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Common Problems Solved by Hiring Cloud Storage Companies

Common Problems Solved by Hiring Cloud Storage Companies

Cloud storage companies provide remote storage servers, also collectively called the cloud that can be accessed from the Internet. The cloud offers a wide range of advantages that can benefit both small and large companies. Hiring cloud storage services allow companies to cut costs on hardware, access their data whenever and wherever the Internet can reach and easily adjust with a scalable system. Also, companies are turning to cloud for solutions to the difficulties than old storage systems cannot ease anymore. With all these advantages, hiring cloud storage companies can certainly solve common data problems that companies experience.

Common Data Problems Companies Experience

Big data holds valuable insight for companies. With analytics, future patterns and business solutions can be discovered out of it. An article by SAS on the challenges brought by big data stated that the tremendous growth of data continuously poses a challenge to the traditional infrastructures used by companies. The following are common problems that companies experience in managing big amount data.

Data Storage and Management

The traditional way to dealing with storage problems is to buy more discs and get more storage. However, storage is not only about accumulation and safe-keeping of data. It pertains to a more complicated structure. Managing data also matters which includes securing it and preparing it for analysis. The problem also continues to magnify as data is analyzed. More information is discovered out of it. This new information also takes up space and undergoes processing and analysis. The cycle goes on. This massive problem, that rose from something as simple as information, affected companies greatly that the storage scene began to transform.

Efficient Data Handling

The key to efficient data handling is the speed at which each task is completed. Time is a valuable asset in this competitive industry. Whether it’s a simple read, write or delete command, speed matters. However, it is getting harder to achieve speed and efficiency due to the massive growth of data. Companies would usually improve hardware to solve this problem. While this can accommodate greater volumes of data, the solution could cost a lot of time and money. Not all businesses can afford to invest in hardware change. With cloud service, companies can maintain their control over data even as the amount grows. Encryption and compression of data is much easier and faster.

Analysis and Visualization

Big data goes through visualization and analysis before producing the charts and patterns that companies need. Problems rise from trying to understand data – where it comes from, which type of customers contributed it and what it means in a bigger scale. These are some of the factors that work together to visualize data and how it affects the company as a whole and in the future. According to a study by the Business Analytics Research Council, only 10 percent of respondents are actually utilizing data for predictive analysis. While this problem is within business intelligence and beyond the services of cloud storage companies, the cloud still plays a key role in putting big data to good use. A lot of business intelligence tools offer cloud storage for its flexibility, scalability and expandability.

Data Security

The greatest challenges when it comes to data security is protecting the privacy of users and using data effectively without leaking identifiable information during processes. Aside from the growing volume of data, the sensitive information it carries may be used to track unique users without concrete protection. While most of top cloud storage companies take pride in their security system, many are still in doubt of cloud security. The majority of the concerns focus on what happens to data during a breach or leakage.

There are different kinds of practices that aim to improve data security. These security measures include control policies, encryption and real-time tech security. Control policies ensure that the strict authentication to gain data access. Encryption ensures the confidentiality of data while in storage and transportation. Data transit comes with the risks of leakage, breach or damage. Encryption helps data become anonymous without losing the information source. In order to create a useful security strategy, companies can run a risk assessment to determine the suitable protective measures that would work on the type of data they are collecting. This assessment is necessary especially when data is often transported and shared with other parties.

When it comes to small businesses, there are a few more things that commonly cause trouble. After all, small businesses are most likely to have less money and resources to spare for data storage and analysis.

Integrating Old and New

New technology doesn’t always click with old resources. This can cause several problems in data entry and can cause complication in storage and analytics. Before switching to more advanced technology, companies must ensure that old and new infrastructure can adapt well. Most of top cloud storage companies offer services that integrate well with existing operating system. The cloud also integrates well with pre-existing devices and applications.

Lack of Investment

Lack of investment could mean a lot of things – investment in security, maintenance or user training. The lack of investment in maintenance results to disaster with no proper recovery and backup plans. With proper maintenance, disaster can be predicted, prepared for or prevented before it happens. Companies who overlook storage maintenance are forced to solve emergencies that consume more time and money. In worse cases, unpredicted disasters cause unrecoverable loss of valuable asset.

Lack of user training when it comes to technology also leads to complications. Whether it’s old and new technology, the interaction with employees affects the overall output of company. Old and outdated systems only lead to frequent problems that hinder continuous work. On the other hand, new and working systems that employees do not know how to work around with also hold back productivity. One of the advantages of cloud storage is the automated system and the user-friendly interface. This means that less people are needed in handling data, unlike when using hardware systems. Look up some of the reviews of cloud storage companies and check out which ones have a user-friendly interface.

How Small and Big Data Problems Can Affect the Business

While these problems fall under data and technology management, it affects the company as a whole in various ways. Today, technology continues to change the way people live. It also changes the way the business world runs. As discussed in Big Data Challenges, a report published on Database Systems Journal, companies may not be able to keep up with the demands of data without adapting to new technology.

For instance, converting a useless pile of information to valuable asset costs would cost a lot of resources with traditional infrastructure. In sorting data, specialists spend more time in cleaning up than the analysis itself. This calls for special software to gain control and ensure quality. Moreover, intensive use of hardware for long periods of time can result to system faults. These faults could lead to loss of data that is valuable to the company and its clients.

What to Consider Before Hiring Cloud Storage Companies

Before looking to cloud storage companies for solutions to these problems, you should know about the things to consider before switching to the cloud. A lot of companies who decide before weighing the factors end up committing a lot of mistakes.

The cloud offers a lot of advantages, but choosing the right service is not simple. The perfect cloud package should be able to accommodate the exact needs of a business. If not selected properly, companies end up wasting time and money on cloud service packages that they don’t need.

Cloud services promise you accessibility of files anytime and anywhere the Internet is available. But there are connectivity issues to consider. The accessibility of the cloud itself is a different thing. With all the promises of cloud storage companies, companies easily take the switch without considering if their connectivity can handle the cloud.

Other things you should know before hiring cloud storage companies include what happens when disaster comes, how fast the recovery time is, how to use data at the time of recovery and if the right files are being backed up. If the data is dependent on cloud, any unexpected trouble could mean delayed operation or data loss. Even top cloud storage companies cannot escape the unexpected, but most of them are prepared for it. According to a study by Avere Systems and Gatepoint Research, 63 percent of executives view disaster recovery as the key benefit of public cloud storage. Centralizing data management and cost saving follow closely while other benefits include virtual storage resources and getting rid of storage silos.

While hiring cloud storage companies can solve a lot of common data problems, it might cause a lot more trouble if some factors are not considered and a few things are overlooked. To avoid making the same mistakes that companies make when switching to the cloud, check out these reviews of cloud storage companies to know more about the cloud.

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