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Common Issues Experienced by Customers With Their Help Desk Software

Common Issues Experienced by Customers With Their Help Desk SoftwareHelp desk ticket management software plays a huge role in designating IT repair and customer service roles.  Automation of tasks is important for a wide variety of businesses nowadays, so it is not surprising to find a handful of businesses utilizing their choice of help desk support software. This software helps IT users to address their employees’ repair requests and customer service support requests.

Rockwell Collins describes the help desk software as a multi-tiered tool used for trouble shooting IT-related problems.  Spice works further describes the tool in an article as an effective solution in maintaining the smooth flow of work processes and decreasing the amount of time used to do manual processes such as logging in issues, categorizing emails, and tracking the progress of a certain requests.

Perks of Using Help Desk Software             

Street Directory enumerated 10 advantages of using help desk support software in an article. The mentioned perks are more effective business expansion. In an article about small business expansion, Fox Business suggests that business owners can either add new products or services, expand in new places, acquire another business, and maximize every marketing and sales channels. But apart from these things, Unitiv says in an article that you also need to invest on improving your customer services. A reliable help desk software is the best solution that will help you achieve your goals of expanding your business in terms of improving your customer service team.

Another major advantage of using help desk support software is the automation of database and record gathering and storing. This advantage is especially helpful in creating business plans according to the stored data of your business processes, customer service records, and IT repair requests. Through improved data gathering and storage, you can readily increase your employees’ efficiency rate by identifying common problems on the company’s software or hardware or delegating a specific team to address the major concerns of your clients.

Other advantages of using the software includes effective management of information systems, faster turnaround time in settling technical disputes, and offer 24/7 customer support for your clients.

Disadvantages of using Help Desk Software

Like in any kind of IT solution, there are also some disadvantages in using help desk ticketing software. According to Article Base, one of the most common problems of business owners who availed such services is the hesitation of employees and even clients to use the software to submit their concerns.

This hesitation arises whenever end users receive slow or even no response from the attending team for their submitted tickets. Help desk ticket management software is supposed to eliminate the extra time spent on compiling requests and scheduling repairs as much as possible, and software users are highly encouraged to designate a team who will readily attend to the repair requests immediately. If properly addressed, this disadvantage would not be such a huge deal at all.

Another disadvantage pointed out by Samanage is the difference between the online help desk tools providers. Some help desk ticketing software companies may not be as efficient as other companies. The company’s experience in providing services in different kinds of businesses should be your number one consideration before you select an IT help desk software company.  Make sure to read about Help Desk Software reviews to check on the company’s overall performance.

Common Complaints of Customers Who Use Help Desk Software                     

Even the best help desk software receives complain from time to time from their users. There are several top online help desk tools that you can choose from like Samanage, Vision Help desk,, Live chat, Bomgar, and Fresh desk. These are among the companies that you will find in our help desk support tool reviews. In the reviews, you will find the strengths and weaknesses of these tools. Reading online help desk tool reviews can also give you more ideas on what particular complaints users have with these companies.

  1. Lack of Advanced Features for Open Source Help Desk Software

CIO shares in an article that open source software are mostly complicated to use for beginners. These also lack good customer support and advanced features. Since not everyone is readily convinced of the benefits of using an IT help desk software, some resort to using free help desk software to get to know the functions and features useful for the business. Most are immediately disappointed for the lack of advance features such as data analytics, an essential feature for large businesses who wants to create comprehensive business plans. Help desk software comparison can give you an idea of what sort of features are included in a free online help desk tool. While it is very practical to save money in business, there are some tools that you do need to pay for in order to maximize their use. IT help desk support software is among the most essential business apps today.

The best way for you to enjoy help desk software is to select a plan that works for your business. Most of the software are very affordable, depending on the number of agents that you have. Simply consider the number of agents you have, the pricing of the software, the included features, and the pros and cons of the app.

  1. Users Are Not Certain of the Progress of Their Submitted Tickets

Apart from the complaints mentioned above, Samanage identified another 5 top complaints that users have with their IT help desk software. First on the list is the uncertainty of the status of clients and employees’ requests. Even if your help desk software users are issued with tickets, some are skeptical if their requests are really submitted to the designated IT repair team or customer service department.

As mentioned earlier, this triggers decreased user engagement. To solve this problem, try your best to assure your clients or employees that your help desk software is fully functional by decreasing the response time. Work on the immediate scheduling of tasks so that requests are addressed quickly, and you get to motivate your clients and employees to use the app more.

  1. Some Top Help Desk Softwares are Complicated to Use

Users most of the time shy away from tools that require too much technical literacy. Some users of help desk support software shared their help desk software reviews stated that the tools provided by companies like Samanage are a bit complicated for beginners. A verified reviewer shared his feedback and said that in order to manipulate the settings according to one’s preference, you would need to have a technical background to figure it out successfully.

Make sure to ask for the assistance from the companies team in order to understand the technicalities of the software better. You can also try to check video tutorials to give you a full grasp of the software you are using.

  1. Poor Customer Support

It can be very disappointing for users to experience poor client support. Some customers shared in their help desk software reviews about the lack of support that they experienced from their chosen companies.

In case you encounter this issue, try to reach out to all other communication channels of your chosen help desk support software provider until you are able to get your message through. To avoid having this kind of problem, look into the company’s review first and focus on identifying their response time for complaints and inquiries. In reading help desk software comparison, weigh in on the number of businesses that the company provides service to.

  1. Poor App Layout and Slow Processing of Data

Ease of access is a huge deal for many help desk ticketing software users especially for those who are a bit sensitive about the layout of the app. Potential users won’t be comfortable to use the software in submitting their queries if the buttons look complicated or the buttons don’t even work. If there’s a trial version of the software, take note of the features that your employees or clients will access. Check if these features are user friendly.

Check for possible system lags as well. Many customers and employees give high value for their time spent on every business processes. A slow software can be a huge turn off for many users.Your normal workflow processes are disrupted, which in turn affects the scheduling and designation of tasks. This, in effect, will slow down the response time. In reading product comparisons, don’t forget to consider this major software complaint.

Now that you have learned the most common issues experienced by customers, which of these issues do you think would be a major problem for you in the long run? Take note that all of these issues can be easily addressed if you are able to choose wisely beforehand. It would also help you greatly if you also research on the features that you want your chosen online help desk support tool to have.

Learn more about the different options you have by reading our Help Desk Software reviews. All of the reviews were generously shared by verified customers to help fellow help desk software users understand the pros and cons of using certain software.

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