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Choosing Between Cloud File Storage Services and Online Backup

Choosing Between Cloud File Storage Services and Online Backup

Choosing between the online backup and cloud storage requires extra care because these services seem to be the same. They both offer the facility to store your data online that is why you have to know the differences between the two.  To help you with this, here are some discussions.

Changes in Backup Storage

There are two different purposes why we should back up data. The first is to safe keep them. You want to be sure that in case something will happen on your device or you accidentally delete the files or maybe they are being corrupted, you have a backup files that can be recovered. The second is to have the ability to produce or recover data immediately.

Years ago, we only save or back up our files through floppy, hard and flash drives. But with the technology nowadays, there are servers and administrators that are designed to secure files in case of unexpected crash of a computer. These methods of savings file have two different categories – the Cloud Storage and the Online Backup.  Today, unlimited online storage is the very best means to protect your files from losing your valued data that are saved on your computer.

Cloud Storage Defined

Cloud storage definition is same as file sharing. This service allows you to save and store files and can be accessed using the internet or what they term it as cloud. Using this is a very convenient way when working together with colleagues, when you are sharing files with others, or when you want to access a certain data using any computer. Nevertheless, the capacity of cloud storage is limited so only chosen files can be saved.

To know the importance of the cloud file storage services, the following types in storing files are here then discussed.

  1. Personal Cloud file Storage

This type of storage is keeping a person’s data in the internet but allowing him to access the information anywhere because it has the capability to share it with many devices. One example of which is the iCloud of the Apple gadget.

  1. Public Cloud file Storage

For public cloud storage, the service providers will be using the internet to store the data but the information will be available for the public that is why this type of cloud is not recommendable to a company.

  1. Private Cloud file Storage

Private cloud storage is being controlled and maintained by the owner himself so the data can only be accessed by them, hence, giving the privacy to the organization. This type of storage will provide more security since information will be kept from the public; the data can only be accessed by the organization themselves, and may even allow the organization to shift public information into a public cloud.

  1. Hybrid Cloud file Storage

This type of cloud storage is a service that uses both the private and public cloud to carry out different functions in a group. Usually, this is being used as an additional to internal storage. Service providers can implement this model in three ways. First, they can build a team to deliver a combined private and public services. Second, an individual provider can propose to do the hybrid cloud storage package and lastly, the institutions themselves will be the one to manage their own storage.

Online Backup Explained

Online Backup is saving your data offsite. This means that you are going to back up your data from your own storage device to a server in a data center using the internet connection like Google online backup. Using this type will secure the data that you have backed up in case something will happen to your electronics. The advantage of online backup is that it can store large capacity of data that is why this is recommendable if you want your data to be safe kept.

Using free online backup is safe and it will secure your data with an assurance that what you have stored will not be compromised and that these data are always available whenever you need them. You only need to have an internet connection and the proper log in credentials.  When you are going to use this as your data bank, there is no need for you to buy hardware where you can to save your files.

Below are the four types of online backup for you to understand further and to fully determine which is best suited for your needs.

  1. Unlimited online backup

This type of online backup is a facility that will be provided by commercial data centers where you can store any capacity of files that you want to safe keep online. For this service, you can choose whether to pay monthly for a fix amount or you are going to pay annually.

  1. Limited online backup

As the word explains itself, you are given a limited capacity to store your data online for free, usually up to 5 GB. However, if you want to use more storage space, you can always buy.

  1. Software

Though this is not an online facility, the discussion is included since it is also a means of backing up files. Software will allow you to store your data on the hard drive that is attached to your computer.

  1. Enterprise

This data storage solution is made for large companies having so much back up needs.

Online Backup vs. Cloud Storage

Knowing the difference between online backup and cloud storage, you can now choose which type of facility will suit your needs because you may find top cloud file storage services on your list, but only one can suit perfectly with what you need. To summarize here are their comparisons:

  1. Comparisons in terms of usability

The main function of online backup services is to permit the user to store files for backup purposes then can be restored if needed while for cloud storage, files on the hard drive will be synchronized with the online storage so when there are changes that you are going to make on the hard drive, they will be replicated to the files on the cloud storage which means that your revisions on your files are being backed up automatically.

  1. How you work with your files

If the files that you have saved will not be needed anytime, you might as well choose to use the online backup service. Whereas, if these files have to be opened every time you need them, cloud storage is recommended.

However, some would want to use the combination of these types which will allow them to enjoy very much the benefits that these may bring. One of which is the flexibility when using them.

Importance of Backup and Storage

Saving files on the hard drive of your computer can be harmful because there is probability that your device will crash so you might lose your data. Hence, using online back up and cloud storage can be beneficial to everyone who values their files. With this, the importance of online backup and cloud storage are as follows:

  1. Enhance the functionality

It will be practical and smooth for the organization if the data is always available for every employee to use whenever they need.

  1. Accessibility and Sharing will be easy

When the data are saved online, it will be easy for every member to share the documents with others who cannot directly access them.

Choosing Which Service Fits the Business

Backing up and storing data is important in a business because of so many unavoidable circumstances that could be a reason for you to lose your data. With online backup and cloud storage, you can easily restore your files immediately because you have back up.

When choosing which service you think will fit your business, the following factors in deciding which storage service are general consideration that might help you in your decision.

  1. The size of your file

When choosing what kind of storage facility you are going to use, you should consider the size of the file that you are going to store. Check if the facility can accommodate your files.

  1. The capacity of the Data Storage

There are different types of storage facility wherein some will offer high capacity storage while others can accommodate up to 5 gigabyte. So, when considering the capacity of the data storage facility, consider not only the current number of gigabyte of your file but also anticipate the increase of your files.

  1. Costs

Consider cloud storage pricing of the chosen software as well as the maintenance of the hardware and the software.

  1. Performance of the service provider

The capability of the service provider to bring quickly the information to the user

  1. The ability of the provider to manage and control.

Check the capability of the provider to manage and control the facility as it is important for them to monitor and handle the storage media.

To easily choose between online backup and cloud storage, browse some cloud file storage service reviews before opting one. When choosing to use online backup, you are securing all treasured data and keeping them in a safe data bank where you can easily restore them. With cloud storage, you are synchronizing the files with your hard drive and you are sharing them with other people or other device. Finally, your choice on which of these storage facilities you are going to use will be dependent on the services that each will offer.

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