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Common Misguided Beliefs About SEO Companies

Common Misguided Beliefs About SEO Companies

Not all have in depth understanding of what do SEO companies actually do. Therefore, it is to be expected that there are some misunderstanding on how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) actually works. The term Search Engine Optimization, or more known as SEO, is becoming famous as of late especially for website owners. People usually assume that higher traffic means higher sales for your business, but you will be surprised to know that it is not always the case. While it is partly true, there are other considerations to take in hand before you can say that the high traffic would result to a higher conversion rate.

A higher page ranking is associated with SEO and some tend to misunderstood that once you reach the top, you will stay on top. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is another misconception on how the best SEO companies work. The world of SEO is also a competition that needs updating every now and then to make sure that the strategies you use subscribe to the latest algorithm used by the search engines. Dig deeper here about other erroneous beliefs that people have regarding SEO.

High Traffic is an Indicator of Higher Conversion Rate

If asked why hire SEO company, what would you answer? It is probable that you and the SEO provider would include saying that it could generate a higher traffic for your site. What is so good about having a high traffic? This means that more visitors will be directed to your website and the more visitors you have, the more chance of having sales. An explanation like this seems logical because it is only natural to expect that your revenue would go up of more people are aware about your business. However, this is not always the case.

Your webpage serves as your online promotion and shop where people may come and go. Having a high traffic is like having a shop in a prime position where almost all the city folks pass by. However, it is not a guarantee that once you have that edge, people would buy your products just because they happen to pass by. The same is true for the high traffic to your website. Even if the number of guests to your website is tripled because of the SEO techniques implemented by your SEO provider, it is not synonymous to having a higher conversion rate. Why, you ask. What would a pet lover do looking for a pet food in a clothing shop?

This means that do not be cajoled easily when an SEO company promises you a higher traffic. Keep in mind to ask what kind of visitors they are diverting to your site. Are they on the same niche as your business? That is good because there are chances that they will linger on your site to see what you have to offer. Having visitors who are not interested in what you have to offer will not increase your chance of closing a deal. Worse, they might not even show any interest at all to your site and leave as soon as they arrive. If you are in the clothing and fashion industry, find a way to increase the chance of fashion-loving people to visit your site.

Best SEO Company Should Get You to the Top 10 Rank

What could be better marketing strategy of SEO firms than to claim that they can make your webpage appear on the top Search Engine Results Page (SERP)? This sound promising enough to persuade business owners like you to choose their service. After all, is it not your goal to be on top? Knowing that your webpage would be displayed on the top ten SERP of a search engine is a great achievement that takes a lot of effort and strategies from the SEO service provider. How SEO company work is not all about ranking first on the SERP.

To be on top, it means that the SEO company needs to employ a wide array of techniques like on-site and off-site linking, having blog posts with high quality content, increasing the chances of sharing on social media, keyword analysis, and more. A promise of top rank sure sounds enticing but be sure to ask what actions exactly they are planning to make to achieve that. Check the performance record of the company you are interested in and check how it was able to help other businesses like yours in the past. Landing on top of SERP means is the result of different efforts that are in compliance with the algorithm used by search engines.

It could also happen that your webpage did not land of the top search results, but your website gained more visitors on the same niche as your product. Who are the best SEO companies? It is not measure by their ability to make you appear on top SERP. Rather, it depends on their capacity to deliver what your business needs based on their understanding and careful analysis of the information available. Are you after a high page ranking or more visitors under the same niche? The answer to this should be in consideration to your marketing goals and the current situation of your business.

The High-ranking Position Reached Will Remain Forever

While there are other factors to consider when choosing the best SEO companies, it is undeniable that their record of giving a high ranking to their previous clients serves as a plus. You should be aware though that once you reached a high ranking in the SERP, it does not mean that you could enjoy it forever. The algorithm used by search engines is constantly updated to make sure that they are catering the interest of the public which is to give accurate related results to their searches.

Due to this, the changes that the search engines implement will also affect the ranking of your web page. It is impossible to remain on top unless you update your SEO strategies in accordance to what is the latest trend used by the search engines. has reviews of SEO companies that were written by real-life subscribers to that company. This should suffice as your guide on what SEO companies to avoid because they are not flexible enough to adapt to the changes implemented by the search platforms.

More Inbound Links Means Higher Page Rank

There was a time when keyword spamming worked wonders in increasing the page ranking of a web site. However, it was detected by the search in no time and gone are the days where you could enjoy a high ranking due to fluffing. To add accuracy of the results to the searches of the netizens, the search platforms included the links in identifying whether your website is worth showing or not. At first, there were those best SEO companies who were able to make it work by putting many links to your website.

Again, the easy way of linking for higher page rank is detected by the engineers employed by the search platforms and changed the way the links work. Putting tons of links does not work anymore unless those links are directed to something that has a worthy content. It becomes an issue of having quality links rather than quantity. This is almost the same with what happened to the content of the articles and posts meant for SEO. Who are the best SEO companies? They are the companies who are agile and responsive to the changes put in effect by search engines.

Gone are the days when keyword spamming is working. For a website to have a higher rank, it means that it needs to have a high quality content that is worth reading by the people. The same could be said with the links where mindless linking to non reputable websites could do more damage than good. This is the reason why SEO companies fail. Some are aiming for a quick way around without realizing the danger it poses to your web page in the future. This serves as a reminder that a good performing SEO firm before could lost its edge in the future if they are not adept to the changes in the search engine algorithm.

The SEO have long been around and yet due to its constant improvements, it is difficult to set a standard that would dictate the norm for ages. Testimonials from other users will prep you regarding the performance of SEO agencies in your block that are worth hiring. As the reviews are updated, you are sure to get the latest unbiased feedbacks from clients who have tried the service offered by the SEO firm. See for yourself which SEO agency has what it takes to help your business flourish using the different updated techniques to improve your web page ranking, online visibility, online reputation, and web traffic. When you are in doubt, always check the reviews of SEO companies available at to help you get updated.

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