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What If We Combine AngularJS and Ionic for Hybrid App Development?

Mobile applications are eating the world, has been popular (and true) for more than half a decade now and apps like what App, Snapchat startups have successfully turned into multi billion-dollar ventures. Whether it’s dating or listening to music, insurance claims, gaming, email, ride sharing, there is a mobile application for anything and everything. By the time we imagine an application, it seems to be most likely available for download. Fortunately, there are a lot of cutting-edge tools, frameworks, and platforms that have eased the task of developers and designers leading them to create incredibly useful and high-end mobile apps.

Ionic framework is a newbie in the range of hybrid mobile app development platforms. It is a front-end SDK built on the top of the most useful JavaScript library, Angular JS. One of the biggest advantages of using hybrid application is that it requires fewer efforts of development and reduces maintenance costs too. Unlike native apps, it offers developers an array of benefits one single development code across several mobile platforms by using Angular JS.

angularJS and ionic

Why AngularJS and Ionic are considered as a winning combination?

Ionic, when combined with Angular JS turns out to be a remarkable recipe in the field of hybrid mobile app development. The Front-end JavaScript framework makes it possible to build fast and scalable applications featuring analytics and push notifications. In addition to this, they offer a plenty of advantages such as:

  • One of the finest ready-made components is offered by Ionic especially for mobiles with extensible and beautiful themes with beautiful typography adapting to different platforms. Several JavaScript components and default CSS tools like Form Inputs, Buttons, Navigation, Sliding Menus, Tabs, Buttons, and Prompts are used to scale down the work of a developer. The style offered is simple looking yet highly functional.
  • Most of the hybrid app development companies believe in the fact that Ionic has perfectly modeled for standard development SDK’s. It emphasizes more on the native apps running inside Cordova or PhoneGap to deploy apps natively. Likewise, AngularJS is easier to use while interacting with external data sources and backend services.
  • One of the major advantages of using Ionic is that it incorporates the most potent CLI function that helps developers to build, create, test as well as deploy an app onto any platform with the help of a single command. Features such as Live Reload and Logging are also used enhance the experience.

Undeniable Features of This Combination

One app many platforms

Technology continues to make advancements towards smart apps, augmented reality, and virtual reality allowing experts to come up with new ways to create interactive and customizable mobile apps for excellent user experience. Till now around 4 million developers across the globe have used Ionic to build more than 2 million apps. In fact, it is the most important comprehensive SDK available for HTML5 mobile app development framework.

With built in SaaS and Angular JS optimization, Ionic offers an entire library of optimized HTML, JS and CSS tools/ components for mobile. In addition to this, the effort taken to write the code is reduced for several platforms. This means one single app can actually run on all mobile platforms like Android, Windows, and IOS without any additional efforts or hybrid app developers.

Ionic Benefits and features

Ionic cannot be ignored these days. As it is one of the best platforms used for debugging, UI, build and performance. I personally believe that Ionic is one platform comprising over a dozen of useful components and extensible options. Not only this, the quality of each of these components is exceptional and offers seamless interaction.

Take a look at the latest version, application layout now depends on the type of device as well as the platform. It also follows the intricacies of transition, platform-specific behavior and transition styling for perfect element display.

Component creation with Ionic

There was a time when app developers use to complain about the efforts needed to create splash screens and icons for most hybrid apps. And considering parameters like height, density, width, type of device, and the host is very important. In order to accomplish the job successfully, all you need to do is create 2 files with Ionic, i.e. .png, .ai, or .psd extension within the main resource directory, state the template, and sorted!

AngularJS and Ionic – The Deadly Combination

According to the experts, Angular JS and Ionic is one of the best matches that could have ever existed. It turns out to be a winning combo for developing one of the finest and robust SDK apt for building powerful and rich mobile apps for numerous app stores including Google Play, Apple Store, and Windows.

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