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How Cloud Benefits Small and Medium Enterprises?

The hype about cloud computing continues to grow. In the din of the debate, many small businesses are missing opportunities they could otherwise get from this technology. Like it happens with every new technology, a lot of business owners have been forced to take a wait and see attitude. If you are a small business owner, it is important to get the facts right when it comes to cloud solutions in order to leverage the benefits.

Cloud Benefits

Well, a 2014 study by Deloitte showed that SMEs that are using above average cloud services grow by around 26%. In the contemporary business environment, such growth is phenomenal and every marketer would like to achieve such levels. If you have been wondering how you can boost your company’s growth amidst growing global competition, it is time to get more insight on cloud computing solutions and how they can help your business.

Below are some pertinent factors regarding cloud solutions and they will help you make an informed choice:

Debunking the Myths

For a start, it is important to bust some myths surrounding cloud computing because they are a big hurdle when it comes to adoption of cloud solutions among SMEs. Here are some of the common myths:

  • Cloud insecurity: Of course, no one wants to store their data in an insecure place but you will be surprised to learn that cloud service providers invest huge sums of money in security. From using encrypted servicers, staff training and antivirus protection SMEs are guaranteed of the safety of your data.
  • Cloud services are costly: Most SMEs believe cloud services are only available at enterprise levels and thus can only be used by big corporations. If you are using Google Docs or QuickBooks Online, you are already using cloud services. There are many products specifically targeting SMEs.
  • Migration is tedious: This is not true because service providers now have software that can easily transfer all your data from your physical servers to the cloud without disrupting operations.

With these myths out of the way, it is now time to assess the benefits that your business will reap by investing in cloud services. Take a look;

  1. Cost savings: The main goal of every business owner is to cut operational costs. By moving to the cloud, you will save on the cost of real estate as you don’t require physical servers. Your utility bills including electricity and air conditioning will also go down and staffing costs are also minimized. The savings can then be used to expand your business.
  2. Unlimited data storage: Cloud solutions are scalable and as your business grows, you will not need to invest heavily in more storage space. Availability of data storage space means as your business expands, you will just have to upgrade to a new package and your business will not suffer overload or downtime
  3. Flexibility: Cloud technology offers small businesses a chance to compete with larger brands. Your staff can work remotely and business transactions can be done from any location in the world. For instance, if there is an important email that everyone needs to read, all employees can do that and send the relevant response. It is possible to work on the go and this saves both time and money, and enhances customer satisfaction.
  4. Security: A 2015 Bloomberg BusinessWeek Study says close to 800,000 laptops are stolen every year at airport lounges. If you are storing data on such a device, your business is at a risk because such data loss can cripple your venture. Cloud service providers offer a highly secure infrastructure where you need security credentials to access data. This prevents hacking and other breaches.
  5. Backup and recovery: Losing business data can devastate your business and this is the reason you need a cloud backup and recovery mechanism. If there is a disaster at your workplace, your data will still be secure and recovering it from the cloud is easy.
  6. Seamless upgrades: Small businesses will benefit a lot from software installations and upgrades that are regularly carried out by cloud solution providers. Such upgrades enhance the performance of your website, which in turn improves the user experience. The high quality software provided guarantees your site will not suffer downtime.

Many small businesses are now adopting cloud computing to stay ahead of the competition. Cloud solutions not only help protect your data but also enhance performance of your site. An apps development company deals with all the technical aspects of the technology as you focus on the core business.

Madhu Kesavan

Madhu Kesavan

Madhu Kesavan is an IT Entrepreneur and CEO of W2S Solutions.He helps businesses to resolve their problems with IT solutions. He believes that Innovation requires a combination of knowledge, skill and courage. He also encourages and guides young people to focus and help them grow.He leads a team of developers, designers and engineers; As a team, they build visionary Apps.
Madhu Kesavan

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