understand that you are publishers. Publishers who have to make sure that their content is bought. Think about your content as publishing a book. You are putting in a lot of money to publish this book, so it is your responsibility to deliver the content your readers are interested in. A good book always sells itself to pitch!
Speak Human: Best way to differentiate your content:

Speak what your readers can understand. You don’t need to share your extensive vocab while explaining your services. No matter how smart it sounds, your clients can never figure out the exact meaning. Explain them the real situation. If they ask you what they can expect out of your services, a simple step by step guide would be better than saying something very “fancy”.Sell smart:

Selling a product that can do no good to your client will kick your productivity in the gut. It will waste your client’s time and money. Make sure you ask your client about their business and pitch only when you are sure you can help. Businesses should hire marketers with a good sales record to make it a smoother process.

Effective ways to benefit from content:

The beauty of content marketing is that it is cost-effective and when done right, will step up the revenues of small businesses. However, the notion that content marketing is about having a blog that generates money is just a limited approach. It is the idea to make anything cooler! You can market products and services with it.

Here are few ideas that will help you to make your content engaging:

Offer free content:

Valuable free content is always a great way to invite readers. You can create text, webinars, and podcasts to share valuable data. For example, if you are creating content that targets on latest SEO strategies, create a short webinar that explains the latest techniques in SEO. Tell your audiences how they can implement them and you are all sorted.

Offer Paid Content:

After you have briefly explained the techniques, it is time to pitch for a paid webinar. Now this should be only when your audience have asked for it. Only after you see that your free version is highly appreciated, it is time to sit and create a better and detailed version to it.

Create a Facebook Page:

Interact with your customers by creating a Facebook page for your business. Social media engagement is important as a large percentage of your potential customers are scrolling their news feed.

Compilation of your content:

This is the best technique when you have created a lot of content. You can bind this content and make a physical book. This has wonderfully worked for Seth Godin and will work for you too.

Forum Contribution:

Give your share to Quora. Browsing Quora will make you realize that everyone is driven by content. You can take ideas, ask questions and even reply people with informative content that promotes your services.

Optimize Twitter strategies:

Twitter is a great platform to find customers. It helps in building relationships and increasing your customer base. Make sure to optimize your twitter strategy. For building a strong bond, you can multiply your weekly post and create content that your potential customers enjoy reading.

Add fun elements in your content:

Whether it is a Twitter post or an ad on Yellow Pages, use a relaxed tone with funny phrases that hooks your readers. Your post must offer valuable information and be witty yet compelling.

Be Regular:

Be regular in posting content. You can’t just give up if you are not seeing any significant traffic on the website. Content takes time but the results are worth the wait.

Producing high-quality content is important but it is not the only way to create buzz among your readers. Today, every business needs a strategy to make online marking a success. We need to put in the time, thoughts and research to plan on how the content will reach the potential customers.

At ILLUMINZ, we create help you create meaningful content that makes readers aware of your industry standards and how the product you’ve build helps them overcome the challenges. This knowledge builds converting visitors them into your product buyers.



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